2019 32021 #4 (59)
The Theme:
State policy for the development of the Russian Far East in the medium term

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Katrin E. V.
Directions and forms of transformation of electoral processand technologies (on the example of the Far East).

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Within the framework of this work, the directions of transformation of the electoral process and technologies under the influence of the digitalization of public systems of the Russian Federation, in particular, the territory of the Far East, have been investigated. In order to achieve the designated tasks, general philosophical methods, hermeneutic, systemic and dispositive research methods, general scientific methods: analysis, synthesis, induction and deduction, specific scientific methodology and methods of political modeling and forecasting, an expert survey were used. Based on the results of the study, the author comes to conclusions about the nature of the directions of the impact of digitalization of the political process and technologies (organizational, technical, legal aspects of the transformation of the electoral process), the forms of exercising electoral law, conflicts and contradictions arising under the influence of transformations in the ways and methods of expression of the will of citizens.
Latkin А. P., Chupakhina L. E.
Migration policy in the Russian Far East: challenges and prospects

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In recent decades, migration processes have been growing in scale both in the global economic system and in the Russian Federation, where in many regions, and especially in the Far East, there is a significant shortage of their own qualified labor force. This article presents the results of studies of the main reasons for the steady outflow of the economically active population from various Far Eastern regions over the past ten years. The conclusion is made about the low availability of labor resources for enterprises created in recent years in the Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development and the Free Port of Vladivostok, which can be provided through migration links with the PRC, North Korea and the countries of Central Asia. The authors identified trends in the change in the geographical structure of labor migrants arriving in the Far East, identified the problems of legal and socio-economic regulation of migration flows at the state, regional and local levels. Proposals have been formulated to improve the state migration policy in the medium term, including considering the negative consequences of the new coronavirus pandemic.

Sklyarova S. А.
Digitalization of the agro-industrial complex of the Far East as one of the priorities of state policy

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The Far East is a significant region in the development of the entire country, and, in particular, within the framework of the modern agenda for the transition to more environmentally friendly agricultural production and the development of non-resource export industries. The digitalization of the agro-industrial complex in the Far East is a key tool that can have a strong impact on the development of the export of environmentally friendly food, improve the standard of living in the region, etc. Based on the generalization of theoretical studies of Russian and foreign authors, the problems of digitalization of agriculture in different countries are identified and systematized. The analysis of the level of digitalization of the agro-industrial complex of the Far East using both official and unofficial sources of information. In conclusion, an overview of some significant initiatives and projects in the field of digitalization of the agro-industrial complex in the Far East is made, as well as factors constraining these processes are identified.
Potanina O. V.
Digital transformation of political relations in the Far East: problems and prospects

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This article discusses the essence of the policy of the region in the era of digitalization. With the advent of the latest digital technologies, the issues of their implementation, digital supply and demand, and the measurement of digitalization are acute. Thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies, a digital transformation of all spheres of society is taking place. The relevance of the article is to consider digitalization of the regional level on the example of the Russian Far East. As a result of the work, when considering the data of the Digital Russia index, imbalances in the level of digitalization of subjects of the Far Eastern Federal District were studied, which can be eliminated thanks to the development and implementation of projects set tasks to achieve the goal. Medium-term prospects of the Far Eastern Federal District have been identified, it is concluded that the level of digitalization of the country directly depends on the index of digital transformation of the regions.
Trofimenkova E. V., Yuj Sunbehj, Yan Minsy.
Development of Russian-Chinese e-commerce

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One of the promising areas of digitalization of Russian-Chinese trade and economic cooperation is the development of electronic commerce. In the article, based on a generalization of literary sources and an analysis of the practice of recent years, it is concluded that this innovative type of entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly attractive for the Far East regions bordering the PRC far from the center of the country. The assessment of the state and trends of e-commerce revealed the positive dynamics of its development in Russia since 2017, when the market volume reached 2.7 trillion. rub. in 2020. The authors, on the basis of a sociological survey, identified the main advantages of e-commerce and the existing problems for taking them into account in the state regulation of trade and economic relations between Russia and China.  
Round Table  
Аktamov I. G., Аrdalyanova А. Yu., Badaraev D. D., Vinokurova А. V., Kostina E. Yu., Munkhbat Orolmaa, Orlova N. А., Oyuunkhand Shagdar, Tsehrehn Ganbaatar.
Russian and Mongolian Migrant Workers in the Asia-Pacific Region

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 Historical Regional Studies  
Belyaeva N. А.
Control of Cargo Export from Vladivostok in the Political Context in the Summer of 1918

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The situation in Vladivostok in the summer of 1918 is being considered on basis of the documents of the Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East (RGIA DV). The Primorsky Regional Authorities (Zemstvo Council) attempt to take control of the goods in Vladivostok during a short interregnum (after the overthrow of the Soviets and the establishment of Kolchak's power) resulted in their confrontation with the Customs. The archival documents are used to investigate the background of that conflict. It is regarded as a reflection of political struggle and personal confrontation.
Ryabkova O. V.
Salekhard Scientific Research Veterinary Reindeer Breeding Station in 1940–1945
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The study covers the period from 1940 to 1945 inclusive and focuses on the history of the Salekhard scientific research veterinary station of the reindeer disease study of the the People's Commissariat for Agriculture of the USSR - the first scientific institution of the Yamalo-Nenets District. The documents that remained in the state archive of the Yamalo-Nenets District were used as historical sources. The article discusses the organization of the institution's scientific activity, the areas of work of researchers and their qualifications, as well as determines the budgeting sources of the station. The main objective of the institution was to provide scientific support for the development of reindeer husbandry in the region. Every year, the station staff conducted research in the field of applied experimental veterinary medicine in the field of reindeer husbandry, developed methodological recommendations for conducting animal disease control measures in collective, state-farm and personal reindeer herds.
Economy and Nature  
Zharikov M. V.
The potential of a regional settlement system and a collective regional currency for the EAEU

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The topic of the research is time-relevant due to intensifying international sanctions against Russia and a possibility of its exclusion from the world settlement system SWIFT. Since the rest of the EAEU heavily depends on Russia in terms of foreign trade, investment, technology exchange, transport, energy, etc., such sanctions are drastically damaging and economically destabilizing for everyone in the EAEU. Taking into account this experience and world expertise, the author makes an attempt to formulate basic elements and principles of creating an independent payment system for the EAEU and estimate a prospective use of a collective currency, further and deeper independence from world prices fluctuations and break away from the dollar.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Filipova А. G., Zubova O. G., Bukhtiyarova I. N.
From geography for children to the geography of childhood: Case study of the Kaliningrad region

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The article examines the transition from geography for children to the geography of childhood using the example of institutions and practices to popularize geographic knowledge in the Kaliningrad region. Traditionally, the leading sectors of the economy and the active development of tourism in this region determine the need for appropriate specialists, geographical literacy of the population, as well as in the formation of geographical competencies in the younger generation
Cultural and Ideological Factors of Regionalization  
Yakovlev А. I., Fedorova А. R., Egorov А. F.
On the "new" ethnocultural buildings in Yakutia

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Today in Yakutia, there is a growing interest in traditional culture. This growing interest in the native culture (traditions, clothing, everyday and holiday rituals) can be characterized as a process of revitalizing traditions. In Yakutia, the process of revitalizing traditional culture is the basis of a wide range of socio-cultural processes in the life of the Yakut people, such as the renaissance of traditionalism - on the one hand, (neo)mythology, (neo)paganism, on the other hand, Yakut cinema, The Olonkho Theater, various cultural events in cities and large villages of Yakutia). These processes are reflected in the cultural landscape of modern Yakutia in the form of new ethnocultural traditional structures.
Mostovoj S. А., Mostovaya А. S.
Japanese garden in Russia as a space for intercultural dialogue: a case study about 20 years history of The Toyama-Vladivostok Friendship Garden

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The paper discusses the construction and operation of Japanese garden, a traditional phenomenon of Japanese culture, outside Japan and discusses the case study of Toyama- Vladivostok Friendship Garden (also known as Morimoto Garden) located in Vladivostok, Russia. This stone garden appeared in 2001 as a result of international cooperation between the regional governments of Toyama prefecture and Primorsky region. The paper highlights the main periods of construction and renovation, explains the key ideas and concepts of classical dry landscape garden (karesansui), defines the structural changes of the landscape composition and determines the negative factors that had impaired the appearance of the garden significantly.  
Philosophical Meridian  
From the editor of the heading
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Korobejnikov V. S.
The notion of hypernihilism: the debate over modern nihilism

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This article examines the position of the Dutch historian of philosophy Paul van Tongeren, who questions the existence of the phenomenon of nihilism in the Nietzschean sense of the word these days. According to van Tongeren, nihilism does not exist today because the subject today defends rather than ifies the values and meanings that were devalued in Nietzsche's time. However, not everyone shares this thesis. The theorists of hypernihilism B. Stigler and S. Zorgner justify their positions by rethinking Nietzsche's concept of nihilism and the Overhuman.
Smirnov I. O.
Economization of politics as a result of the political crisis of modernity
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The transition from the concept of politics as a continuation of ethics to the concept of politics as a continuation of economics was a result of a political crisis of modernity in the second half of the XXth century. Economization of politics stated as a way of eliminating ethical principles from political sphere, that in turn were seen as a source of a subjectivity in politics, and the main reason of a resurgence of totalitarian states in the XXth century. But the practical, instrumental nature of economics doesn’t give other options but to use certain ethical ideal as a basis for organizing political sphere. Thus, the process of economization of a political sphere doesn’t actually eliminate ethical principles, but only hide it from sight.   
Tyutchenko D. А.
Critical theory: stages of ideological development

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This paper provides a historical overview of the formation of critical theory, its principles and stages of development. Based on the theory of culture of the Frankfurt School, critical semiotics by Roland Barthes, the concept of power by Michel Foucault, postcolonial theory and post-Marxism, an analysis of the spectrum of concepts and approaches, as well as the methodological and theoretical evolution of critical theory.
Teaching Methods  
Аkhmylovskaya L. А.
History and Ethnography materials as the object of interdisciplinary studies at the Higher School of Arts

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The article presents the experience of history and ethnology studies within cross- cultural project. The project realization becomes the object of analysis under the conditions of English teaching at the Higher School of Drama. The participant observation of the professional production and multinational tour promotion contributes to the experience of the International festivals, master-classes, interdisciplinary laboratories; outlines new opportunities of project method developing for professional training of an actor.