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Latushko Y. V. 
From the editor of a heading
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Anisimov V. L. 
The role of the administration of the Eastern Siberia in the development of the Russian-American relations in the Kamchatka area in the middle of the ХIX century
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In the middle of the XIX century the Eastern-Siberian powers understood the public beneft of the American free trade for Kamchatka and did everything to stimulate its development. As a result the American trade in the Petropavlovsk port grew gradually. The Russian powers of the Eastern Siberia did everything to cooperate with illegal persons in Kamchatka according to principles of humanism of the international low. Our common interests and our common actions in the developing of mutually benefcial relations promoted to the strengthening of these friendly international relations and sympathy between the countries.
Tihij K. T. 
The problems of forming of the USSR positive image by the USA in the frst part of the 1920 years
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The submitted work is devoted to problems of formation in 20th of the XX century in consciousness of the American society of the USSR positive image and its role as one of the factors of the subsequent recognition of the state by the United States. The author pays attention to underestimation by the Soviet management of a degree of infuence of the American public opinion on the governmental circles of the USA in acceptance of the corresponding decision
Latushko Y. V. 
«Orphan» on a throne
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In Y.V. Latushko's article the biography of Kamehameha I, the founder of Hawaiian monarchy, is considered. The author compares with the known historical and folklore sources containing the information on this oustanding person. Besides the author has tried to estimate value of the given person for a history and cultures of Hawaiian people, and also its role in formation of a modern multicultural Hawaiian society. The given work can be interesting both to historians, and for anthropologists.
Simonenko E. S. 
The Canadian political society and English-Boer war in 1899 – 1902
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In the end of XIX century, the British political and military management developed the large-scale policy of imperial defense and the attraction of white colonies to participation in this war on the motherland part became one of the important components. One of the main tasks of these policy consisted in that in case of war, at absence of allies from among other great powers, England could receive on behalf of Canada, the biggest and prospering dominion, the high-grade military partner. Long before the beginning of the big European war this concept was approved in local colonial war with Boer republics.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Artemieva N. G. 
The Korea’s tradition of jurchin’s fortifcation
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Nowdays the scientists have discovered thirty mountainous ancient settlements dated from the period of the jurchin’s East Sia state. (1215 – 1233) in Primorskiy Krai. They have the complicated system of fortifcation that was built according to previously designed, steady fxed plan, confrmed by the government. The setting of jurchin’s settlements has the particular traditions concerning with Korur and Kogurur’s techniques of the mountain fortifcation building.
Bagrin E. A. 
Regional features of fire-arms usage in Siberia and the Far East in XVII century (according to the written sources)
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Article is devoted to the fre-arms Russian service people in the Eastern Siberia in XVII century. In article features of the use and the characteristic of its basic kinds are considered. The author has considered supply and security questions служилых fre-arms, and as its penetrations to the opponent.
Political relations and management of region  
Ahapkina O. A. 
Scientifc and technical of the Korean republic (1948 – 1987). The concentration of forces on the priority directions
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The article is devoted to the review and analysis of the process of the science and technological development carrying by the South Korean government from the frst up to the ffth republics (1948 – 1987), analysis of fve year plans of economic development, examination of integration of industry and science on the example of the Korean Republic and prior sources of development.
World system and inter-regional relations  
Shi Chunyang 
«Five points, on the same line»: Liaoning province strategy as a part of new structure of openings to the external world
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An analysis of the developing strategy «fve points, the same line» for China Liaoning province is the focus of this work. The author examines the strategy according to its contents, overweights, perspectives of perfection. Also the advantages of Liaoning as a place of the strategy embodying are considered. Finally, the author estimates Liaoning and the North-East of China perspectives and possibilities as a result of the «fve points, the same line» strategy.
Emeshkina M. S. 
The cooperation of Russia and China in the feld of scientifc and technical collaboration in their historiography of the problem
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The article describes views of Russian and Chinese authors on the problem of scientifc and technical cooperation between Russia and China and also there is an aspect in their cooperation. It is an interaction in military and energetic felds.
Solovieva E. V. 
The Russian – Chinese cultural interaction: to a question on a historiography of a problem
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The article is devoted to the historiographic review of a material on the problem of cultural interaction of Russia and China. The author allocates two levels of cultural interaction – interstate and interregional contacts, presents the list of the most signifcant works devoted to consideration of these contacts and emphasizes importance of cultural interaction in the further development of Russian – Chinese strategic partnership.
The analytics  
Zhurbey E. V. 
Foreign policy of «changes» Barack Obama: rebrending or cardinal perestroyka?
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This article is devoted to foreign policy process of the democratic administration of Barack Obama. The article will allow us to answer some questions. What will the administration of the foreign policy and Barack Obama be and will it meet the expectations of not only Americans, but the world community? Who and in what manner will form the outer U.S. policy in its new administration? Will this policy be different from the foreign policy of the previous administration and what will it be if it is so? Will this foreign policy be priority for Obama presidency, as the deci-sion of the domestic problems?
The pragmatics  
Binikonskiy L. B. 
The historical science in the conditions of the market economy
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The infuence of public transformations in Russia of 1990th on the development of historical science and education is considered in the article. The author gives the main attention to the condition of the high school science in the Russian Far East.
Study of science  
Kireev A. A. 
To a question on a condition of regional researches of the Russian Far East: results of interrogation
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Scientific messages  
Postnikov V. V. 
Wreck of an imperial train on October, 17th, 1888 in perception of Russian Far East peoples (to a question on action of monarchic ideology in Russian empire in the end of XIX century)
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Scientific life  
Litoshenko D. A. 
Terra incognita. Seventh sketch. IHFK FENU: refexions after an anniversary. Part I. Historical
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Kondratenko G. V. 
«30 years of reforms in the Peoples Republic of China. Experience, problems, lessons»
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Our authors  
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