2011 №32011 #3 (18)

The theme:

«Сross-border relations of Russian Far East: economics, migrations, culture»

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Kireev А. А.
Regulating cross-border relations of Russian Far East in 1988 – 2011

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The subject of research is considered by the author in methodological and empirical aspects. In the prologue of article the author clarifies the definitions and logical connections of some key concepts, used in studies of cross-border relations. On the basis of the offered definitions the analysis of development of regulation of cross-border relations of the Russian Far East, its purposes and stages is carried out.
Ryzhova N. P.
Informal Model of Integration. Russian-Chinese Case

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The article estimates unobserved Russian-Chinese trade of commodities and services as well as informal practices which cause unobserved trade are considered. It is discussed that mentioned above informal model of trade integration is typical not only for Russian-Chinese case, but also for different regions and countries where drastically rigorous legal barriers for doing-business exist.
Troyakova T. G.
Cross-border Migration: Challenges and Opportunities for Primorskiy Territory

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The review of current migration policy in Primorskyi krai is the main issue of this article. During the last twenty years the task of interacting economically, culturally and in all facets of security confronts every society. The human flows in Primorye present both opportunities and challenges. The increase of foreign labor would be a good opportunity for Russia and Primorye integration with Northeast countries.
Dmitrieva M. О.
Comparative analysis of delimitation of Russian-Kazakh and Russian-Chinese borders

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The article analyses the process of demarcation of Russian-Kazakh and Russian-Chinese borders. The author defines the circumstances that led to demarcation of Russian-Chinese border in 1990-th and Russian-Kazakh border only in 2005. The settlement of border issues did much to promote the development of relations between the states and results in strategic cooperation.
Allenov V. A.
Crouching tiger, hidden bear: the mythology of the Cino-Russian border settlement

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In the article the influence of mutual cultural perception by representatives of the Russian and Chinese societies each other on dynamics of interstate relations of Russia and China from XVII century on the present is considered.
The theory and methodology of regional researches  
Demyanenko A. N., Djatlova L. A., Ukrainskij V. N.
School «Annals» and its contribution to the study of the economic space

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This work is devoted to the methodological principles of the French historical school «Annals» and reveals the opportunities for their use in solving the problems of the spatial economy.
Wildlife management and economy  
Vahnenko R. V.
Regional aspects of transformation of passenger communications under market conditions (by example of the Russian Far East)

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In the article the current situation and tendencies of the development of passenger communications between the Far Eastern population and new market conditions are analyzed. The problem of spatial interaction for population is actual and is not new for the region. Nevertheless, possibilities and conditions for trips but the factors influencing this process have changed. The possibilities to change the current situation for improvement of transport services of the population are considered.
The social and demographic structures  
Poznjak T. G.
The Chinese immigrants and corruption of the officials on the Russian Far East in the beginning of XX century

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The article is devoted to corruption practices of the fareasten bureaucracy and police, connected with the Chinese immigration to the Russian Far East in the beginning of XX century. The author generalizes and analyzes materials of service investigations on affairs about corruption in the Vladivostok police, the most part from them is used in such scientific investigation for the first time.
Badmaeva L. V., Gunn G. V.
Social well-being of the population as an indicator of the development of social infrastructure in rural areas of Buryatia

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The article deals with the analysis of the phenomenon of «social health» of the population through the prism of social infrastructure development. According to the concept of authors, indicators of social well-being correlate with the results of infrastructure’s functioning. In turn, the subjective assessment of satisfaction of the population of the surveyed subject of the Russian Federation by the various aspects of life represents certain quantitative construct – an integral index of social well-being.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Brumfield W. C.
Asian motives in church architecture of Siberia in XVIII. The ending

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Russian communications with the Asian people and cultures represent a theme which borders are not investigated yet, especially in mutual relatons of Russian and Asian architecture. The present article does not try to give a detailed picture of this extensive theme of the Russian-Asian relations, but marks specific examples, mainly in the Siberian church architecture of a XVIII-th century which specify in a susceptibility of Russia to the East Asian decor.
Political relations and management of region  
Goryunova Е. А.
The Programs of trans-border cooperation for Ukraine as a factor of realization of the European Neighborhood Policy

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The article is devoted to the procedure of trans-border cooperation of Ukraine in the process of realization of new foreign policy course of European Union – the European Neighborhood Policy.
Interdisciplinary and system researches of region  
Ganopolskij M. G., Markova L. M., Fedorov R. J.
Tyumen oil and gas civilization: Historical and geographical outline of the formation

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Formation of the Tyumen region as the object of oil-gas producing civilization is rep-resented not only as a result of new industrial development, but also as a result of its predecessor civilizational waves (salt production, the fur trade, mining industry, for-estry). The basis of this approach has ready retrospective analysis of organizational and industrial forms of colonization and appropriate settlement patterns that make civilization landscape.
The analytical centres of APR  
Zhurbey E. V.
«Think tanks» and foreign policy of the People's Republic of China: Background. The ending

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The article is devoted to the history of the Institute of «think tanks» and their role in the foreign policy process in contemporary China. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of «think tanks» centers of China and their foreign counterparts. The organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing Chinese leadership's foreign policy are discussed in the article in detail.
Study of science  
Ruban D. A.
Challenges for regional scientific media under conditions of globalization

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Regional scientific media retain their importance under conditions of globalization. The main challenges for them include formation of the basis for scientifc and technological development and competition, regional leadership in science, and external relations of the regional scientific community, preservation of specific scientific culture, and also offering a possibility for publication of results from spatially-restricted research projects.
Scientific messages  
Zhernovoy M. V.
Organized crime in EU countries

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This article analyzes the organized crime in EU countries. The author uses statistics from the latest Europol’s report on this issue.
Sukharenko A. N.
Shadow economy of the Far East: dismal prospects

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This article analyzes the shadow economy of the Far East, as well as measures taken by the state to reduce it. The author uses statistics of Rosstat and law enforcement agencies.
Karaman V. N.
«Olginsko-Shkotovsky generation list. History in family trees and documents»

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Scientific life  
Makarenko V. G., Latushko D. A.
Anniversary of Institute of history, archeology and ethnography of the people of Far East FEF of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Barbenko J. A.
«Perfect man» vs social control

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