2018 12018 #1 (44)
The Theme:
The childhood in regional measurement:
search of new methods and technologies
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Zamaraeva Z.P., Voronova K.А., Telegina G.А.
Social security of childhood in the region: resource-potential approach

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The transformation of the social structure of Russia at the end of the XX and beginning of the XXI centuries draws the attention of researchers to the role of the modern system of social security in this process. Its role is in creating conditions for meeting the individual and social needs and raising the standard of living of the population on the conditions of actualization their resource potential for effective socialization in society. The urgency of the problem outlined in the article is related to a number of contradictions that are caused by the nature and dynamics of the development of the Russian social security system, and by the processes of its reform and transformation. The central contradiction is the discrepancy between the needs of different strata of the population, including childhood, their social status, expectations and the real state of social security and protection.
Makeeva S.B.
Reflection of problems of family, motherhood and childhood in social advertising in China (regional studies aspect)

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Based on the use of regional studies approach considers the evolution of the Institute of social advertising in China from 1978 to the present, highlights the major social problems associated with issues of family, motherhood and childhood. The author analyses the key problems, ways of their solution, which was spread in social of the promotional products of China in the period 1978 – present. Based on the analysis of social advertising China special features of a policy of planned births in China in the 1980-ies; discusses the patterns of Patriotic education of the younger Chinese generation, identifies the main directions of promoting a healthy lifestyle in Chinese families, it highlights concerns related to the preservation of the values of honoring elders, analyzes the reasons for the distribution among Chinese children call in need to care for their aging parents, elderly Chinese citizens; determined the devastating consequences of the spread of information technology to family relations in China; actualizarea the need to resolve acute social problems of the Chinese "invisible" children.
Vysockaya A.V.
The system of secondary general education in the Russian regions: the construction of a simulation model

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The tool of research of regional systems of general secondary education is imitating modeling. It is used to establish the cause-effect relationships between the elements of the system and to conduct experiments with the original data. System analysis allows to designate "Inputs", "Outputs" and "External environment" and elements of the system itself. The average score of the USE as "Exit" is influenced by demographic, institutional and economic-infrastructure factors. The constructed equation of multifactor regression determines the strength of the relationships between them. The model allows simulating the process of managing regional resources and smoothing regional risks.
Аbrosimova E.E.
Children’s video blogging on Primorye territory: regional features and problems

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The article deals with the specificity of the child segment of the videooblog sphere in the region. The region of the study was Primorye. The level of development of media education in Primorsky region is also analyzed, and in particular in the segment of the video blog sphere. The method of research is the questionnaire of children and adolescents. The results of the questionnaire show how deeply modern children are immersed in video blogging, as well as reflect the dependence of this indicator on the level of activity of children in everyday life and a community. The analysis of proposals in the market of additional education for the children of Primorsky region reflected a number of problems and features of media education in this region.
Yarovaya V.E.
Children’s network stores in Primorsky territory: regional features and opportunities for consumer socialization
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The consumer society created stores not just for satisfying needs, but also as an institution for consumer socialization. The objectives of this study were to identify the regional features of the functioning of children’s stores, a description of their participation in the process of consumer socialization of preschool children. Methods of collecting empirical material are analysis of children’s shopping sites, analysis of parental forums, as well as observation in children’s stores. For the study, three children’s network stores operating in Primorsky Krai were selected.
Historical Regional Studies  
Shevskij D.S.
The regularities of diffusion of innovation in China: from ancient times to the eighteenth century

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The article aims to consider the ways borrowed diffused throughout China, and the factors that influenced the diffusion. A macrosociological approach has been adopted to achieve this goal. Three benchmarks of comparison have been chosen, those of changes in military technologies, changes in agriculture, and the spread of new religious beliefs. It has been shown that changes in military technologies were caused by wars with foreign invaders, which advanced the introduction of China’s centralized political system. In order to diminish demographic pressure changes in agricultural practices, aimed to improve soil fertility, were introduced. The striking capacity of the country to adopt foreign practices easily was due to the ethnic diversity that had made people more adaptable and ready to accept other cultural traditions.
Gel’man E.N.
Bohai walled town in Russia history: from Archimandrite Palladius to present days

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The article summarizes outcomes of many years of excavations of Kraskinskoye walled town which began in the second half of 20th century. The discovery of the site is credited to archimandrite Palladius Kafarov who relied on chronicles and visited the port city in 1871. Research efforts involved a variety of modern techniques specific to archaeology, geology, geophysics, and biology. The town had more than one role to play, including administrative tasks as the district center of Capital province. Its Chinese name (Yanchou) in written form suggests the salt procurement. But the authors maintain that the foremost purpose of the site was to enable the marine access to Japan on the road that went from the Eastern Capital.
Bostan K.А., Kuznetsov А.M.
The idea of "frontier": a profitable acquisition or a dangerous "phantom"?

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This article examines the legitimacy of the use of the term frontier in the Russian context. Deconstructive analysis reveals a fundamental difference in the processes and conditions of settling the U.S. Western territories – reflected in the idea of frontier – and of settling Siberia and Russia’s Far East. The difference relates primarily to the role of the state in this process. It is also argued that endeavour to promote the American frontier ideology on a global scale led to its substitution by the unlimited concept of globalization. This study concludes that it is not legitimate to use the term frontier in analysis of the Russian settlement of Siberia and the Far East.
Zemlyanskij V.L.
Election of the All-Russian Constituent Assembly in the Primorye region

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The article deals with the preparation and conduct of elections to the Constituent Assembly in the territory of Primorye. On the basis of archival documents and materials of the periodical press provides data about the attitude of the public organizations of the Primorye region a project the Provisional Government to merge the Far Eastern regions in a single constituency, the Priamursky District and the Primorye Regional electoral commissions, as well as about specific use cases in the course of voting. The author concludes that, despite the problems with the organization of voting and the complex political situation in the Far East, electoral commissions, civil society organizations and political parties in of Primorye Region was able to ensure a high voter turnout.
Lyapustin S.N.
Customs Cruisers and Customs Cruising in the Fight against Smuggling in the Far East of Russia in the First Quarter of the XX century

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The article deals with the history of the rise of the customs cruising in the Far East of Russia and its role in the fight against smuggling and external predation in the first quarter of the XX century. This is the first time the author introduces new archival materials from the Russian state historical archive of the Far East into scientific circulation.
Gajkin V.А.
"Collectivization" in Manchzhougo

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The article is devoted to the Korean "collective" villages, were created in Manchzhougo (Japanese semi-colony) of Korean immigrants, performing the role of a stable supplier of cheap grain. In 1944, in Manchuria there were 24000 families of the "collective" and "organized" Korean colonists (10% of Koreans employed in agriculture). All of them were economically completely dependent on Japanese organizations, which provided peasants essentials, taking away almost all the product of the harvest.
Krushanova L.A.
Bribery in the Far East of the USSR in 1945–1991
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of archival materials reviews the activities of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet Theater under constant military threat and during the Great Patriotic War. The management the Political Department, the central military and political authorities, included all educational and propaganda work in the Red Army and Fleet. In the 30s–40s the theater has become one of the most powerful instrume

Economy and Nature

Prishhepa E.V., Kochetkova E.N.
Development trends and problems of entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Khakassia in 2009–2015

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The article is devoted to modern problems and trends of development of entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Khakassia. New challenges of time create not only problems but also new business areas of subjects of small and average entrepreneurship. The authors come to the conclusion that small business in the region has untapped prospects of its development and in the case of overcoming of obstacles for its functioning it can serve as a factor in leveling of a range of the society’s social problems.

Social and Demographic Structures

Gonina N.V.
Characteristic features of migratory processes and their role in an urbanization of the Angaro-Eniseysky region in the second half of the 1950s – the beginning of the 1980s

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Migration is a most important factor of social dynamics. Development of the cities is not possible without migratory activity of the population. Migratory processes in Krasnoyarsk Krai in the second half of the XX century caused stimulation of all spheres of activity that promoted to successful development of economy and created conditions for growth of urban population. Тhe city industrial becomes focus of migration flows which constantly update its population. The cities of edge were very attractive to rural youth which created considerable group in city society.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Kormazina O.P., Ruban D.А.
Linguocultural aspect of regions in the context of tourism development (by example of the Primorye Region)

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The "language of tourism" can be regionally specific. Linguocultural peculiarities are considered as a resource and factor of tourism development on the given territory. In some cases, these peculiarities disorient visitors, i.e., the noted factor acts negatively. The results of the study of the oral speaking in the Primorye Region show that the often appearance of the topics stressing the regional peculiarities in narratives of the local people increases satisfaction of tourists and simplifies creation and promotion of territorial image. A lexical unit that reflects the regional peculiarities of the "tourism language" is also found.
World System and International Regions  
Rustamova L.R.
The mechanism of "soft power" implementation and the limits of its use
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"Soft power" is becoming an increasingly popular subject for research, but there is still no common understanding of its meaning and the limits of its use. In this article is given an analysis of recent theoretical innovations made by the founder of the concept − J. Nye, which he gives in one of his last books. Another task of the article is an attempt to give its own definition of the concept of "soft power" and to establish the mechanism of its implementation. It is determined that "soft power" - is the image which a state has gained on the international arena, and the strategy for the implementation of national interests through cooperation and ethical aspects of world politics. The concept can explain many current processes of world politics, but it is not a panacea for many problems
The Analytical Centres of APR  
Zhurbey E.V.
«Think tanks» and the foreign policy process in Thailand:current status and prospects (part 2)

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The article is devoted to the history of the Institute "think tanks" and their role in the foreign policy process in contemporary of Thailand. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of "think tanks" centers of Thailand and their foreign counterparts. The article discussed in detail the organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing Thai leadership’s foreign policy.
Ivanova S.V.
Science in the Primorye region: analysis and forecast
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Current conditions in the World, including sanctions against the Russian Federation have significantly affected to the economy of our Country. Due to above-mentioned, there is an objective needs for much further development of Russian science. Analysis of some parameters of scientific research and engineering, carried out during period from 2005 to 2015 years, has been held in the present article on the basis of official data. The forecast of some indicators has been carried out with using of the composed trend equations
Scientific Life  
Latushko Yu.V.
Island Anthropology: a New Start
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