2011 №12011 #1 (16)


The theme:

«Primorsky Territory: vectors
of long-term development»

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From the editorial
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Vorozhbit O. Y., Baysheva M. S.
Prospects of development of the fishing industry of Primorye

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Fishery activities are essential to the Primorsky Territory. To date, there have been negative tendencies that generate threats to food security of our country. The paper identifies key problem blocks, impeding the development of fisheries. The proposals to enhance fisheries in the Primorsky Territory on the basis of integration of fishermen and related business entities.
Kuznetsova E. A.
Transport and logistics cluster of Primorsky Territory: current status and development prospects

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In the conditions of globalization and high dynamics of socio-political processes socio-economic development of the Far East is a strategic issue. And a huge role in realization of possibilities of extensive region belongs to the Transportation Division. Becoming increasingly relevant questions of transport infrastructure development of the Far East, the problems of the market development of logistics services, ensuring the coherence of logistics chains, including increasing the transparency of government regulation in the field of logistics services.
Rodya L. V.
Intellectual Public Transport of Primorye: Problems and Prospects of its Development

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The article is devoted to the conceptual scheme of transport "intellectualization" in the sphere of municipal bus passenger traffic, to the forms of interaction of the Federal and regional authorities in Russia when forming national intellectual transportation system called to improve the quality and safety of transportation service and to the specific character of domestic intellectual public transport in Primorye.
Shur O. O.
Tourist-recreational and gambling zones as priority directions of social and economic development of Primorski Territory (The critical analysis)

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According to the Federal law No 116-ФЗ «About special economic zones in the Russian Federation» and the Federal law No 240-ФЗ «About modification of the Federal law «About special economic zones in the Russian Federation» and separate acts of the Russian Federation» the Government of the Russian Federation, and also the regional authorities have been taken measures on creation special economical zones of tourist-recreational, gambling and port types in Primorski Territory. For today these measures haven't conceived due effect. In article attempt on the basis of the critical analysis is undertaken to reveal principal causes of the given fiasco and to define the priority directions on development of Primorski Territory.
Russia Abroad (continued)  
Kanevskaja G. I.
From the editor of a heading

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Massov A. Ya.
The Activity of Russian Consuls in Australia Aimed at Protection of the Interests of Russian Citizens and Immigrants (1857 – 1917)

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Russian consuls in Australia have always protected Russian citizens and emigrants who came to be on the fifth continent. They supplied Russian expatriates with necessary documents, took part in protection of prosecuted Russians, and in some cases supported them with feasible pecuniary aid. Russian consuls patronized orthodox believers and facilitated building of the first Orthodox Church in Melbourne. A group of political emigrants appeared in Australia after the Russian revolution of 1905 – 07. Consular service faced with a problem of protecting Russian diaspora in Australia from propaganda of Russian radicals.
Antoshin A. V.
The culture of Russian diaspora in USA (1960 – 1980)

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This article is devoted to the problem of cultural history of Russian diaspora. In 1960 – 1980 the USA were one of the most important centers of Russian zarubejie. There were well-known writers, painters and intellectuals in the USA this epoch. They had made great contribution to the history of Russian emigrant`s culture.
Semenova L. N.
Belarussian Roots of the Russian Labour Immigration in Canada at the first half of the XX century

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There were many Belarussians in the Russian labour emigration to Canada at the first half of the XX century. Before the revolution they were peasants by origin from the west provinces. After the Soviet – Poland war they were residents of the West Belarus as Polish territory. Together with Russians and Ukraians they were active participants such organizations as the Russian Labour Farmer Clubs (RLFC) and the Federation of Russian Canadians (FRC). These organizations have played important role in the development of Russian and Belarussian communities in Canada.
Bakulina A. A.
To the question about government`s regulations of the position of russian emigrants in Manchuria (1918 – 1945)

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The work is devoted to the analysis of evolutions of the politician-legal status of russian emigrants in Manichzhurii in the period of 1918-1945, reasons and factors which have conditioned the changes to the government`s regulations of the position of Russian emigration in this region are also observed.
The theory and methodology of regional researches  
Elatskov A. B.
Geopolitics: Science & Mythology

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The demarcation problem in the geopolitics is discussed. Geopolitical science, geopolitical mythology and geopolitical pseudoscience are considered as parts of the geopolitical though. The critical geopolitics is presented as an important branch of scientific geopolitics, which prevents the expansion of geopolitical myths and pseudoscience.
The social and demographic structures  
Fadeeva E. V.
The property status and restitution of women in traditional family of native peoples of the Lower Amur

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The article addresses to women's property rights (mainly the right to acquire, own and dispose of property, guardianship, divorce and the right to children). Analysis of the material suggests that the customary law of indigenous peoples, as well as the entire social and family structure of everyday life, had a pronounced patrilocal nature.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Popovkin A. V.
What we can think together with China: to the question of the ethics of public service in perspective of the moral ideal of human cultures in Russia and China

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The possibility of asking questions by the Russian political culture in the Chinese dialogue is shown in this article with the help of concrete examples and by comparing historical and cultural heritage of Russia and China.
Udina V. I.
The historical conditionality of formation of a regional musical dialect (the Orel area)

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The article is dedicated to the historical conditions of formation of regional musical system, which analyzed an example of Orel folklore. Leaning on developed in musical folklore science principles of allocation of musical folklore zones are considered territorially geographical, historical and cultural, ethnographic, musical style features of local national song traditions.
World system and inter-regional relations  
Burlakov V. A.
Definition of the place of the Russian Far East in geopolitical structure of modern Russia: statement of the problem

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The article is devoted to the comprehension of the Far East in geopolitical structure of modern Russia, to the definition of the concept «the Far East», to the formulation of the basic tasks on construction of new Far East politics.
Zhurbey E. V.
Foreign policy and foreign police process of the George H. W. Bush administration

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This article is devoted to the foreign policy process of the republican administration of George H.W Bush during the 1989 – 1992 periods. The author pays the particular attention to technological aspects of the work of top U.S. administration and ensures an international course of the state. On the basis of scientific decision-making models the U.S. foreign policy is analyzed in the republican administration of George H. W.Bush.
Scientific messages  
Donskikh O.A.
Nina Christesen – Founder of Russian Studies at the fifth continent

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The scientific message is devoted to the life and work of outstanding representative of Russian emigration to Australia – N. M. Christesen.
Foster L. A.
The role of parochial schools in the study of russian language in the USA

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The message of L.А. Foster is devoted to the role of parochial schools in the preservation of the native language of children living in another cultural environment.
Beloglazov G. P.
Victims of the «Black Death» (to 100 anniversary of the feat of Russian physicians in Manchuria)

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In 1910 in Manchuria an epidemic plague broke out. Reacting on this disaster Russia had put the medicine expedition onto far foreign parts. The epidemiologist professor D. K. Zabolotny was the head of the expedition. Only owing to heroic and self-sacrificing daily dangerous efforts by russian medical men «black death» had been bet.
Scientific life  
Lukin A. L.
Northeast Asia gets one more multilateral cooperation mechanism

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