2010 №12010 #1 (12)


The theme:

Southeast Asia

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Sokolovskij A. J. 
From the editor of a heading
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Zolotuhin I. N. 
Malaysia in the Aspect of the Ethnoconfessional Situation: History and Modern Time
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In the article the ethnconfessional situation which has developed in the country is clarifed, the ethnic structure of the malaysian society is analyzed, the history of formation of the indigenious and alien ethnic groups is considered. The peculiarities of the interethnic conflicts and the policy of the government of Malaysia on settlement of the interethnic conflicts are separately considered.
Glazkova E. A. 
Caodaism today
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«Caodaism today» is a title of article by E. A. Glazkova. The author discusses a new religion which was founded in 1920th. She writes up the expansion of Caodaism to the western countries. The author is also particularly interested in how Caodaism had to change because of Vietnam’s painful history of anti-colonial struggle, Cold War and how this religion has adapted to a postcolonial world of globalization.
Rogovceva A. V. 
Calendar holidays of Vietnam
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Presented article is devoted to the calendar customs and traditions of peoples of Vietnam. The beginning of studying of calendar customs, traditions and holidays promotes to revival of interest to their own traditional culture, the source of our spirituality.
Suchkova E. V. 
The image of Vietnamese woman in the myths and in the Vietnam History
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In this article E. V. Suchkova discusses the role of Vietnamese women in the myths and in the Vietnam History, their social importance. In spite of 10 centuries of Chinese rule, Vietnamese women were very active persons in the social life.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Osipova E. V. 
European and east theatrical arts in metacultural space
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Move to university is one of the attributes of the XX century art. Attempts of cultural integration of the European theater with oriental theaters gradually brings it to the search of world art as a true aesthetic reality. Western theater sinks into imaginary and plastic forms avoiding the public actuality of being. That is the influence of the oriental theater: theatric West borrows from East. The oriental theater takes from the western theater quite little, its sphere is rite and custom. The Russian theatre, having lost the coordinates of the cultural policy is on the creative crossing. Is culture without borders possible? Should theater pursue uniformity?
Political relations and management of region  
Karaman V. N. 
Russian Far East, as strategic base of hegemony in Asia. (1860 – 1960)
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The questions of the Russian Far East as the military-strategic category are given in the article. The military conflicts of the second half of the nineteenth – twentieth centuries are considered from the military-strategic point of view. The way which Russia passed for the hundred of being the owner of the Far East is considered in the article. And also the military conflicts touching the region and their geopolitical influence on it are examined.
World system and inter-regional relations  
Benikonskij L. B. 
The problem of the mutual understanding between Russia and the United States of America and the Russian lobbying
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In the article there is speech about the role of lobbing in the decision of the problem of the mutual understanding between Russia and The USA. Great attention is paid to the fact of Russian Lobbing which is in the rudimentary state despite of the considerable Russian-language group in this country. According to the author’s opinion, Russia loses sight of the impact of lobbing groups on foreign policy of the USA and on the strengthen of Russian image. Especially as, some positive experience of the participation of Russian business is accumulated in lobbying of its interests in the USA.
The analytics  
Zhurbey E. V. 
European Security Treaty: prospects for Russian initiatives
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Article is devoted to Russia's proposals in the field of European security, which are contained in the draft of European Security Treaty of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. We consider the key provisions of the Russian proposals and examine the reaction to these proposals with key stakeholders (the United States, European Union, NATO and OSCE).
The pragmatics  
Kovilina E. V. 
Role game as means of training to the Korean language at the cultural approach
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Article is devoted to problems of a technique of teaching of the Korean language to students of non-language faculties. The author specifies opportunities of increase of a learning efficiency to foreign language due to acquaintance of students with a cultural context of its existence. As means of overcoming of simultaneously cultural and language barrier in training role game is offered.
Study of science  
Litoshenko D. A. 
Condition of regional researches in the south of the Far East of Russia by the end of the first decade of XXI century
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Article is devoted to complex studying of a condition of regional researches in the south of the Russian Far East by the end of the first decade of XXI century. Special place is given to subjects of a field of regional researches. In article the original technique of studying regional researches as specific scientific specialization, sphere of research-and-production and scientific and pedagogical activity, and also professional identity is realized.
Scientific messages  
Sokolovskij A. J. 
Cultural-educational centers of FESU as the tool of promotion of Russian culture in the countries of Southern and Southeast Asia (on an example of Vietnam)
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In work the modern situation with distribution and studying of Russian language and culture in Vietnam is considered. The author shows a role of the cultural-educational centers of East institute of FESU in the decision of the problems which have collected in this sphere during the postSoviet period.
Golub A. V. 
By the 10th anniversary of Thai Studies in the Far Eastern University
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Article is devoted to the history of Thai Studies in the Far East Region, at the Far Eastern National University. The author shortly tells about the developing of Russian-Thai relations and the relations between Primorsky region and Thailand and discusses the necessity to have high-qualified specialists in the Thai language and the Thai culture.
Lukin A. L. 
Reincarnations of the Japanese geopolitics (The review of V. V. Sovasteev's book «Geopolitics of Japan since the most ancient times up to now»)
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Our authors  
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