Since 2008 the editors initiated the preparation of thematic issues. 

Upcoming releases, the themes and deadlines for materials to publish:

2021 No.2                                                

The theme:                                                 

"Vladivostok Fortress in the context of military history of the Russian Far East

Deadline: April, 16th, 2021                                     

2021 No.3

The theme:

"Ethnocultural landscapes of the Northwest Pacific"      

Deadline: July, 16th, 2021

2019 4                   
2020 1


The rubric will present the results of long-  term scientific research on various aspects of the construction and functioning of the Vladivostok Fortress as a phenomenon of the military history of the Far Eastern macro-region. On the basis of the newly identified documents, the authors will highlight both the history of the Vladivostok fortress itself, its design, construction, the daily life of its garrison, and the place and role of the Vladivostok fortress in a wide Russian and international context, including in comparison with other fortifications.



Landscapes serve as classical objects of study in the works of geographers, anthropologists, ethnologists, and historians. However, this term is extremely vague and has many interpretations. The planned issue of the journal will consider the theoretical and applied aspects of historical and modern trends in the formation and development of cultural landscapes in the Northwest Pacific and the place of the ethnic factor in this process. To this end, the authors of the rubric will analyze the examples of the connection of cultural identity with the landscapes of the Russian Far East, supplementing it with a number of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary comparisons.

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