2019 32022 #4 (63)
The Theme:
Educational video blogging in Russian regions: potential for socialization, limitations and opportunities

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Popova D. A., Goryachenko E. A.
Teenage and youth audience of the educational segment of the Russian-speaking YouTube: touches to the portrait

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The article considers the prerequisites for the development of educational blogging, analyzes YouTube as the most popular platform for online education and presents the author's typology of educational content. In the course of work on the article, a questionnaire survey of respondents aged 10 to 25 years was conducted. The results of the study revealed the preferences of young people in choosing platforms for online education, formats and types  of educational content, as well as to study the attitude towards educational channels and blogs, whose content young people consume daily. A practical study of youth consumption of educational content confirmed the popularity of YouTube as the best training platform. Video - as the most convenient content format was also noted by respondents.
Abrosimova E. E.
The educational potential of the modern video blogosphere

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The information society creates new realities for the development and functioning of modern education, which is undergoing various changes. It is especially important to understand the effects of these transformations in the field of school education, where young Internet users are the main consumers of all new trends in the media environment. The results of the study presented in this paper reflect how modern schoolchildren are ready to use video content tools in their educational process, on the one hand. On the other hand, it partially reflects the fact that school teachers are included in a phenomenon that is so popular among their students - video blogging.

Volkova I. S.
Video blogging as a means of geographical education of students and schoolchildren

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Based on the survey, the attitude of students-geographers of pedagogical university to the phenomenon of educational video blogging was revealed. The analysis of the experience of teachers and university teachers on their use of video blogs in educational and extracurricular work on geography is carried out. Some ways to improve the Internet education of future teachers are outlined. Proposals are formulated to improve the content of educational video blogs of geographical content.
Avdoshkina O. V., Kuzmin V. L.
How Students Use YouTube Resources in Preparing for History Classes

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In this article, the authors analyze the use of YouTube channels by students in preparation for history classes. To write the article, the authors conducted interviews among high school students and first-year students. Based on the work of other researchers, but to a greater extent based on the results of student surveys, the authors proposed their own version of the classification of historical YouTube channels. After analyzing the most watched videos of the channels, which were named by two or more interviewees, the authors concluded that these resources have thepotential to be used in preparation for history classes.
Round Table  
Burlakov V. A., Voronenko A. K., Kirbitova S. V., Loboda O. V., Panacheva A. S., Samoilenko P. Yu., Smirnov S. M., Khuziyatov T. D.
30 years of open status of Vladivostok: trends and prospects

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Historical Regional Studies  
Makoveev D. V.
Reconstruction of the Jurchen crossbow based on materials from archaeological research in the Primorye Territory

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Among the ranged weapons used in the Middle Ages, crossbows occupy an important place. This type of weapon played a significant role in almost all wars, up to the advent of firearms. Many researchers addressed issues related to the crossbows of medieval China. Based on numerous archaeological finds, authentic texts and engravings, detailed reconstructions of crossbows have been created. But there is not enough information about crossbows that were made and used by the Jurchens of the Jin Empire (1115–1234) and the state of Eastern Xia (1215–1233). There are few direct references to crossbows in written sources dating back to the Jurchen period. The absence of finds of crossbows or their parts on the Jurchen monuments for a long time did not allow us to talk about the use of this type of weapon by the Jurchens.
Trigub G.Ya.
Finances of the city governments of the Far East in the Last Quarter of the XIX and Early XX Centuries

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The article examines the financial situation of the city governments of the Far East in the last quarter of the XIX and early XX centuries. The financial and legal bases and budgetary statements of the city public administration are analyzed. The author comes to the conclusion that during the period under study, cities are experiencing a chronic financial crisis, the main cause of which was the imperfection of the legal and tax base of local self-government. The problem was aggravated by the unwillingness of the state authorities to implement effective measures to improve the financial and economic situation of cities.
Agapov V. L.
Official information on the course of Russian’s army military operations in Russian press during World War I (based on materials from Vladivostok newspapers of 1914–1915)

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The article deals with the role of official military reports of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and reviews of military operations from army newspapers in shaping the perceptions of the population of the Russian province about the World War I. It shows that military news at first were in great demand among the public. Such news were published in all newspapers in Vladivostok, and almost every newspaper published them with additional special applications. However, the quality of war reports did not match their number. A significant place among telegrams was given to the official reports of the headquarters of the Supreme Commander, covering the actions of the Russian army. These reports were composed in such a way as to conceal the course of the war and the truth about it and turned out to be uninformative and monotonous. All this, ultimately, contributed to a decline in interest in the war and a decrease in its popularity in society.
Economy and Nature  
Maslovskaya O. V., Kop'yova A. V., Petrova E. S.
Landscape organization of the ecological route in the structure of the National Park "Zov Tigra"

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The authors consider a specially protected natural area (PAs) of the Primorye Territory: The National Park "Call of the Tiger", combined with the Lazovsky Reserve into a single administrative structure. The aim of the work is to test the previously identified principles, architectural and urban planning techniques and functional-spatial models of landscape organization of ecological routes in the process of experimental design of one of the routes in the structure of the Call of the Tiger National Park. The object of the study is ecological routes in the structure of protected areas. The subject of the study is the architectural and urban planning features of the landscape organization of ecological routes in the structure of the protected areas of Primorsky Krai.
Naumov Yu. A.
On the state of the soil and vegetation cover of the Russian Far East and the problems of its rational use. Part 1.

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The article is devoted to the study of the state of the soil and vegetation cover in southern sector of the Russian Far East. As a result, it is shown that this cover was subjected to the greatest anthropogenic transformation in the southern half of the Far East, especially in the PrimoryeTerritory, which is associated with the earliest and most intensive development of the natural resources of this region. The author gives recommendations on the rational use of soil and plant resources.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Fedorova A. R.
Modern mammoth tusk hunters of Yakutia: beliefs and practices of interaction

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This article studies the current state of mammoth hunting in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The novelty of the research is the use of field materials of interviews from the direct participants of this industry. Extraction of mammoth tusk has existed in the North of Yakutia for more than three centuries, but in the second half of the 1990s of the twentieth century gets a new round of development in connection with the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora and the ban on trade in ivory. Mammoth tusk is an exhaustible resource, around which stable legal relations have not yet been formed. All this has given rise to the emergence of a semi-shady mammoth tusk market, in which many residents of the Far North participate. The results of the research can be designated by introduction of new scientific sources in the form of field materials, formation of the general review on this type of activity, and also description and illustration of the ritual carried out at extraction of a mammoth tusk.  
Political Relations and Management of the Region  
Burlakov V. А.
Transformation of the role and importance of the Russian Far East in the regional structure of the country

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Over the past ten years, the Russian Far East has undergone a significant transformation in the political and socio-economic sphere. The region remained under the constant and scrutiny of the country's central leadership. However, significant financial injections and economic preferences did not lead to a significant change in the situation in the region. Within the framework of this work, the reasons for this are considered.
World System and International Regions  
Izotov D. А.
Post-COVID-19 Chinese Economy: Scenarios of Recovery
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The author of the article has developed medium-term scenarios of recovery the Chinese economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. The first scenario assumes a gradual recovery of the Chinese economy through the rapid abandonment of the "COVID zero policy", the reduction of real estate market risks, as well as structural and institutional changes in the economy based on its openness. The second scenario provides for an unbalanced recovery of the Chinese economy in the face of increasing endogenous risks with a raise of bad debts, a decline of the real estate market, a decrease in exports and a negative influence of geopolitical factors.  
Scientific Life  
Latushko Yu. V.
Far Eastern anthropology: autumn season 2022

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Karaman V. N.
XXIII Far Eastern exhibition-fair "Printing court"

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Vinokurova A. V.
"The Problems of Modeling Social Processes: Russia and the Asia-Pacific Countries" (about of the All-Russian Scientific Conference with International Participation in Vladivostok)

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