Introduction to Border Studies / edited by Sergei V. Sevastianov, Jussi P. Laine, and Anton A. Kireev. – Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2015. – 400 p.
ISBN 978-5-8044-1579-3

Textbook, prepared by an international team of authors, represents the first systematic attempt to cover in training purposes such a vast subject area of modern scientific knowledge as border studies. Chapters of the book tell the history of the development of border studies and their methodologies, the essence and variety of types of social boundaries, transborder relations and related regional processes, specificity of border and transborder policies. One section of the textbook provides an overview of the condition and functioning of state borders in all major regions of the world. The publication is intended for students studying problems of social boundaries, as well as for researchers and practitioners, all those whose interests are related to this scientific field.

Golunov S.V., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor,
Mezhevich N.M., Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

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(Sergei V. Sevastianov, Jussi P. Laine, and Anton A. Kireev)                             

Section 1.
Border studies as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge
1.1 A historical view on the study of borders
(Jussi P. Laine)                                                                                                            
1.2 Theoretical approaches in the study
of borders
(Vladimir A. Kolosov)                                                                                               

Section 2.
Concepts and problems of border studies
2.1 Boundary as an ontological
and anthropological category
(Sergei E. Yachin)                                                                                                      
2.2 Symbolic boundaries of social systems
(Anatolii M. Kuznetsov)                                                                                           
2.3 State border
(Anton A. Kireev)                                                                                                      
2.4 Transborder relations
(Alexander A. Zyikov and Sergei V. Sevastianov)                                               
2.5 Border and transborder regions
(Sergei K. Pestsov)                                                                                                   
2.6 Border and transborder policies
(Anton A. Kireev and Sergei A. Ivanov)                                                               

Section 3.
Modern borders: condition, performance, management
3.1 State borders in Europe
(Cathal McCall)                                                                                                         
3.2 State borders in the post-Soviet space
(Vladimir A. Kolosov and Alexander B. Sebentsov)                                           
3.3 State borders in Asia
(Akihiro Iwashita and Edward Boyle)                                                                   
3.4 State borders in North America
(Bruno Dupeyron)                                                                                             
3.5 State borders in South America
(Adriana Dorfman, Arthur Borba Colen França,
Marla Barbosa Assumpção)
3.6 State borders in Africa
(Lindsay Scorgie-Porter)
3.7 State borders in Australia and Oceania
(Anton A. Kireev)
3.8 State borders in the Arctic and Antarctic
(Ivan N. Zolotukhin)

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