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Latushko Y. V. 
From the editor of a heading
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Lebedeva A. A. 
«Lofty walls» of Caroline Islands.(Questions of Micronesian history and culture
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There are two ancient megalithic constructions on east Caroline Islands. The most famous is Nan Madol. It consists of ninety two artifcial islets situated near the shore of Ponape. The complex included walls, tombs, platforms and other structures built of huge basaltic blocks. The similar walls are on islets Lele, near Kusaie. The paper deals with problem of study of these monuments. Early and modern sources are collected and examinated to acquaint readers with unique phenomenon of Micronesian history and culture.
Belkov P. L. 
The Trobriand kinship structure. To a problem of construction of universal schemes of kinship
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The main purpose of the paper is to investigate the Trobriand kinship system on the basis of the comparison with three universal diagrams: Kariera type, Karadjeri type and Aranda type. This approach supposes some modifcations to be made before starting the study. The results of the analysis prove that Trobriand kinship system represents a peculiar variation of Kariera type.
Latushko Y. V. 
A taboo
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«Taboo» is a title of article by Yu. Latushko. Author discusses specifc ritual institution system of peoples of Oceania. In most stratifed Polynesian societies such as Hawaiian one, taboo system was closely connected with traditional authorities and it provided them legitimacy. From the beginning of contacts with Europeans it undergoes signifcant changes.
Belikov V. I. 
What does classifcation of languages of Eastern Polynesia give?
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Within the Eastern Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family the position of Hawaiian is the most controversial. Primarily, it has been assigned to the Tahitic subgroup, but now it is usually considered to be a Marquesic language. The last thorough reasoning for this classifcation was presented in «Topics in Polynesian Language and Culture History» by J. Marck (2000), who mainly relies on sporadic sound changes in certain lexical items. The article proves that his argumentation is not valid enough and argues that the lexical innovations shared by some Eastern Polynesian languages may be more reasonably explained by language contact.
Kozmin A. V. 
Deity exile on Tahiti
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A. V. Kozmin's work represents the publication of the Tahiti text with comments. The text was used in ritual of exile of a deity – patron of local group. In connection with text commenting problems of representation of supernatural forces in Polynesian cultures are considered.
The theory and methodology of regional researches  
Beliaev E. 
Is Russia really moving toward its own demise as the mathematicians foretell it?
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The author shows that the latest fad for the usage of mathematical models and synergetics in social sciences and history for the «proof» of theories and ideas of the authors who use it is untenable and harmful for research. An analysis of some works in cliodynamics, a new discipline of mathematical history, and in particular P. Turchin’s theory of mechanisms of the rise and fall of empires, is given as an example of the diffculties that arise in using mathematics in social sciences.
Kireev A. A. 
Specifcity of Far East border of Russia: the theory and history
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In article features of functioning of an overland site of Far East border of Russia, made considerable impact on historical development of region adjoining to it, are considered. The contents of the given features are revealed by means of concept «wide border».
The social and demographic structures  
Trigub G. J. 
The social and private philanthropy in the towns of Transbaikalia in the sphere of public education service (second half XIX – beginning XX century)
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In the article there is reviewed the role of social and private philanthropy in the development of system of public education service in the towns of Transbaikalia in second half XIX – beginning XX centuries. The author came to the conclusion that the bodies of municipal government and local philanthropists achieved appreciable successes in this sphere.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Gvozdev R. V. 
Animal image in military arts of East Asia`s tribes
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In the article infuence of animal image as protector of warrior and hunter on phisical and psychological aspects of warrior training is considered. The similar elements in military arts of East Asia`s tribes are revealed.
Bagrin E. A. 
Regional features of fire-arms usage in Siberia and the Far East in XVII century (according to the written sources)
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Article is devoted to the fre-arms Russian service people in the Eastern Siberia in XVII century. In article features of the use and the characteristic of its basic kinds are considered. The author has considered supply and security questions служилых fre-arms, and as its penetrations to the opponent.
Lazareva S.I., Shpileva A. N. 
The contribution of east branch of the Russian emigration to preservation of domestic culture (20 – 30th of the XX century)
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In the article there is an attempt to give the general review of the basic aspects of a cultural life of the frst wave of the Russian emigration in China. Special attention authors of work give to «a female branch» of literature of Far East abroad.
Koroljova L. A., Koroljov A. A. 
Tatars-Moslems of the Centre Volga Region. 1940 – 1980
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In the article conditions in which activity of Moslem religious associations in the USSR proceeded, as a whole, and the Centre Volga region, in particular are analyzed; socially-demographic characteristics of moslems-Tatars of the Centre Volga region are resulted in 1940 – 1980.
World system and inter-regional relations  
Riabchenko N. P. 
To an estimation of historical meaning of the Second World War: a sight from the XXI century
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The Author examines principal causes and circumstances of occurrence of the Second World War, including "short circuit" of global economic system within crisis of 1929 – 1933, an aggravation of contradictions of the leading capitalist states, their common interest in destruction of communism. Infuence of war on mankind was shown in huge human losses, massive migrations of the population, social changes, including the further emancipation of women. Requirements of the war have caused of diffusion of industry on the new countries and territories, promoted occurrence of some the important inventions and opening, including rockets and use of an atomic energy.
Sazonova K. L. 
The role of Great Power in the United Nations peacekeeping
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The article is devoted to the actual problem of peacekeeping within the UN frames. The focus is on the role of so-called «great powers», its historical retrospecture and modern sense. The author analyses actions of states which form the permanent stucture of the UN Security Council. The estimation of effciency of modern actions in peacekeeping is also given in this article.
Scientific life  
Barbenko J. A. 
Scientifc and practical conference «The problems of population and settlement pattern systems evolution in Russian Far East»
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Our authors  
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