2012 №22012 #2 (21)


The theme:

«Asia-Pacific region: cultural aspect»

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Litoshenko D. A.
From the editor of a heading
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Kononchuk D. V., Yachin S. E.
Cultural Paradigm: experience of conceptualization
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The authors propose to treat the cultural paradigm as the core meaning of culture. In a source it is rising from a historical event as act of a person and so it can serve as the living example for future generation. Culture retains its vitality as long as can keep this historical connection.
Litoshenko D. A.
The phenomenon of «Juno and Avos» in the historiography and the art
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The article is devoted to a specific phenomenon of the rock-opera «Juno and Avos», which had an influence on the development of historiography, art and popular culture. In the article the mytho-epic nature of the investigated phenomenon is opened. It is planned an approach to overcome the negative consequences of influence of the phenomenon of «Juno and Avos» on historiography and historical consciousness of the society.
Tolstykh I. N.
The court dances of Korea: ethnocultural aspect
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In article the court Korean dances, their importance in spiritual culture of Korea are considered. Ethnocultural features and versions of court dances are also analyzed.
Tkachyuk M. A.
Social dance in the system of intercultural communication
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In the article raises the problem of mutual understanding between representatives of different cultures. A special place in the solution of this problem takes the form of cross-cultural interaction as a communication by means of social dance.. By results of the conducted research the author proves the importance of social dance in the system of intercultural communication.
Chulkova S. B.
The importance of ethno-cultural component in the processof studying of the Russian language by the Chinese students (in China)
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The article substantiates the necessity Chinese students study the Russian language by bringing them to the basics of the Russian culture. It is important to combine the study the Russian language as means of communication (the linguistic aspect of it) with learning the language culture (regional studies aspect). Only then can we speak about the adequate translation of meaning from one language to another.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Naljotova N. J.
Antiquity-Byzantium-Russia:to the question of cultural nature of traditions of education of the personality
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In the article the author shows the process of inheritance of traditions of ancient art and formation in the conditions of a Byzantine-Christian and Old Russian civilization which has designated and has defined basic distinction of world outlook and actually practical installations and approaches to the process of formation and education of the person.
Krupa T. A.
The personality of the modern teacherin a context of an innovative vector of education
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The results of the sociological study which purpose was to reveal the students opinion about personalities of the modern teacher are presented in the article. Such factors as social status, human and professional quality, age and innovation potential of the teaching contingent are also being analyzed here.
Political relations and management of region  
Oseledets A. G.
Features of formation of the overland armed groups of seamenin the end of 1917 – beginning of 1918
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The subject of consideration of the article is activity of military and political administration of RSFSR in the field of naval engineering upon management and combat employment of land corps of marine in the end of 1917- beginning of 1918, when they had played the crucial role in suppression of the first armed resistance to establishment of the Soviet system in the center and regions of the country.
Kireev A. A.
European and Far Eastern borders of Russia: are they two models of management?
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The article is devoted to a comparison of the intensity and the factors of development of cross-border relations of the European and Far Eastern regions of Russia in the 1990s – 2000s. We characterized the legal and institutional conditions for the functioning of the European and Far Eastern borders of the country, as well as the problem of the relation of its political and nonpolitical factors.
World system and inter-regional relations  
Zolotukhin I. N.
Southeast Asia as Sphere of Collision among the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) and the USA at the present stage: a View from Russia
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In the article the analysis of a modern situation in South East Asia as spheres of counteraction of the USA and the Peoples Republic of China is given. Various aspects of the American-Chinese rivalry and their strategic interests in subregion are considered. Positions of the Southeast Asia countries concerning the Peoples Republic of China and the USA are pointed out.
The analytical centres of APR  
Zhurbey E. V.
«Think tanks» and foreign policy of New Zealand: Background
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The article is devoted to the history of the Institute «think tanks» and their role in the foreign policy process in New Zealand. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of «think tanks» centers of New Zealand and their foreign counterparts. The article discussed in detail the organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing of the New Zealand foreign policy.
Nalivaiko P. N.
The state of Russian federalism at the present stage: political analysis (based on the survey conducted in 2011 – 2012 in the Primorsky Territory)
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The article is an attempt to identify and explore issues of perception of the general population of Primorsky Territory of the Russian federated model and the specific location of the region in it. Results were obtained by the study which was conducted by integrated research team of FEFU students, under the direction of N. A. Tsyganok.
Scientific messages  
Zhernovoy M. V., Sukharenko A. N.
Transnational illicit trade in Russian art
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The status and causes of crime associated with trafficking in cultural property, as well as proposed measures to combat it are analyzed in the present paper.
Foster L. A.
Book Directory of Russian Organizations in America
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Scientific life  
Latushko Yu. V.
Russian and foreign young scientists have discussed the problems and prospects of Pacific Russia and the world
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