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2024 No.2                                        
The theme:                                            
"The New "Great Game" in Central Asia"
Deadline: April, 16th, 2024                         
2024 No.3
The theme:
"Migrants and migrations in the East of Russia"
Deadline: July, 16th, 2024
2019 4
2020 1                       


The growing confrontation between the West and Russia since 2022 creates the preconditions for a new round of the “Great Game” of the great powers and the transformation of Central Asia into an arena of geopolitical confrontation between the US/EU and Russia. Concerns about the rise of US-China strategic competition to the level of Washington containing China in Central Asia, as well as about a possible decrease in Moscow’s attention to the region and, accordingly, the formation of a regional power vacuum, have also contributed to the increased engagment of China with Central Asia. Besides great powers and actors (Great Britain, EU, China, Russia, USA) entrapped into the “Great Game”, during past few years a number of middle powers and beyond have revealed its leveated interest in Central Asia. The authors of this thematic section intend to randomly analyze the regional interests and strategies of selected large, medium and small extra-regional players to increase their influence or presence in Central Asia.


The Far Eastern and Siberian regions are a reserve for Russia's strategic potential in conditions of increasing competition in the system of international relations. At the same time, migration, which has a positive impact on the social, political, demographic and economic spheres of society, is of utmost importance for the development of these territories. In addition, migration for many people is a decision that determines their future life trajectory. The proposed section will allow us to study in more detail the direction of migration trajectories and strategies in Siberia and the Russian Far East. Researches within the section can become the basis for predicting the life strategies of Siberians and Far Easterners, as well as foreign citizens arriving in the eastern regions of Russia, which is fundamentally important for planning state migration policy and solving demographic problems.


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