Lukin 2015
Rensselaer Lee and Artyom Lukin.

Russia’s Far East: New Dynamics in Asia Pacific and Beyond. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2015. 276 p.
The strategically pivotal Russian Far East—a vast expanse stretching from Lake Baikal to the Pacific Ocean—is notable not only for its rich natural resources, but also for the economic challenges, internal dissent, and risks of foreign encroachment that it faces. Rensselaer Lee and Artyom Lukin explore the history, economics, and politics of the RFE in the context of its geopolitical significance both regionally and internationally.
Lee and Lukin address questions that have become increasingly important in current global politics: What are the implications, for example, of Russia's growing economic dependence on China? Could the emerging Sino-Russian entente result in the RFE becoming a de facto appendage of the PRC? To what extent is Moscow willing, or able, to strengthen its links to its neighbors other than China? Can Russia and the US act in partnership to further their common interests in the region? As they suggest answers, the authors shed much-needed light on a previously understudied topic.
Rensselaer Lee is senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. His previous books include Smuggling Armageddon: The Nuclear Black Market in the Former Soviet Union and Europe. Artyom Lukin is associate professor of international relations and deputy director for research in the School of Regional and International Studies at Russia's Far Eastern Federal University.



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1 Setting the Stage

2 What Is the Russian Far East?

3 History of the Russian Far East

4 A Region of Troubles

5 Moscow’s Game Plan for the Russian Far East

6 Russia’s Changing Perceptions of China

7 A Russian-Chinese Alliance: Chimera or Emerging Reality?

8 Is Russia Moving into China’s Economic Orbit? 

9 A Symbiotic Relationship: Russia’s Far East and China’s Northeast

10 Beijing Sets Its Sights on the Russian Far East

11 Russia and the United States in Asia Pacific: Is Collaboration Possible?

12 What Next for the Russian Far East? 


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