The main goal of the journal is to contribute to the development of a methodology for interdisciplinary synthesis of knowledge about regional (social-territorial) systems, as well as planning regional studies and regional policy based on it.

To pursue this goal, the editors focus on the following priorities:

  • monitoring and critique of the current publications and research in the field of the regional studies (primarily, but not exclusively, the Russian Far East);
  • initiating and supporting discussions on the theoretical and methodological issues of regional studies;
  • presentation of opinions and recommendations of scientists on topical problems of regional management;
  • advancement of the ideas and methodology of interdisciplinary research;
  • development of the programs for fundamental and applied regional studies and publication of their results.

Detailed journal conception stated in an editorial of the first issue of our publication. View this article in html

Terms of publication and other useful information for contributors

The Index of the articles and the materials published in journal

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About the journal

The first issue of the journal "Ojkumena. Regional Researches" came out of print in December 2006. The journal was launched by the young scholars from various Vladivostok universities. Despite the diversity of their academic interests, the founding editors of the journal shared a belief that regional studies can, and should, exist as an integrated academic field. The support from the Vladivostok State University of Economics and Services made this project possible.

Target audience: authors and readers

The authors and readers of our journal are university professors and members of academic institutions in both the Far East and other regions of Russia. Scientists from Asia-Pacific countries and the CIS are publishing their studies on the pages of "Ojkumena." The editors encourage young scholars to submit their works to be considered for publication. The principal requirement for an article to be published is the quality and originality of the research, as well as its concern with the regional (territorial) dimensions of human life and society.