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2021 No.4                                          

The theme:                                            

"State policy for the development of the Russian Far East in the medium term"

Deadline: October, 16th, 2021                          

2022 No.1                                                

The theme:

"Spatial turn" and its reflection in Russian science"      

Deadline: January, 16th, 2022

2019 4
2020 1                       


The priority announced by the President of the Russian Federation for the integration of the Russian Far East into the economy of Asia-Pacific countries necessitated the development and implementation of a new model for the accelerated development of this strategically important macro-region for Russia. Since the APEC Summit was held in Vladivostok in 2012, the Russian Government has initiated an interconnected system of political decisions, including improving the investment attractiveness of the Far East by creating territories with special economic status. The changes also apply to many other areas – social, environmental and agricultural policy, national security, and digitalization of political and electoral processes. This section examines the interim results of the implementation of the new political and economic model and discusses possible additional measures for the restoration and sustainable development of the economic, demographic and intellectual potential of the region.


The authors of the rubric will try to answer two related questions: has there been a "spatial turn" in Russian science, and if so, how it was carried out, and if not, why? The theoretical and methodological content of the "spatial turn" in those interpretations that it received in foreign and Russian socio-humanitarian knowledge will be considered. The main attention is supposed to be paid to the peculiarities of the implementation of the ideas of the "spatial turn" in modern domestic geographical, sociological, political science, economic and philosophical research.

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