2019 32023 #1 (64)
The Theme:
Eastern branch of Russian emigration: past and present

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Zhang Mei.
The Development and Historical Contribution of the Russian Emigrant Press in Harbin (China) in the 1920s–1940s

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Between the end of the XX century and the first half of the XX century, there were several waves of mass migration of Russian expatriates to China. The "Russian diaspora in China" also became a striking historical phenomenon of the XX century. The Russian emigrants arrived in China in large numbers, with the largest numbers in Harbin and Shanghai. The Russian expatriates settled here and gradually integrated into the life of the local population. At its peak there were more than 200,000 Russians living in Harbin, far more than the local population, so that Harbin was once considered the 'capital' of the Russian diaspora in China. They founded schools, published newspapers and magazines, and built churches in Harbin, and their activities left a deep mark on the political, economic and social aspects of the city, as well as writing a glorious chapter in the cultural history of the Russian diaspora. Since the publication of Russian émigré newspapers reached its peak in the 1920s and 1940s, this article focuses on the publications of Russian émigré newspapers and magazines in Harbin during that period.
Rodionova K. I.
Religious Life in Harbin: Seventh-day Adventists

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The article is devoted to the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Manchuria from 1910 to 1945. The Russian Adventist community, which appeared in the right-of-way of the Chinese Eastern Railway, became the first Adventist Church for the Russian population of the Far East. Based on a variety of sources (archival documents, sources of personal origin, reference and confessional works) and research literature, the work presents for the first time a general picture of the religious life of Seventh-day Adventists in Harbin.

Smirnov S. V.
Youth "policy" of the Bureau for Russian Emigrants in the Manchurian Empire (1935–1945)

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The youth "policy" of the Bureau for Russian Emigrants in the Manchurian Empire (BREM), the governing body of the emigrant colony in Manchukuo (1934–1945), was originally built on a combination of national education of youth with education in the spirit of ideas of anti-communism and the construction of the five nations’ commonwealth state. But later it evolved towards the priority of national education in the formalization of other areas. The youth "policy" of BREM reached its peak in its development in the conditions of increased Japanization of the socio-cultural environment of the Manchurian Empire and the Soviet Patriotic War in the first half of the 1940s. It contributed to the cultivation of national and cultural identity in the minds of Russian youth and the development of patriotism, which implicitly led to increased sympathy for the Soviet Union.
Antoshin A. V.
"The Last of the SRs": New York group of the AKP in the second half of the 1940s – early 1950s.

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The article is devoted to the final period in the history of the Party of Socialist Revolutionaries (SRs), associated with the stay of its leaders in New York in the second half of the 1940s - early 1950s. The source base for the study was the materials of the Bakhmetev Archive of Columbia University (New York, USA) and the Hoover Archive of War, Revolution and Peace (Stanford, USA). The author proves that during the described period, the New York group of the AKP remained the only organizational unit of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party. Its key project was the publication of the magazine "For Freedom", which published the surviving leaders of the AKP. The author comes to the conclusion that the Socialist Revolutionary Party made an important contribution to the history of Russian political thought.
Kapran I. K.
Memorable date – the 100th anniversary of the exodus of the Siberian flotilla from Vladivostok In Russian periodicals of Australia: the newspaper "Unity" (Sydney), the magazine "Australian Lamp" (Brisbane)

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In October 2022, Russian emigration celebrated the 100th anniversary of the exodus of the Siberian flotilla from Vladivostok and the end of the Civil War in the Russian Far East. In Australia, there are descendants of participants in those events, which are often called the Far Eastern outcome. The article analyzes the publications of the periodicals of the newspaper "Unification" (Sydney) and the magazine "Australian Lamp" (Brisbane) about events dedicated to this date, as well as the personal stories of immigrants as part of the formation of a "place of memory" for Russian residents of Australia.  
Kulepanova (Shugaylo) N. S., Kulepanov R. V.
The theme of the Civil War in the Russian Far East in the magazine "Cadets Roll Call" (New York) in the period 1971–2005.

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The article analyzes the materials of the magazine of Russian military emigration "Cadet Roll Call" (New York), dedicated to the history of the Civil War 1917–1922 in the Far East and the participation of the cadet movement in these events. The magazine, published by the Association of Cadets of Russian Cadet Corps abroad in the period 1971–2009, not only covered the activities of cadet associations, contributed to the preservation of the traditions of the Russian army, but also published memoirs of participants in the Civil War, as well as analytical articles on the history of wars of the 20th century. The study of the journal materials allows you to expand the historical source base when studying the subject of the Civil War in the Far East.  
Round Table  
Burova E. S., Vladimirova D. A., Garusova L. N., Glazkova E. A., Egupov E. V., Lukin A. L., Mazyrin V. M., Rybachenko E. A, Samoylenko P. Yu., Sokolovsky A. Ya., Suriani Suri, Tu Thi Loan.
Russia and ASEAN: Regional cooperation

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Interdisciplinary and Systemic Research of the Region  
Demyanenko A. N., Klitsenko M. V.
Experience of interdisciplinary research of the transborder region: the Far East of Russia – Northeast China

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The article provides a retrospective analysis of Russian-Chinese cooperation problems in the cross-border region of the Far East and Northeast China. In particular, the article focuses on the formation of cross-border regions at the subnational level, such as the Far East (Far East) and Northeast China (NEC). In this context, not a territory is singled out, but a region (regardless of its scale), that is, a spatial system. Moreover, the system is extremely complex, open and dynamic.
Historical Regional Studies  
Melnikov P. Yu.
The influence of the national factor on the complex peasant household of the Saratov Volga region at the end of the XIX century

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The article analyzes the characteristics of a complex, multi-generational peasant family, depending on its nationality. The classification of families was carried out in accordance with the Cambridge system of Peter Laslett. Primary census sheets of the zemstvo agricultural census of 1880s – the first half of the 1890s served as the source material. With the help of statistical methods, the relationship between nationality and the prevalence of a complex family was established. The prevalence of a complex family among three nationalities was also analyzed depending on the size of the household.
Economy and Nature  
Naumov Yu. A.
On the state of the soil and vegetation cover of the Russian Far East and the problems of its rational use. Part 2

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The article is devoted to the study of the state of the soil and vegetation cover in southern sector of the Russian Far East. As a result, it is shown that this cover was subjected to the greatest anthropogenic transformation in the southern half of the Far East, especially in the Primorsky Territory, which is associated with the earliest and most intensive development of the natural resources of this region. The author gives recommendations on the rational use of soil and plant resources.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Na Wang, Leontyeva E. O., Leontyeva P. Yu.
The impact of the COVID pandemic on the socio-economic situation of Chinese migrants In Russia

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Based on the interview material, the article examines changes in the life and work of Chinese migrants who are focused on long-term residence and doing business In Russia. It was revealed that the impact of the pandemic, usually negatively assessed by experts at the macro and the micro levels, led to structural changes in ethnic business and the adaptation of migrants to new challenges: someone's financial side changed for the better, someone went bankrupt, and someone did not notice a significant difference, except for the change in the way of rendering service. We consider the consequences, highlighted by us, in three main areas: changes in the economic situation of migrants and in the structure of Chinese entrepreneurship, the transfer of economic activity to the virtual space and changes in social well-being and life plans.
Khusnutdinova M. R. Poskakalova T. А.
From self-presentation to self-manifestation: social media strategies for teen vloggers

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Contemporary children grow up in a mixed field of possibilities of real and virtual worlds. The processes of self-search and self-knowledge are inextricably linked with the communicative culture of the online space. The article outlines the features of self-expression by teenagers as video bloggers in social networks. Three main strategies are identified: Ideal self-presentation, self-manifestation and alternative self-presentation. The analysis was carried out based of a sociological survey "Digital Socialization of Adolescents", implemented by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Contemporary Childhood of the Moscow State University of Psychology & Education in 2022.
Political Relations and Management of the Region  
Rybachuk D. A.
The problems of Latino integration in the USA: political and socio-economic aspects

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The USA is one of the main goals of immigration for many Latinos in search of a happy life. By the year 2050 Latinos should take the first place among the most numerous national groups in the USA. Hence the questions of integration of Latinos in American society have recently played one of the most important roles. This problem is quite broad and is studied from the several angles of the existence of the state: politics, society and economics. The degree of political integration of Latinos in American society is increasing every year, and their influence on the political component of the United States can no longer be ignored. The work also proves the significant and sometimes irreplaceable participation of Latinos in the development of the American economy, based on various statistical data. Moreover, every year Latinos integrate more and more successfully into the American society, which is shown by such indicators as: self-identification, language knowledge, education, immigration and discrimination. Even though Latinos tend to preserve their national roots, they have learned to adapt to American reality.  
World System and International Regions  
Sevastianov S. V., Milkova A. A.
The American Policy of Containing China as One of the Negative Factors in the Development of Sino-European Relations in Economic and Investment Spheres

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The article examines the trends in the development of economic relations between China and Europe for the period 2012–2022, and assesses the impact on the formation of the American policy of containment of China. The authors identify policy and interests of key actors that are taking part in development of cooperation between China and Europe in the economic and investment spheres, noting the importance for assessing its prospects of further studying the relationship in the EU-China-US triangle.
Barbenko Ya. A.
Wandering between Regions, or On the Use of Theory in Historical Research (Review of "Center and Regions: Economic Policy of the Government on the Outskirts of the Russian Empire (1894–1917). St. Petersburg, 2021")
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The reviewed publication is the analysis of the government's economic policy in some peripheral regions of the Russian Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The review of the publication revealed the dependence of the research foundations on the approaches of the studied era, the lack of development of the terminology system, the weak structure of the text as a monographic, and the arbitrariness of the selection of regions for research.  
Zolotukhin I. N.
Facing New Challenges: The Impact of COVID-19 on Non-Traditional Security Issues in Southeast Asia
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The article reviews the book "Non-Traditional Security Concerns in the New Normal", published by the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies of the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). The review analyzes the assessment and vision by leading scholars of the situation in Southeast Asia (SEA) in the aftermath of facing region COVID-19. The article reflects the consequences of the impact of the pandemic on the regional system of countering non-traditional security challenges and assesses its effectiveness in the face of new threats. The options for achieving sustainable security and a favorable environment for life in Southeast Asia are also pointed out.  
Scientific Life  
Vinokurova A. V., Yakovlev A. I., Yakovleva K. M.
"The Modern Historical and Historical-Anthropological Studies of Eurasia": about of the International Scientific Seminar in Yakutsk

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The report presents an overview of the main events of the international scientific-practical seminar "Modern Eurasian historical and anthropological studies". The main goal of the seminar was to discuss topical issues of studying the adaptation of traditional livelihood systems of nomads in Central and Northeast Asia to modern socio-cultural processes, the transformation of nomad cultures in the context of urbanization, regionalization and turning points of cultural globalization.  
From the Editorial Board
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Naumov Yurij Anatolievich. September 6, 1948 – January 29, 2023
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