2011 №42011 #4 (19)


The theme:

«Small integration projects in the Russian-Chinese relations»

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Kondratenko G. V. 
From the editor of a heading
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Izotov D. A., Yun S. E. 
Cross-border cooperation as an object of scientific research
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Showed a reduction of interest in Russian-Chinese border cooperation in the Russian scientific journals, due to, firstly, reduction of «euphoria» of a significant increase in economic interactions as a result of removing the problem areas associated with the demarcation of state borders, and secondly, a much greater orientation of the Russian economy on the EU and neighboring countries (due to historical reasons). The author proves the assumption that cross-border cooperation between these two countries will be reduced to increase networking of Russian and Chinese firms.
Wu Hao, Yan Tao 
Pilot zone Changchun - Jilin - Tumen: new model of an openness and development of frontier regions
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Approval of “Changchun – Jilin – Tumen Pilot Zone” by the State Council is not only a initiative for China to participate in the regional cooperation of Northeast Asia, and to revitalize the old industrial bases of the northeast region; but also an attempt o explore a new mode for development and opening up of border area.
Vradiy S. J. 
The Chinese-Russian relations and development of regional cooperation
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Article is devoted consideration of dynamics of trade and economic cooperation of Primorski Territory and provinces of Northeast China in a context of the general development of the Russian-Chinese relations from the end of 80th ХХ century on the present.
Social and demographic structures  
Veremeychik A. S. 
Demographic development in Northeast China (1949 – 2010)
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The article is devoted to major trends in the demographic development in Northeast China from 1949 to the present. We consider the changes that have occurred under the influence of socioeconomic factors and population policies. As a result of deliberate policy of birth planning in the north-east significant results in curbing the population could be achieved. However, advances in birth planning led to the emergence of new demographic challenges, in particular, to an aging population.
Krushanova L. A. 
The criminality and struggle against it in Primorski Territory in the mid-fifties – mid-sixties XX
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The author on a historical background Khruschev’s boards analyzes such kinds of crimes as hooliganism, thefts, robberies, rapes and murders, and also methods used by the power in struggle against the listed kinds of crimes. Definitions of the considered crimes are resulted, kinds and terms of punishment proceeding from articles of the Criminal code of 1960. In work the historic and sociological approach is used.
Kovalevskaja J. N. 
Survival practices of population in the period of market reforms of 1990: theoretical approaches to researching
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The article deals with macro-social context of neoliberal reforms and it’s consequences. Merits and demerits of different theoretical approaches to researching the survival practices are described.
Zolotuhin I. N. 
The Filipino Diaspora in the USA and Canada
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In the article the Filipino Diaspora, that of the one of the most numerous in the world is considered. The status and position of the Filipino Diaspora in the countries wherein approximately 30 percent of the Overseas Filipino inhabit are clarified.
Political relations and management of region  
Barbenko Ya. A. 
The possibilities of using the institutional approach in the study of resettlement management in the Amur region in the period of Russian colonization
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The paper examines possibilities of using the institutional approach to study the elements of colonization policy as the interaction of government and society. The author analyzes the system of concepts underlying this approach, reveals the content of the concepts and proposes a classification of institutions suitable for research purposes.
Olievskaja M. G. 
Regional aspects of management human capital
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The article presents the results of the theoretical and applied research of the reserves for the region's human potential increase and the key problems of Ukrainian Human capital theory are researched. The directions of the state and regional policy are marked which are oriented towards overcoming of interregional disparities in socio-economic development of Ukraine in the context of the social security.
The analytical centres of APR  
Zhurbey E. V. 
«Think tanks» and foreign policy of the Commonwealth of Australia: Background
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The article is devoted to the history of the Institute «think tanks» and their role in the foreign policy process in contemporary Commonwealth of Australia. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of «think tanks» centers of Australia and their foreign counterparts. The article discussed in detail the organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing Australian leadership's foreign policy.
Hamadullin A. M., Firsov S. A. 
Socio-economic development of Northern Primorye municipalities
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The article presents the problems of municipal development of Primorsky Krai equivalent to the Far North and offers development tools of these areas. The analysis of the socio - economic status of the Northern Territories of Primorsky Krai, including the problems of legal regulation of local government, Indigenous Peoples, human resources, business development, emigration is considered. Authors propose the formulation and solution of strategic tasks that are necessary for progressive development of the North of Primorye.
Scientific messages  
Smirnova M. J. 
Discussing issues of international research and technology collaboration within APEС
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The article is a review of annual APEC Research and Technology (ART) Program held under the auspices of APEC and addressing issues of international research and technology collaboration in the knowledge-based society. Representatives of governmental organizations, higher education institutions, research and development centers took part in the seminar. The review focuses on such issues as technologies and innovations commercialization, interdisciplinary expert networks formation.
Tushkov А. А. 
«Military in Asia-Pacific region from ancient times to the beginning of XX»
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Troyakova T. G. 
«Far East border of Russia: trends in the formation and functioning (middle XIX — the beginning of XXI)»
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Scientific life  
Kuznetsov A. M. 
The international seminar «Ethnic policy and not military aspects of safety» in Vladivostok. Some results and prospects
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