2016 42016 #4 (39)
The Theme:
Interests and priorities of development
of Russia In the Asia-Pacific region
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Kuznetsov А.M., Kozinets A.I.
Non-Western International Relations Theories – from Marginality to Recognition

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This article covers contemporary works in the sphere of International Relations Theory (IRT) by specialists from India, China and Russia. Their research can be labeled as ‘Non-Western theories’. Authors see connection between emergence of such type of theories with the crisis in IRT in general.
Kozlov L.E., Volynchuk A.B.
Regional policy of Russia in the Far East in an unfavorable external  environment (2014–2016)

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We consider the specifics of regional policy in the Far East in the period when occurred a one-time combination of adverse domestic and international factors, both political and economic. In addition, the priorities of the regional policy itself has changed: the main objects of territorial equalization steel Crimea and Sevastopol. In these circumstances, the government has developed a new approach to the development of the Far East, based on the provision of local businesses tax and other benefits. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the new regional policy, give a preliminary forecast of its effectiveness.
Kravchuk A.A.
Russian national interests and major economic projects in the arcticin the context of its “pivot to the East” policy

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The article examines the main components of Russian economic policy in the Arctic. This work incorporates assessment of possibility for implementation of Russia’s major energy and infrastructure development projects in the Arctic taking into account influence of key negative factors. Besides, the author considers national interests of Asia-Pacific nations (especially China, South Korea and Japan) in the Arctic and assesses possibilities of Russia’s cooperation with them in the context of the so-called «Russian pivot to the East».
Sevastyanov S.V., Reutov D.А.
Russia on the hydrocarbon market of Northeast Asiain the face of low prices and anti-Russian sanctions

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Authors suggest that Russia continues oil & gas expansion in NEA, despite the decline in hydrocarbon prices and anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the West. In this article an attempt has been made to clarify economic, financial, political and technological incentives and disincentives that influence current state and perspectives for cooperation of Russia and the countries of NEA in the face of low energy prices and sanctions. The recommendations for strengthening oil & gas cooperation of Russia and the countries of NEA in the situation of current political and economic sanctions are provided.

Gubin А.V.
Military aspects of russia’s involvement into East Asian political processes

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Contemporary Russia is forcefully driving so called oriental vector of diplomatic strategy aiming to develop cooperation with dynamically rising Asia-Pacific nations. High military expenditures of the key players as well as reshaping of regional security structure introduce new opportunities for Russia to involve however simultaneously generate a plenty of challenges to the state’s security. Considering unresolved conflicts, crucial economic competition Asia-Pacific nations tend to switch on military opposition logic. They maximize own defense-offence capacities quantitatively and qualitatively to secure respective national interests.
Bobylo А.M., Sevastyanov S.V.
Russia’s "soft power": Asia-Pacific vector

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of Russian "soft power" instruments in Russia's foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region. The paper analyzes the factors and conditions for increasing humanitarian and cultural presence of Russia in the world, the recent initiatives and decisions of Russian government, as well as measures of state support of the cultural diplomacy in Asia-Pacific region. The key challenges and the prospects for further activity in this direction are identified.
Sinenko I.Y.
Pacific dimension of the Russian-American relations in a context of the bilateral dialogue crisis

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The dominant position in Russian-American relations is occupied by issues of global and European security and geopolitics. At the same time, the Pacific dimension of bilateral relations is developed very poorly. Declaring as high priorities of their foreign policies the concept of «pivot» to Asia-Pacific, both countries will inevitably deal with the need to draw up the agenda. The author seeks to predict its content by analyzing current geopolitical contradictions and strategies of the two states in the region, while taking into account their contradictions at the global level.

Theory and methodology of religious studies

Ganopolsky M.G.
The settlement structure of a region: the sociocultural experience of the perusal

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The article is devoted to the sociocultural interpretations of structure of the region settlement. Theoretical constructs are identified by analyzing of a number of authoritative concepts in the resettlement field. That constructs reflect the main stages of settlement structures. A special attention is paid to the sequence of the structures advancing and continuity. It is concluded the settlement carries the seeds of social and culture at the initial phases, and the settlement acts as protosocial and protocultural basis of a region.

Historical regional studies

Tulush D.K.
Fortifications of Tuva in the context of the history of the Central Asian region

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The article provides a general description of the fortifications, discovered on the territory of Tuva. Provides information about the three main groups of ancient settlements that were built in the era of the Hsiung-nu (III century BC – I century AD) and Uighur Khaganate (745–840 AD) – earthen, clay and stone. The history of their study, the role of fortified ancient settlements in the history of the Central Asian region and Tuva is considered. It was previously considered that all the ancient settlement of Tuva built in the period of the Uighur Khaganate. Due to structural differences of settlements with earthen ramparts the author proposed to include there to Hsiung-nu times.
Barbenko Y.А.
Explorations in the south of the Russian Far East in second half XIX – early XX centuries as agricultural colonization management background: research method development
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The paper substantiates the idea of studying the research work in the south of the Russian Far East in second half XIX – early XX centuries as a precondition of agricultural colonization management. Also, the purpose of the article is the development of analysis technique exploratory activity. A characteristic feature of the conditions of development of the region in the studied period was the lack of information in spite of active explorations. Provided an analysis method of the exploratory activities and the way to identify agro-colonial fieldworks of the total mass of the search operation, revealed the analysis criteria and their application.

Economy and Nature

Sologub E.V., Kim А.G.
Methodological bases justification of territorial development(on the example of Russian island, Vladivostok)

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The indicated importance of development of territory of island Russian. Identifies the significant points that should be followed in selecting territorial development. The proposed formation of the territory of the Russian Islands as a tourist-recreation complex using the cluster approach. Discusses the use of territorial marketing, which allows to take into account the needs of the local population and tourists and is an important tool for strategic management of the territory.
World system and intern ational regions  
Zolotukhin I.N.
Maritime Piracy in South East Asia: regional dimension of the problem

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This article is devoted to the maritime piracy in Southeast Asia, the preconditions of its formation and development, the current state of affairs in the regional nautical waters, and the fight against piracy on the national and international levels. The article is based on the analysis of previous researches and findings of Russian and foreign authors as well as the data and documents on focused problem.
Zhurbey E.V.
"Think tanks" and the foreign policy process in Canada:Current Status and Prospects

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The purpose of the study is to assess the state of the expert community in Canada and its impact on the foreign policy process of the North American country, as well as to formulate the problem on the way of their evolution. The increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of «think tanks» centers of Canada and their foreign counterparts. The article reviewed in detail the organization, the specificity of activities and the channels of influence on the foreign policy ongoing the Canadian leadership's.
Scientific life  
Karaman V.N.
By the tenth anniversary of the journal "Ojkumena. Regional researches"

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Vinokurova A.V.
V All-Russian sociological congress “Sociology and society: social inequality and social justice” (Ekaterinburg, 19–21 October 2016)

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