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Upcoming releases, the themes and deadlines for materials to publish:
2019 No.2
The theme:
"Civil war in the Russian Far East (1918-1922): cultural and ethnic aspects"
Deadline: April, 16th, 2019
2019 No.3
The theme:
"Educational potential of the Russian regions: modern condition, problems, and development prospects"
Deadline: July, 16th, 2019
2019 2 2019 3
Civil wars shook various states. One hundred years ago, one of the bloodiest wars between compatriots broke out on the territory of the former Russian Empire, leaving an indelible mark on the historical memory of millions and, largely by virtue of this, for many years determined the fate of the regions involved in it. During the past century, the shadow of this civil war has more than once hung over the Soviet Union formed on the ruins of the Russian Empire, and after the collapse of the USSR over its fragment – the Russian Federation. In the thematic issue of the journal “Ojkumena” little-studied ethnic and cultural aspects of the Civil war of 1918–1922 will be considered on the Far Eastern material. The authors of the issue, – historians, sociologists, ethnographers, – will present their studies covering the Civil war in the Far East in a new perspective for Russian historiography.
Educational resources in modern conditions are an important source of professional development and development of youth, its mobility in the labor market, on the one hand, and on the other – they contribute to the formation and consolidation of professional staff in the region, migration stability of the population. The educational system, educational processes and results are a permanent object of both foreign and domestic research. In our section, we propose to address the educational potential in the regional context, to discuss the impact of the regional factor / environment on the educational opportunities of children and young people, the state and trends of changes in regional educational systems. Understanding of regional resources and risks it is important to build scenarios of transformation of the regional environment.

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