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2022 No.2                                          

The theme:                                            

"The religious life of the Russian Far East at the present stage"


Deadline: April 16th, 2022                          

2022 No.3                                                

The theme:

"Vladimir Klavdievich Arsen'ev – writer, scientist, teacher"


Deadline: July, 16th, 2022

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2020 1                       


The section will reflect the process of the formation and development of religious life of the Russian Far East in the post-Soviet period of history, the main feature of which is the quantitative predominance of Protestant and other communities over the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church; Reflecting the peculiarities of religious life in various subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District; the relationship of religious organizations with society and the government. The first two articles of the section will reflect the Russian situation, which will contribute to a more adequate understanding of the religious processes currently taking place in the Russian Far East. The articles will focus on the anti-terrorism legislation adopted in Russia in 2016 and its impact on changes in state-religious relations, showing how religious associations of the Far East live in the changed.


2022 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Klavdievich Arsen'ev, traveler, scientist, and explorer of the Russian Far East. The section devoted to the anniversary will reflect the results of new scientific research on the life and work of Vladimir Arsen'ev. Activities of V.K. Arsen'ev was considered by historians mainly within the framework of local history and colonization work carried out in the region. However, the role of this person in the life of the Russian Far East was more multifaceted and versatile. In the proposed thematic section V.K. Arsen'ev will be presented as a writer, teacher and scientist.

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