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2022 No.4                                          
The theme:                                            
"Educational video blogging in Russian regions: potential for socialization, limitations and opportunities"
Deadline: October 16th, 2022                          
2023 No.1                                                
The theme:
"Russian Abroad. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"
Deadline: January, 16th, 2023
2019 4
2020 1                       


Educational video blogging as a new social phenomenon has become a trend during the Covid-19 pandemic. Self-isolation opened new opportunities for remote education, showed adults and teenagers previously unknown educational platforms and resources, made education interesting and varied, and became an alternative to regular school lessons. Educational video blogging is a kind of challenge for the traditional education system, as well as a challenge for teenagers/young people themselves, who can use it to express themselves, their rights and their opportunities. The rubric proposes to discuss the resources and risks of educational video blogging, types of educational video blogs and platforms, and consider educational video blogging from the point of view of communication, self-knowledge and security of content consumers. We invite specialists from various fields of scientific knowledge – sociology, pedagogy, psychology, history, law, etc. – to an interdisciplinary dialogue.


2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the "Far Eastern exodus" of Russian emigration after the end of the Civil War on the territory of the former Russian Empire. The rubric will present the results of new scientific research on the life and work of this wave of Russian emigration. The activity of Russian emigrants and emigrant organizations is versatile and multifaceted, and their influence on the life and culture of the countries of dispersion is very significant. In the next thematic column of the journal, it is supposed to consider the cultural, scientific, religious and political activity of the Russian emigration over a long period after the end of the Civil War of 1918 – 1922.

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