2018 22018 #2 (45)
The Theme:
Migrants and diasporas in the socio-cultural, political and economic space of the Asia-Pacific Region
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Garusova L.N., Zhurbey E.V., Vladimirova D.А.
Chinese immigrants in the USA: a historical retrospective

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This article analyzes the Chinese immigration in USA and the arrangements of the American state for stimulation and abridgment of Chinese immigration by virtue of the immigration policy of XIX-XXI century. Migration processes always have been one of the most meaningful factors of formation the American nation. That is why the problems of integration of foreign immigrants in American society has been playing one of the most important roles in country public affairs for many years. This fact makes the necessity of study of the suggested topic more essential. The United States of America still continues to remain the only highly-developed country in the world where the rate of population keeps on to grow fast. The influx of new immigrants is one of the main reasons of such growth. The latest research shows that for a century and a half by changes of the migration legislation of the USA Chinese expat communities had to go through the difficult way from the discriminated ethnic group of the migrant workers to the fully legitimate and successful American citizens.
Zolotukhin I.N.
The Philippine overseas labor migration: the trends of development and issues of regulation

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The article highlights the problem aspects of the Philippine overseas labor migration as well as the actions of the Philippine government to regulate it. The paper examines the historical scope of the Philippine transnational labor migration, its trends, structure and peculiarities, as well as the conditions of the overseas Filipino workers’ deployment. The institutions and instruments of migration policy, challenges and difficulties in improving the management of transnational migration flows, and the international dimension of the problem are clarified. The article is based on the analysis of the researches and findings of foreign and Russian authors as well as the data and documents on focused topic.
Badaraev D.D., Gombozhapov А.D.
Migration flows in a zone of "The Mongolian economic corridor"

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Article is devoted to consideration of migration flows in a zone of "the Mongolian economic corridor". The primary role of the Central transport corridor lying through cross-border territories of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Mongolia and Republic of Buryatia is shown. On the basis of latest statistical data and results of sociological researches features of migration movements and passenger traffics are presented, capacities of border check-points are analysed. The existing and potential opportunities for improvement of social communications and migration flows on routes of the Mongolian corridor are noted.
Vinokurova A.V.
The Daily Life and "Home" Practices of Migrant Workers‘ Families

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The paper deals with everyday "home" practices of families of migrant workers - natives of the post-Soviet Central Asian republics. Based on the specifics of the research task, the method of focused interview was chosen as the main method of collecting information. The results of the study showed that the daily life of families of migrant workers can be defined as follows: firstly, they are characterized by variability and volatility of residence; secondly, the desire to minimize the number of things and the maximum functionality of the home environment. The practice of "spending time" and the constitution of the family in a situation of migration is changing significantly.
Ostrovskaya O.P.
Emigratory movement in the sphere of the Far East Pentecostals in 1960s–1980s:  сauses and forms of occurrence
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The article deals with causes of еmigratory movement in the sphere of Far East Pentecostals in 1960-1980th of the 20th century. They include: the prosecution for faith, the confessional peculiarities of Pentacostalism, political situation in the country, the examples of successful emigration. On the basis of archival materials reviews еmigratory movement in different forms of it.
Historical Regional Studies  
Barbenko YA.А.
Explorations in the south of the Russian Far East in second half XIX – early XX centuries as agricultural colonization management background: 1860 to 1869 practice. Part 1.

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The paper presents an analysis of research activities in the Russian Amur region from 1860 through 1869. Based on the system of criteria were evaluated organization and content of the studies, were assessed the agricolonial fieldworks component. Pointed period inherits many features of the previous decade: subordination to external tasks, openness of results, lack of specialists, enthusiasm and amateurism as a significant characteristic of the researchers’ motivation. Changes in the organization of researches are revealed: the stationary instrumental researches appear, the quantity of long-term works grows.
Ustyugova O.А.
Salt on the Russian Far East in the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX cc.: trade or supply?

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The article deals with the specifics of the supply of the population of the Russian Far East with one of the most important food - salt - in the second half of the XIX - the beginning of the XX cc. The system of state salt supply of the region, sources of replenishment of salt, the conditions of its storage and transportation, the volume of supply are revealed. The special attention is given to the transition from state supply to the wholesale and retail sale of salt imported from Germany and Japan mostly.
Druzyaka А.V., Dudarenok S.M.
Institute of the notariate in the Russian Far East and Manchuria (1879–1930s)

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In article on the basis of documentary sources, the authors analyze the main features of the historical process of formation, organizational transformation and functioning of the notarial institutions in the far East of Russia and neighboring Manchuria in the period 1879-1930-s. Notaries public are considered as public law and human rights Institute, who had a wide range of socially significant functions. The conclusions about the importance of a regional notaries for the development of the system of legal regulation, level of legal culture and civil society.
Tsyretarova B.B.
The eradication of illiteracy in Buryatia in the 1930s (on the materials of the State archive of the Republic of Buryatia)

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On the example of Republic of Buryatia discusses the process of liquidation of illiteracy among the adult population. In the 1930s the introduction of industrialization and collectivization in the country has affected the pace and methods of cultural change. On materials of the State archive of the Republic of Buryatia discusses the features of this period, a new form of mobilization, the involvement of the state, party and public organizations, the creation of specialized likpunkty, the organization of socialist competition, public inspections of the activities of cultural institutions. The difficulties of implementation of plans to combat illiteracy.
Kolesnichenko K.Yu.
Food supplies for the MilitaryGrouping at the Russian Far East during 1931–1941

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Using some documents from Russian state archives the author analyzes the process of coordination of food supplies for ground forces and the Pacific navy at the Russian Far East during 1931-1941.An emphasis is laid on the cooperation of Bolshevik party, Soviet administrative and military institutions in the areas of agricultural production, fishing, food procurement and supply.
Kuskov S.А.
Placement of evacuation hospitals in the eastern part of the USSR in 1938–1940

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The article considers the formation of a network of evacuation hospitals in the years 1938-1940 in the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. The article also specifies the zone of deployment of evacuation hospitals in the period of armed conflicts in the area of Lake Khasan, on the Khalkhin-Gol river. Particular attention is paid to the state of the network of hospitals during the Soviet-Finnish war. The author proves that the network of evacuation hospitals covered the southern part of the region. And this ultimately allowed us to gain experience in the implementation of mobilization plans in the conditions of war, and also to work out mechanisms for leading hospitals.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Risukhina O.N.
External cultural relations of Northeast China: the main directions, basic contents (80s of XX century – the beginning of the XXI century)
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The article deals with the topic of cultural ties of Northeast China (Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang provinces) with foreign countries during the period of reforms, previously not studied in russian and foreign historiography. The growing attention in the world to the use of "soft power" in international relations makes it particularly relevant. The geography of cultural ties is presented, identified priorities of cultural interaction - acquaintance of the world with the culture of China, commercial gain, use of culture as "soft power".
Golobokov А.S.
British and Chinese regional higherinstitutions: orientations for Russian Far East

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The article regards key elements of British and Chinese higher educational systems. The study is topical for Russian Far East national regional educational environment, as stable innovative system of higher education is one of the conditions for social, economic and cultural development of the region. Foremost countries’ experience is in the basis of the research. The choice of British and Chinese regional higher educational systems caused by the fact, that these states for decades maintain leader positions in their regions (sub regions). It proved indirectly by world and national rankings.

Political relations and management of the region

Marin E.B.
Political participation of Vladivostok student youth (on the example of students and cadets of the Maritime State University named after G.I. Nevelskoy): an experience of the pilot study

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In the article presents the results of a flight of empirical research of political participation of students on an example of students of one of the leading universities of the city. During the study, revealed the forms and level of participation of students in politics, was given the classication of groups of young people in accordance with the level of participation. In the article, dened subjective reasons that prevent a more active participation of students in politics. There wаs presents analyzes the protest potential of students and the factors that can encourage her to participate in protests in the article. The author is made an attempt to outline the contours of the political culture of the students.
Interdisciplinary and systemic research in the region  
Kozinets А.I., Li Dan’
Institutions of Russian Studies in the People’s Republic of China

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The topic of the article is devoted to Institutions of Russian Studies in the People’s Republic of China. Chronological frameworks cover the period of 1991-2017. Two time periods being distinguished by the authors, the first - 1991-2001 and the second - 2001 till now. The first period is characterized by the emergence of new conditions for Chinese think-tanks to conduct Russia related research. The reasons of Soviet Union’ collapse and Russian social and economic reforms of the 90’s composed main topics of Russian Studies in China at that time. Nowadays the theme expansion related to Russian Studies could be clearly observed. Authors describe four contemporary types of the Institutions conducting Russia related research in China: party-affiliated, government-affiliated, academic and educational. The pattern between the progress in Sino-Russian relations and increase in the Russia’s research in the PRC is being tracked.
Qin Dong
Chinese investment in the Russian Far East: the current status and problems
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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the state and long standing issue of Chinese investment in the Russian Far East.This paper analyzes the actual performance of Russian-Chinese cooperation projects in Russian Far East, the problemshindering the influx of Chinese investment into the Russian Far East and the evaluation of the Chinese side (mass media, representatives of government and business, scientists) on the state of Russian-Chinese cooperation. This paper reveals key problems and puts forward measures that will help to attract more major Chinese investment.
Scientific Life  
Аrdal’yanova А.YU., Kuzina I.G., Kupryashkin I.V.
All-Russian scientific and practical seminar "Life on suitcases": family mobility and social well-being" (Vladivostok, 26-27 April 2018)
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