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Stavrov I. V. 
From the editor of a heading
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Ryabchenko N. P. 
Friendly relations of Russia and China on the Far East: a history and contemporaneity
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Friendly relations of Russia and China have an old history. Many facts specify that they are connected to presence of the certain similar features in culture and psychology of two peoples. The Russian Far East all feels on itself growing infuence of the Chinese civilization more strongly. Therefore for Russia it is important to carry out an active multivector policy to support good relations both with the West, and with the East and to perceive the world in all its variety.
Beloglazov G. P. 
Experience of agrarian transformations to the Peoples Republic of China: land reform in Manchuria 1945 – 1949
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The article is devoted to the agrarian reform in the North East of China (Manchuria) after the Japanese occupation. Sources of formation of individual and private managing in agrarian and industrial complex of the Peoples Republic of China leave in 40 – the beginning of 50th years of the last century. Modern transformations to agriculture consider positive and negative experience of reforms in Manchuria when individual and private sectors rural economy here were dominating that promoted development of the economic initiative of peasantry, lifting of productive forces in agrarian sector and was equitable to national interests of the country.
Kondratenko G. V. 
30 years of social reform in the PRC (1978 – 2008): reforming the system of employment and social support system
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Article is devoted consideration of process of reforming of two aspects of social sphere (system of employment and social security and distribution system) in the Peoples Republic of China during the period with 1978 for 2008. On a statistical material and by means of the analysis of administrative measures the author shows features of process of formation and development of social policy of modern China
Ryabchenko O. N. 
The literature of the Northeast of Peoples Republic of China in the period of reforms
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After «A cultural revolution» to literary activity writers of the senior generation have returned, to prove there were actively writers of middle age and youth. Within reforms in China there was an extraordinary variety of directions, styles and genres. The author considers development of the literature of the period of reforms in Northeast region, its basic directions and subjects, local specifc features. Brief biographic data of some writers of the region are cited.
Ivanov S. A. 
Forming of Chinese openness belt bordering with Russia
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Sweeping transformation of China’s typical villages on the border with Russia into modern cities in 1990s has become the symbol of prosperous development of Sino-Russian frontier trade and economy cooperation. Though the accelerated development of such cities as Suifenhe, Heihe, Hunchun etc. succeeded mostly due to the consecutive policy of central and provincial government of China.
The theory and methodology of regional researches  
Beliaev E. 
Is Russia really moving toward its own demise as the mathematicians foretell it?
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The author shows that the latest fad for the usage of mathematical models and synergetics in social sciences and history for the «proof» of theories and ideas of the authors who use it is untenable and harmful for research. An analysis of some works in cliodynamics, a new discipline of mathematical history, and in particular P. Turchin’s theory of mechanisms of the rise and fall of empires, is given as an example of the diffculties that arise in using mathematics in social sciences.
The social and demographic structures  
Zolotuhin I. N. 
The Philippine archipelago in the aspect of the ethnic situation
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In the article the ethnic situation which has developed in the country is clarifed, the ethnic structure of the Philippine society is analyzed, the history of the formation of the native and alien ethnic groups is considered. The features of the course of the interethnic confict in the Philippines, which based on the confrontation of the government and the Muslim population of the Southern provinces – Moro, struggling for the creation of the independent Islamic republic, are separately considered.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Andriets G. A. 
Cultural activity of city circles and societies in the South Far East in the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries
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Cultural life of the Far Eastern cities in the end of the ХIХ and in the beginning of the ХХ centuries has been analyzed. The author emphasizes a special role and importance of public organizations of various levels (circles, societies, etc.).
Holzlehner T. 
Eastern porosity: an anthropology of cross-border trade and contact in the Russian Far East
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The breakdown of the Soviet Union has transformed the Russian Far East into an economic, national, and geopolitical borderland. Commodity fows and labor migration, especially from China, have created both economic challenges and opportunities for the local population. This paper investigates the intricate relationships between commodities, migration, and the body in the borderland between the Russian Far East (Primorskii Krai) and northeastern China (Heilongjiang Province).
Political relations and management of region  
Illarionov A. A., Barbenko Ya. A., Kharchevnikova E. S. 
The contribution of east branch of the Russian emigration to preservation of domestic culture (20 – 30th of the XX century)
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The actualizing principles of colonization policy in Maritime province on the border of XIX – XX centuries is the object of the article based on a material from transportation colonization and resettlement. An institutional approach is used for diagnosis of colonization policy effciency. It helps to compare colonization arrangements, which are from the different areas of vital activity.
Scientific messages  
Rykunov D. E. 
The frst flm festival of the Chinese cinema in Vladivostok
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Li Suian 
Image of V. V. Putin in eyes of Chinese
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Scientific life  
Litoshenko D. A. 
Terra incognita. Seventh sketch. IHFK FENU: refexions after an anniversary. Part II
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Our authors  
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