2011 №22011 #2 (17)


The theme:

«Security in APR»

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Lukin A. L.
From the editor

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Lukin A. L.
The Regional Security Complex Theory and East Asia

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The article reviews the regional security complex theory developed by Barry Buzan and Ole Waever. The focus is on applying this theory to East Asia. Giving high assessment of the methodological potential of Buzan’s and Waever’s theory, the author proposes some correctives and modifications to it.
Burlakov V. A.
Military component of the geopolitical analysis of the international relations in North-East Asia

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The article is devoted to the analysis of military potential in system of the North-East Asia international relations, consideration of a modern condition of the armed forces of the countries of this region and estimation of protection of Russian Far East.
Gubin A. V.
Naval Issues of National Security in the North-East Asia

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Technical development of the PRC’s, ROK’s and Japanese Navies as well as the concept of deployment and application directly influence their national security strategies and conducting of their foreign policies. Three of the most powerful regional states are one way or another preparing for decisive actions in the Sea.
Kozlov L. E.
Challenges of the National Security in the Development of the International Contacts of the Russian Far East Regions

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Russia faces challenges to the national security in the Far East such as decreasing population, extreme simplification of the local economics, regional dependence on the foreign trade, historical revisionism of the neighboring nations etc. These factors weaken the federal control of the regions and threaten the Russian sovereignty in the Far East. Therefore the Russian government prefers a defensive variant of the border policy, which resists a development of the international contacts in the Russian Far East.
Kuznetsov A. M.
Human security

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Some problems of finding and implementing of principles of human security, freedom from want and freedom from fear, responsibility to protect are regarded in this paper. Issue of role of these norms for the process of East Asia region integration is discussed too.
Wildlife management and economy  
Astafurova I. S., Polischuk P. S.
Principal approach to organization of portofolio of strategical alternatives for ship-repair company

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The strategy of the ship repair industry in Primorye is the reorientation of the fishing fleet from the foreign markets of shipbuilding and the ship repair services to domestic ones. On the way to the goal, some risks could appear due to the possible undesirable reorganizations of the ship repair enterprises. Systematic approach for these risk estimation is proposed on the base of integral comprehensive evaluation.
Kopilov L. E.
Trade advantages of regional insurance companies as key points of competitive ability increasing of Primoskiy regional insurance branch

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At the time while branch experts are giving moderate optimistic forecast of the development of the insurance branch, the federal expansion of some companies in Primorsky region is increasing. New federal initiations of laws stroke keys on consumers’ sectors of local companies. In this situation searching of trade advantages which can be opposed to leaders of Russian insurance market by regional insurance companies is very important.
Solovchenkov S. A.
Labor market problems of the Jewish Autonomous region through the prism of human evaluations

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The problems of the labor market, which in the opinion of its participants are the most serious. A comparative analysis of the views of actors in the labor market and the real situation are given.
The social and demographic structures  
Krushanova L. A.
Features of economic criminality in Primorski Territory In the mid-fifties – 1960th

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In article the economic criminality which was taking place in Primorski Territory in the mid-fifties – Proceeding from understanding of the economic crimes accepted in criminal law of the USSR and reflected in Criminal code of RSFSR 1960 is considered 1960th, the author analyzes plunders and gamble, and also methods of struggle of authorities with economic crimes.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Tkachuk M. A.
To a problem of definition of concept «dance»

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In article are presented and analyzed various approaches to interpretation of concept «dance». By results of the conducted research the author proves universal definition of the given concept.
Brjanskaja T. I.
Ethnocultural features of the Chinese sexism

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The article is dedicated to the nature of the Chinese sexism and its distinctive features in the context of the Confucian conception of the world.
Brumfield W. C.
Asian motives in church architecture of Siberia in XVIII

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Russian communications with the Asian people and cultures represent a theme which borders are not investigated yet, especially in mutual relatons of Russian and Asian architecture. The present article does not try to give a detailed picture of this extensive theme of the Russian-Asian relations, but marks specific examples, mainly in the Siberian church architecture of a XVIII-th century which specify in a susceptibility of Russia to the East Asian decor.
Kireev A. A.
Transborder cultural interaction of Russia and China in the Far East in 1988 – 2010: socio-economic factors and state regulation

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Work is devoted the analysis of dynamics, tendencies and features of cultural interaction of the Russian and Chinese society in territory of Far East region in 1988 – 2010. Proceeding from changes in social and economic and politic-legal conditions of the given interaction, the author allocates a number of stages in its development.
Political relations and management of region  
Teploukhova M. V.
Ethnic and National Politics of the Russian Empire in the XIX – beginning of XX

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The main periods and directions of ethnic politics in Russian empire of the XIX – beginnings XX centuries are regarded in this article. Politics of flexible pragmatism and russification are characterized in it. The conclusion was made on the controversial character of ethnic politics in Russia in the beginning of the XX century.
Lazareva S. I., Sergeev O. I.
Political activity of the Russian emigrants in China in 20 – 40th years of XX

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The given article is the experience of the regular analysis of main currents of political life of the Russian emigration in China, its ideology in 20 – 40th years of ХХ century. The authors characterize in detail features of the Far East emigration, its difference from European, define the purposes and the problems which emigrants put before themselves. The considerable attention is given to such emigrant organizations as HKPRB and BREM, their role in adaptation of emigrants to new conditions reveals.
Zolotuhin I. N.
Chinese Diaspora in the South-East Asia

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The article is devoted to the Chinese Diaspora in the Southeast Asia, its location, activity and influence on the interregional processes. The Chinese Diaspora is considered to be a potential mechanism of Chinese domination in the Southeast Asia and a conductor of the interests of China in the region.
The analytical centres of APR  
Zhurbey E. V.
«Think tanks» and foreign policy of the People's Republic of China: Background

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The article is devoted to the history of the Institute of «think tanks» and their role in the foreign policy process in contemporary China. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of «think tanks» centers of China and their foreign counterparts. The organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing Chinese leadership's foreign policy are discussed in the article in detail.
McLees A.
The Resurgence of Russian "Soft Power"

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According to Professor Nye, a country derives «soft power» from three of its resources: «its culture, its political values and its foreign policies». The purpose of this paper is to assess how media, democracy and immigration, which are representative of Nye’s three resources, are being used as tools of Russian foreign policy to bring about an increase in Russian ‘soft power’ in the post-Soviet sphere, and the potential success of this strategy.
Study of science  
Litoshenko D. A.
Condition регионоведческих researches in the south of the Far East Russia by the end of the first decade of XXI

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Scientific messages  
Tregubova I. G.
Dialogue of cultures: Russian and Korean somatic phrases

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Mihaljova I. V.
The president of the Russian Federation, as the subject of modern political process

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Dazishen V. G.
The Russian regions in works of foreign researchers: «Siberian republic Tuva» of Indian historian S. K. Soni

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Fadeicheva M. A.
«Two not to come off»: the ethnonational policy of a demographic superstate

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Scientific life  
Guseva A. A.
The fifth Mandelshtamovsky readings

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