2016 32016 #3 (38)
The Theme:
Russia's North Caucasus: power and society facing the challenges of modernity
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Litvinova T.N.
Ethno-political processes in the North Caucasus of Russia: factors of development and problems of governance

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The article examines the ethno-political processes in the North Caucasus of Russia in the post-soviet period. The author pays special attention to the detection of structural, situational and procedural factors of regional political system development. Besides historical factors of instability we reveal the social and economic problems of modern North Caucasian society, and problems of state governance.
Аdiev A.Z.
Conflict potential of the interethnic relations in the Republic of Dagestan

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Article is devoted to the analysis of an ethnopolitical situation in the Republic of Dagestan. In work characteristics of modern regional and local problems in the sphere of the interethnic relations are described, factors of destabilization of a political situation in the republic among which the most actual in the sphere of the interethnic relations land disputes, the last conflicts and a problem of representation of ethnic groups are represented at distribution of imperious positions are designated.
Mamaraev R.M.
The popular election of the head of the Republic of Dagestan: the opinion of Dagestan voter

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The author describes the community's position on the popular system of elections of heads of the North Caucasus region. On materials of sociological survey shows Dagestani attitudes and relation to the election of the head of the Republic of Dagestan through popular elections, by the deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic or by appointment by the President of the Russian Federation, as well as the necessary criteria for electing the head of the region. The article assesses the impact of the introduction of the popular vote on the possibility of inter-ethnic conflict, and shows the level of confidence in the federal and republican authorities and their credibility.
Bijzhanova Eh.K.
Border security in the North Caucasus region: the opinion of experts

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The article discusses the concept of "social wellbeing." In 2014–2015 a sociological study of older people in the Republic of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory. The features of social well-being of older people and their impact on the functioning of society in the regional aspect. The conclusion about the features of social well-being of older people, which is observed in their assessments of life satisfaction, financial position and confidence in the future.

Rogovaya А.V.
Ideological countering of extremism and terrorism in the Russian Caucasus (on materials of sociological research)

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In article, based on the materials of sociological research of Institute of Sociology RAS in 2009-2015 are show the main factors of extremist moods formation and dissemination of terrorism ideology, the main target group, which seeks the promotion of ideas of terrorism, trends of relationship of ethnic diaspora groups in multiethnic regional societies on the example of the Caucasian communities.
Theory and methodology of religious studies  
Lavrent'ev А.V.
Transport communications as an object of social research (brief digression into the methodology of the problem)

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The article attempts a review of classical and contemporary views of representatives of the Humanities on the place and role of transport communications in the development of society. Special attention is paid to regional aspect of the methodology of the transport development of the Russian Far East.
Kireev A.A.
Approaches to the study and planning of border policy: a critical analysis and typology

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In his work the author proposes a two-tier typology of the approaches currently used in the study and planning of border policy. The basic criterion for the analysis and typology of approaches is the ontological concept of a border and, accordingly, the main, central determinant of border policy. As the most promising means of study and planning of border policy the author considers polycentric approaches and, in particular, the systems-theoretical (metasystem) approach based on the Luhmann’s theory of society.
Economy and Nature  
Oropaj I.P.
The activities of tourism enterprises in the Far East of Russia (1989–2013)

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The work pays attention to tourist flows in the Far East, the peculiarities of their distribution. For the first time provides data on the volume of realization of tourist product, according to the number of the served tourists in the Far East in 1989–1998 in the article reflects consecutive change of conditions of tourist enterprises in time and suggested the periodization of the tourism development in the Far East on the modern stage. Based on the analysis of dynamics of tourist flows in the far East region shows the importance of their use in further development of a new tourist policy.
Social and demographic structures  
Knyaz'kina T.А.
Personnel policy in health care in the extreme North-East of the USSR in 1920s–1940s.

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The article considers the directions of personnel policy in health care in the extreme North-East of the USSR in 1920s–1940s the study traces the transition from the policy of attracting temporary staff to the policy of establishing permanent medical personnel. The author believes that the period of formation of regional system of human resource management in health care laid the basis for the creation of skilled permanent personnel potential taking into account the specifics of the extreme North-East of the USSR.
Dehbeheva T.B., Bashkueva E.Yu.
The condition of health and medical care of the studying youth of the Republic of Buryatia: features, problems and ways of improvement
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The paper presents an analysis of the quality of health and health care students of the Republic of Buryatia. The analysis of statistics on the incidence of youth for the 2010-2014, Data on the status and activities of medical organizations engaged in health care students of the Republic of Buryatia various levels is made. The analysis of factors of determinancy of health of students of the Republic of Buryatia and the peculiarities of its self-preservation behavior (according to the survey expedition of Zaigraevsky district), indicating that young people are making insufficient efforts to maintain a normal state of health is revealed. The measures to improve health and health care of Buryatia students are proposed.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Yakovenko S.V.
Yokai as important factor of formation of Japanese culture: the historical aspect

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The paper deals with fact that throughout the history of humanity, representatives of all nations have shaped mysterious and unknown phenomena into monsters and spirits as a way of giving sense and meaning for their own experiences. Specific shapes of such monsters and spirits aren't seen as universal, because they gain their own uniqueness, in context of cultures in which they appear, evolving and changing with desires and challenges of people through particular historical periods. Taking his cues from Japan, author shows the yokai in the process of cultural development, pointing out the major transitions in the evolution of this phenomenon, which still hasn't lost its significance in the contemporary Japanese culture.
Political relations and management of region  
Davyborets E.N., Ovrah N.K.
«Direct lines with Vladimir Putin» as a mechanism of democracy

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This article examines the role of "Direct lines" in democratization of political system of the society. The authors emphasize the many positive features of this mechanism of democracy. Revealed certain disadvantages of the mechanism of interaction of citizens with the President – ideologization of mass consciousness, the decrease of the critical potential of the society, lulling the vigilance of citizens, the mythologization of the image of the President. It is concluded that "Direct lines between the President and the people" contribute to the development of democracy in our country.
World system and intern ational regions  
Sokolovskij K.G.
To the issue of the probability «Arab Spring» scenarios in Kazakhstan: mechanisms of implementation and the religious factor

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The article discusses mechanisms of the "Arab Spring" revolutions and offers the possibility of implementation of these scenarios in Kazakhstan according to the current socio-political and economic conditions. The article attempts to answer this question.
Lukin A.L.
Russia and an emerging economic community of Northeast Asia: the role of the Republic of Korea

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Russia's productive engagement with the Asia-Pacific is hampered by Moscow's lack of participation in the region's economic institutions. As the author argues, it is especially important for Russia to join the institutional arrangements of economic cooperation in Northeast Asia. Russia should pay special attention to Trilateral Cooperation of China, Japan and South Korea, which is viewed as the core of a potential economic community of Northeast Asia. Republic of Korea could play a key role in assisting Russian participation in the process of the formation of a Northeast Asian community.
Grivanov R.I., Levina А.YU., Rehj Sato Murase
Some aspects of the settlement of the Northern Sakhalin problem: analysis and possible experience of resolution of territorial disputes in Northeast Asia

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The main issue is the territorial conflict between Japan and Russia during the Civil War and the way of its resolution, causes and consequences. The authors focus on the process of clash’s inception, escalation and the principles that had guided the parties in the way of its settlement.
Scientific reports  
Zolotukhin I.N.
Close Far East: the future of Pacific Russia

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The article reviews the book of A. Lukin and Rensselaer Lee “Russia’s Far East: new dynamics in Asia-Pacific and beyond”. The book outlines the history, economics and politics of the Far East – the pivotal region of Russia. The review analyzes the authors’ visions of the state and prospects of the Russian Far East’s development in the context of changing environment, such as the possibility of building Sino-Russian Alliance, the problem of overcoming Russia’s economic dependence on China, the possibility of furthering Russia’s relations with the Asia-Pacific neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region, including the United States.
Troyakova T.G.
On Korean Diaspora at Sakhalin

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There is an analytical description of the book by Sakhalin researcher Irina Ivanovna Din on the history and contemporary issues of Sakhalin Korean diaspora’s integration and adaptation into Russian society in this review.
Scientific life  
D'yakova O.V., Karaman V.N.
XX Scientific Conference of Korean Studies in Russia and CIS "The Korean Peninsula in an era of change"

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