2018 32018 #3 (46)
The Theme:
Migrants and diasporas in the socio-cultural, political and economic space of the Asia-Pacific Region
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Yachin S.E.
Metacultural approach in international relations vs the doctrine of "soft power"

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The doctrine of soft power in a special way reflects the growth of the factor of culture (education, mass media, art, science) in politics in general and in international relations in particular. But it is important to pay attention to the ambiguity of the very concept of "soft power". This concept primarily involves the use of cultural factors to ensure its political (power) interest and influence on other countries and peoples. That is why the reverse side of the policy of soft power is all sorts of information barriers, by which states begin to protect their cultural (ideological) space. Assuming that the importance of cultural factors in all aspects of domestic and foreign policy and economy will continue to grow, it is required to propose a strategic move that removes the growing conflict of interests of countries and peoples in this area. A possible alternative to this doctrine may be the metacultural approach, which assumes the subordination of power (political) goal-setting in international relations to the goals of cultural influence. Here the creative potential of the nation becomes the main resource. The tendency to transform the ideology of soft power into "cultural power", although contradictory, is demonstrated by the modern Chinese leadership.
Granovskaya O.L., Davydov O.B., Yachin S.E.
Prospects of the communitarian movement in East Asian countries

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The article considers communitarian theory and political practices in South-East Asian countries as a social project aiming to figure out the most adequate modern institutional forms for the traditional cultural values of those countries. This case is worth attention, primarily, because East Asian critics of the liberal universalism managed to organize experience of the certain non-liberal practices and institutes that fit the conditions of contemporary societies properly. Their communitarian model of self and community is a unique example of constructing of the social ‘we’, that is alternative to liberal one.
Bobylo А.M.
Peaceful atom as an instrument of Russia’s "soft power" abroad: myth or reality?

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of nuclear technologies as an instrument of "soft power" in Russia's foreign policy. The paper analyzes the factors and conditions for increasing educational, scientific, technological and cultural presence of Russia in the world, the recent initiatives and decisions of Russian government, as well as the results of the state policy in terms of development of the energetic cooperation in the field of nuclear technologies. The key challenges and the prospects for further activity in this direction are identified.
Theory and methodology of regional studies  
Ganopolsky M.G.
Russian colonization: schemes and images

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The article is an attempt of author to consider the phenomenon of Russian colonization not so much in historical sequence as conceptually. It is done on the basis of a modern perusal of key concepts such as a scheme and an image. The object of analysis consists of authoritative theoretical positions and actual empirical sources in the field of studying Russian colonization. Those were introduced by individual researchers (members of various fields of social and humanitarian knowledge and science) and complex research teams into scientific circulation.
Historical Regional Studies  
Bartov V.P.
"Eparchial Bulletin" – under-evaluated source
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Those of the researchers of the history of Protestantism in the regions Russia who share protestant beliefs, are often unreasonably biased against materials authored by written by Orthodox authors. Sometimes such materials are the only credible accounts of events of a certain period. This is illustrated by considering the Eparchial Bulletin of the Tula region that is a periodical published by the Russian Orthodox Church. In the bulletin information about the sectarians in the Tula province is ordered, analyzed, contains statistical material and conclusions.
Chernomaz V.А.
The police of Vladivostok in the events of 1905

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The article discusses the activities of the police of Vladivostok in a state of siege that was imposed in the Vladivostok fortress during the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905 and mass riots that occurred in the city on 30 October – 1 November 1905. The author analyses the defects in its structure and functioning, measures taken by authorities during the specified period for their elimination, forms of interaction of the police with units of the local garrison troops for the suppression of riots.
Poznyak T.Z.
The Prohibition of alcohol, regional authorities and the population of Vladivostok during the World War I and the Russian Revolution 1917

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The article is devoted to the regional administration activities on the implementation of the Prohibition of alcohol and everyday behavioral practices of ordinary citizens, aimed at circumventing, ignoring the imposed prohibitions on trade and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The introduction of new bans and tightening of punishments designed to stop violations did not lead to the expected results, but it was caused only new ways of circumventing bans. The population of Vladivostok continued to produce, to illegally import, to store, to sold, and to drink alcoholic beverages. Such behavior, most likely, was not a conscious protest to the authorities and their demands, but an unconscious mechanism for the normalization of everyday life, an attempt to preserve the familiar life with customary joys and pleasures, self-willed stubbornness, providing freedom of choice in the face of mounting power pressure, a kind of protest deteriorating living conditions, high cost, cruelty of war, stress.
Khisamutdinova N.V.
From Vladivostok to America:Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of A.M. Poniatoff  (1892–1980)

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The article reveals new biographical information of a Russian engineer A.M. Poniatoff who became well-known all over the world with his innovations in sound- and video recording. During the Civil War in Russia (1918–1922), he came to Vladivostok with the remnants of White forces and left Russia initially for Shanghai and then for the USA. There, he organized a company and started producing tape recorders for radio- and television broadcasting companies. The article is based on documents from the Museum of Russian Culture (San Francisco) and Russian newspapers in America. They add new and previously unknown facts to Poniatoff’s biography.
Economy and nature  
Vostretsov Yu.E., Elovskaya O.А., Gasilin V.V.
One more lagoon adaptation of Neolithic population's of Peter the Great Bay in the Holocene

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The study of human behavioral adaptation during of periods of notable ecological chages are rare for modern archaeology. The article offers a reconstruction of the subsistence system of the Neolithic population of the Volchanets-1 site (Vostok bay) in the transition from the Atlantic period to the Subboreal Holocene. We analyze the dynamics of changes of the complexes ecofacts reflecting the individual components of the subsistence system, such as hunting, fishing and gathering aquatic animals and terrestrial plants, and complexes of artifacts associated with them. Firstly proposed reconstruction of the annual cycle of the livelihoods of the population of the site, and tendencies of its changes due to climate cooling and falling sea level.
Nian Xuerui
The possibilities and prospects for integrating development strategies of Russky Island and Xiongan New Area in the framework of the interregional cooperation between Russia and China

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In recent years, at the initiative of the leaders of Russia and China, the decision was made to create demonstration areas where the most modern models of development are introduced. The article focuses on the study of two such areas: Russky Island in Russia and Xiongan New Area (simplified Chinese: 雄安新区) in China. By conducting a study of possibilities and prospects of interaction between them, the author proposed a model of regional cooperation between the regions of Russia and China that is based on integration of similar innovation development strategies, and not on the geographical contiguity.
Turbin А.D.
Cross-Border cooperation between Primorsky krai and west coast of Japan: container transportation potential viewed by practitioners from both sides

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Geographic proximity, common economic interests and political strife towards normalization of the relations between the Russian Federation and Japan are supposed to result in a positive dynamics of economic exchanges between the two nations including the increase in the cargo volumes shipped through the Japanese and Russian ports across the Sea of Japan. However, recent years were rather unsuccessful in terms of container turnover between both countries. This article approaches to a series of expert interviews in order to find out and analyze views and opinions of interested parties from Russia and Japan on the topic of the ways of increasing the container turnover between Japanese and Primorsky krai ports across the Sea of Japan.
Social and demographic structures  
Filipova А.А., Vysotskaya А.V.
Social potential of childhood and the regional environment: features of clustering of Russian regions
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The social potential of childhood, understood through the indicators of child health and education, is correlated in the article with different types of regional environment. The correlation analysis of the target (childhood indicators) and managers (environmental factors) helps to overcome the opposition of two types of regional environment conventionally designated as "type A" and "type B". The first type is saturated with cultural, educational and socio-infrastructural resources, while the latter is in need of greater saturation. To establish the connection between the indicators of childhood and the types of regional environment, a clustering tool was used – four clusters of Russian regions were identified. The analysis of the target factors made it possible to establish a connection between their desired values and the characteristics of the regional environment.
Petrov V.E.
"Golden Youth" of the countries of the West, Russia and the East: experience of comparative juvenile elitology

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The article is devoted to the phenomenon of "golden youth" and its individual national communities (the countries of the West, the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and Russia), with a view to their comparative analysis. The result and novelty of the study is the conclusion that different national communities of the "golden youth" of the modern world are characterized by common, universal, and special, national and regional distinctive features, as well as the assumption that the "golden youth" of the eastern and russian communities are seeking to seize and the development of cultural space, entry into the national and world cultural elite.
Pogorelov А.R.
Geographical university education in the Far East of Russia (Far Eastern University)

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Geographical education has recently become increasingly important not only in the comprehensive study of natural and socio-economic systems, but also in the comprehensive solution of the problems of regional development. The full development of university geography in the Russian Far East began in 1964 with the organization of a new geophysical faculty in Vladivostok at the Far Eastern University. At the same time, the historical prerequisites for the creation of a new Far Eastern center for university geography in Russia were formed in the period 1899–1964. The article presents in detail the periods and stages of the development of university geography at the Far Eastern University. Particular attention is paid to the current state.

Political relations and management of the region

Kireev А.А.
Conceptual foundations of Russia's border policy in the Far East

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The new border policy implemented in the Russian Far East since 2015 is formed through trial and error, remaining rather a reflection of struggle of departments and lobbyists than an instrument for development of the macroregion. Strategic planning and consistent systematic implementation of this policy is hindered by the unresolved conceptual issues. Based on the analysis of existing political and legal documents and own interpretation of the strategic goal of Far Eastern border policy, the author proposes definitions of tasks, principles, actors, means and order of implementation of this policy, which can be used as a basis for its concept.
World system and international regions  
Doroshev А.Yu.
Japan's Arctic Policy: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects for Further Advancement

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Taking into account the increased strategic and economic significance of the Arctic region in international relations, the actions of states which do not have direct access to the Arctic Ocean induce the special interest of researchers. The article observes the formation and current state of Japan's Arctic policy and reflects the main Japanese interests in the Arctic as well as the content of Arctic policy, including research, transport, logistics, and political issues. The analysis of the influence of the international situation on the formation and substantiation of Japan's positions in the Arctic region is also used in the work.
Scientific Life  
Dudaryonok S.M.
100 years of historical faculty FEFU
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Breslavsky A.S., Grigorichev K.V.
Where are Republicsin the East of Russia going?
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