2016 12016 #1 (36)
The Theme:
Islands of  the Pacific ocean as an object of complex hIstorical and geographical research
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Latushko Yu.V.
Environmental and cultural factors of the development of complex society in Hawai’i

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The article deals with certain aspects of the cultural ecology of ancient Hawaiian society. The connection between social structure, demography, economic development, initial administrative-territorial division, political organization of society with Hawaiian archipelago landscape characteristics are shown.
Latushko Yu.V., Ganzej K.S., Lyashhevskaya M.S., Piskareva Ya.E., Kiselyova А.G., Prokopets S.D., Pshenichnikova N.F.
Historical and geographical researches of Peter the Great Bay Islands
(Rikord Island case)

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The case of Rikord Island demonstrates the results of interdisciplinary research of geographers and archaeologists. The modern condition of the natural environment of the island, the stages of its formation from the middle Holocene are examined. Discovered two archaeological sites of different periods and found that in the Iron Age man started development of this area. The second period of island utilization is related to the early Middle Ages. On the basis of palynological and radiocarbon dating methods reconstructed natural environment during the period of island development by ancient communities. These integrated data of use the Island by traditional cultures agrees with laws of the structure of the island landscapes.
Ganzej K.S., Kiselyova А.G., Rodnikova I.M., Pshenichnikova N.F.
Present state and anthropogenic transformation of geosystems of Peter
the  Great  Bay  Islands

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The main patterns of contemporary landscape differentiation of Popova, Rikorda, Reyneke, Bolshoy Pelis and Stenina islands are considered in the paper. Present-day state of soil-vegetation cover is shown. Active anthropogenic impact on the island geosystems have resulted in disappearance of typical island vegetation, pauperization of vascular plant and lichen floras, replacement of natural environment species with anthropogenic species, active sheet erosion of soil cover and decreasing of landscape diversity. Conservation status is pointed out to have a good influence on restoration of relatively native geosystems and maintenance of native ones on Bolshoy Pelis and Stenina islands.
Astashenkova E.V., Piskareva Ya.E.
Evidence of contact Bohai State and Japan in the early Middle Ages

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The article is devoted to study of the relations between Bohai State and Japan in the early Middle Ages based on chronicles, epigraphic, archaeological sources. In spite of the objectivity of the written sources the archeology data are of great interest.
Davletshin A.I.
Origin and development of social and political terms in two Polynesian languages Nukeria and Rapanui

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The paper is dedicated to origin and development of socio-political terms in two Polynesian societies. Inhabitants of the westernmost Polynesian atoll Nukuria are very different from the easternmost Polynesian island Rapanui. It has been proposed that semantic development of particular proto-Polynesian terms was partially determined by the principle of conical clan and reorganisation of the ancestral socio-political system.
Historical regional studies  

Pavlov P.Yu., Zemlyanskij V.L.
The political crisis in Primorye and of the Priamursky National assembly
in  June  1922

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The purpose of this article is to investigate the activities of the National Assembly of the Amur during the confrontation with the Provisional Government Priamurskaya in June 1922. Based on the goals were set tasks: to analyze the reasons that led to the confrontation between the deputies and members of the government; describe the deputies of action for the organization of the overthrow of the head of government S.D. Merkulov, and consider the session of the Priamursky National assembly during the political crisis. As a result, in early June in Primorye National assembly elected a new government and prepare for elections by universal suffrage in the representative bodies.
Bakshutov S.N.
Militia higher education in the Russian Far East at the turn of the XX − XXI centuries: analysis of research sources

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Article is devoted to the analysis of sources of the research of development of the militia higher education in the Russian Far East at the turn of the XX.XXI centuries. The author in general describes the published documents and materials introduced into scientific use for the first time. The comprehensive review of wide range of sources gives a chance to study the process of the theory and practice of professional legal education in system of the higher school in the Far East at the turn of the XX.XXI centuries in a regional historical context.
Social and demographic structures  
Nikitenko V.N.
Acceleration determinants population the Russian Far East

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A social community in the Russian Far East was developed by integration of primordially indigenous population and alien people. A considerable part of the alien population got accustomed and took roots in this territory; some other people – did not. It is important to investigate the prerequisites for both assimilation and emigration of the population in the region, in order to solve the demographic problems in the Far East – in the direction of its population increase.
Perelygin S.V.
State policy of Russia on management of demographic processes in the Far East 1991–2015

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The article examines the demographic situation on the Far East. Unfavourable demographic and economic processes in the region pose a threat to the country's territorial integrity. Proper implementation of the state population policy in the Far East could lead to a decrease in the risk of strengthening the external demographic pressures, overcoming the tendency of migratory outflow of the population and increasing the attractiveness of the eastern territories for migrants.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Toshchenko Zh.T.
Territorial differences in the life-world of Russians: general and special

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This article analyzes the regional peculiarities the essence and content of the life of the world as a social reality, as the leading (basic) practices. On this basis, considering a number of economic indicators that form the basis for the life-world of people that howl all involves the study of real social consciousness in all its contradictory development; activities, the actual behavior of people; conditions that implement real awareness and the corresponding behavior. All this allows us to identify not only the territorial differences, but especially the life of people of the world inherent in different regions of Russia.
Levchenko N.V.
Environmental education: the classification of theoretical-methodological approaches

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The paper discusses the reason for the need to environmental education representatives of activities of environmental non-profit organizations and Protested Areas and teachers of training institutions. Due to the fact that the listed participants of the educational process taught in the various forms of education, the article analyzes the domestic and foreign scientific literature devoted to the study of formal, non-formal and informal education.
Shcekuntsova O.S., Ruban D.A.
Tourism image of region in the e-space: an experience of complex evaluation

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Tourism image of region in the e-space is of big significance because Internet resources have become importance sources of information for modern tourists. The composition of this image, the relevant problems, and the method of its complex evaluation are demonstrated by example of the Kabarda-Balkaria Republic. Content-analysis of the representative set of web-pages allows to conclude that the tourism image of the noted region in the e-space is determined by information about natural landscapes, particular natural peculiarities, cultural environment, tourism infrastructure, possibilities for time spending, seasons, and real objects. Natural resources of the mountainous part of the republic are promoted most actively. The formed tourism image is characterized by incompleteness and problems linked to object identification. Therefore, development of strategy for this image optimization is required.
World system and interregional relations  
Zhurbey E.V.
The Yugoslavian crisis and the position of the administration of George. W. Bush (June 1991 – January 1993)

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The author focuses on the Yugoslavian conflict and diplomacy of the Republican administration of George. W. Bush to resolve it in the period from June 1991 till January 1993. The absence of clearly defined approach to resolving international conflicts and resolving the contradictions among the principles of inviolability of borders and self-determination of nations by the outbreak of the Yugoslavian conflict, exacerbated the Yugoslavian drama, impugned the US claim for global leadership.
Zolotukhin I.N., Tumanov Yu.V.
Arctic azimuth of the tropical country

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The article reviews arctic direction of Singaporean foreign policy. Melting Arctic ice caps and ecological situation related to global warming have affected Southeastern state’s involvement in Arctic issues. Singaporean activity focuses not only on the development of the Arctic area, but also the implementation of its foreign policy priorities. Being the core of global economy, Singapore avoids confrontation in polar latitudes and endeavors to participate in forming predictable and sustainable international environment. Diplomatic, ecological, economic vectors of Singaporean foreign policy as well as arctic dimension of the Russo-Singaporean relations are represented in the work. The article is based on the analysis of previous researches and findings of Russian and foreign authors as well as the data and documents on focused problem.
Scientific reports  
Аvilov R.S.
The «test mobilizations» of troops in Priamurskiy Military District in 1896 as a way to appreciate the mobilization readiness of military forces

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This paper examines the problems of mobilization readiness of the troops of Priamurskiy Military District in the period between the Sino-Japanese War of 1894–1895 and the China campaign of 1900–1901, in a source of the military district’s military routine correspondence. In Russian Army one of the most important way to control the troop’s mobilization readiness were the so-called «test mobilizations» of several troops or divisions. In this article investigates one of the first of such mobilizations, which took place in Priamurskiy Military District, its occasions and results.