2012 №12012 #1 (20)


The theme:

«Prospects for cooperation on the Korean peninsula in XXI»

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Burlakov V. A.
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Zabrovskaja L. V.
Six-Party Talks: Would It Continue?
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The paper “Six-Party Talks: Would It Continue?” by Dr. Larisa Zabrovskaia studies the problems of modern system of foreign affairs in North-East Asia and the role of the main actors of the region including the USA, Russia, China, Japan and the both Koreas. The author underlines that there is any regional international organization for setting conflict situations. Therefore, North Korea was able to conduct nuclear tests and launch ballistic rockets. The Security Council of the United Nations only declared its strong condemnations. The paper also studies the new forms of international cooperation in the sphere of collective security system in the era of globalization. The author’s attention was drawn to study the possibilities and participation of Russia in the cooperation process in the region
Zykov A. A.
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the conditions of change of the political leadership
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In article specificity of evolution of political system of the Korean National Democratic Republic in the conditions of change of the national leader is considered. The comparative analysis of inheritance of the power of Kim Jong Il and its successor Kim Jong Woon is carried out. The special attention is given interdependence of internal political-economical processes of Democratic People's Republic of Korea and an international situation
Kozlov L. E., Reutov D. A.
Foreign policy context of cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Korea in industrial modernization of the Far East
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During the post-soviet period economy of the Russian Far East has faced a set of problems that affect social & political stability and international security of Russia. The cooperation with developed countries is essential for upsurge of Russia's Far East economy. Russian government considers the Republic of Korea to be the most significant partner in industrial modernization of the Far East. The article examines implementation of bilateral industrial projects and the influence that political situation on the Korean Peninsula exerts on them
Esaulova D. E.
Seoul-Tokyo: attempts to overcome history (2000-2011)
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Japan and Republic of Korea are key actors of international relations in Asia. Their bilateral relations influence regional politics and security. Moreover, the two states are the USA’s strategic partners in the Asia Pacific region. The bilateral relations formation process was affected by historical events that took place in the annexation and colonization period. These events are under consideration in this article
Scientific-methodical seminar «Infrastructure Projects on the Korean Peninsula: Current State and Prospects»
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So Chon Ho
Transport Infrastructure of the Republic of Korea as a basis for international cooperation
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Sevastjanov S. V.
The role of the new Russian infrastructure development projects in supporting Northeast Asia’s energy security
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Burlakov V. A.
Prospects of development of Tumen Initiative in the context of the geopolitical processes in Northeast Asia
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The theory and methodology of regional researches  
Kuznetsov A. M.
Some problems and prospects for the ethnic politics in the Russian Far East
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Some problems of ethnic groups identification and their interaction in the Russian Far East, including the current situation with aboriginal groups and migrants diasporas, are discussed in this paper
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Chesnokova N. V.
Ethnocultural aspects of Chinese students` adaptation in Russia
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The article shows a row of basic ethnocultural particular qualities of the Chinese – socionormative culture, mentality, ethnic psychology, religion, etc. – from the point of view of their adaptive potential. We mean the specific of Chinese students` sociocultural adaptation in Russia and a correlation of the ethnic culture`s characteristics with the adaptive processes effectiveness
Ruban D. A.
Branding of the regional geological heritage of Russia: premises, mechanism, and expected outcomes
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Minerals and fossils can be employed for the purpose of branding of the regional geological heritage of Russia. Not only geoconservation stakeholders, but also tourism organizations, mining companies, regional administration, and public should participate in the development of such brands. Active promotion of brands allows to popularize the geological knowledge, to attract tourists, and to facilitate formation of positive image of the region
Political ralations and management of region  
Startcev A. F.
Historical and modern realities of social and economic development of natives of Primorski Territory and their future
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In Primorski Territory live Udihe, Nanaians and other aboriginals. In the past they named Wood people. They are hunters and fishers of our corner of the world for whom safety of a taiga is a pledge of their future life. However today in territory of dwelling of natives a taiga is cut down, the basis of their life is destroyed. Preservation and development of culture of natives depends only on the reasonable national policy and firm laws of the Russian state
Zolotukhin I. N.
Organization and Regulation of the Labor Migration Processes: Filipino Model
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In the article the activity of the Philippine government on regulation of the international migration and the mechanisms of the Philippine migration politics are considered. The measurements of the migration processes management, the organizations, regulating different directions of overseas labor migration and basic problems of labor migration are pointed out
World system and inter-regional relations  
Makeeva S. B.
Activity of transbaikalian labour collectives in development of the Soviet-Chinese border cooperation (1949-1960)
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In presented article the author considers the basic directions of activity of transbaikalian labour collectives in development of the Soviet-Chinese frontier cooperation in 1950th years. The author carries out the analysis of such forms of cooperation, as an exchange of an operational experience in the field of agriculture, the mining industry, machine-building sector, sphere of public health services, education
The region in the testimonies and documents  
Funakawa H.
Incident with arrest of employees of Consulate General of Japan in Vladivostok
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The article deals with an episode from the so-called «diplomatic wars». In 1922-1925 the cold Soviet-Japanese relations (after the Civil war and the intervention in Russia they could not be different) extremely negatively influenced both the Japanese diplomatic corps and the Soviet one which was only forming. The author traces chronicle of events of those years. It is an almost unknown (in the Russian-speaking literature) view of the Japanese party
Scientific messages  
Postnikov V. V.
Book monument of historical and geographical knowledge in Russia XVII century
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This paper provides a general description and identification of handwritten cosmography of XVII century, stored in the Library of Society for the Study of the Amur region
Zhernovoy M. V., Sukharenko A. N.
Prospects of cooperation between law enforcement agencies of Far East of Russia and the Korean Peninsula
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The paper analyzes the status and trends of cooperation between law enforcement agencies of the Far East and the Korean Peninsula in the fight against trans-border crime
Metljaeva T. V.
«Episteme of color in architecture and painting of Smolensk»
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Latushko Yu. V.
The Academy and the people: a sketch for a portrait of the scientist

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The index of the articles and the materials published in journal for 2010 – 2011
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