2019 32022 #3 (62)
The Theme:
Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev – literator, scientist, teacher

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Khisamutdinov A. A., Khisamutdinova N. V.
V.K. Arseniev and His Interests in Geology

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The article commemorates the 150th anniversary of the famous traveler and explorer Vladimir Klavdievich Arseniev and reveals his geological interests. A supporter of complex expeditions, along with the main tasks, Arseniev collected various scientifc information, including geological. Some fact are also given about Arseniev's study of geology and his scientifc contacts with geologists E.E. Anert, I.P. Tolmachev, P.V. Wittenburg, A. Libus. The article is based on V.K. Arseniev’s personal archives and his book collection having been kept in the Society of the Amur Region Study (Vladivostok).
Barbenko Y. A., Kondratenko G. V.
"The Chinese in the Ussuri Region" by V. K. Arseniev and "Chinese otkhodnichestvo in the Far East..." by F. V. Solov'ev: the study of the Chinese in the Russian Far East between expertise and science

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The subject of the study is the correlation of expert and scientifc forms in the ethnographic and historical works of the Far Eastern authors of the XX century: Vladimir Arseniev and Fyodor Solov'ev. The existing tradition of evaluating Vladimir Arseniev's research does not give a clear qualifcation of his non-fiction works. The authors formulate an idea about the features of expert and scientifc forms of knowledge and presentation of research material in order to be able to evaluate the texts under study. The main research technique used by the authors is a matching search, we compare real texts with a set of characteristics of the ideal image of texts of expert and scientifc styles. The authors came to the conclusion that "The Chinese in the Ussuri Region" by V. K. Arseniev can be qualifed as an expert text, and "Chinese otkhodnichestvo in the Far East ..." by F. V. Solov'ev as a scientifc text with elements of expertise. Arseniev gave his text the features of expertise consciously, and Solov'ev, apparently, accidentally when he deviated from the standards of scientifc style.

Golovnev I. A.
Far Eastern Odyssey of Vladimir Arseniev: the experience of visual and anthropological research

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The study considers an insufciently explored layer of sources - the photographic heritage of V.K. Arseniev, which refected the silhouettes of the evolution of the Far Eastern Territory in the frst third of the 20th century. The author presents the experience of interdisciplinary research: highlights the key images of the Arseniev’s archive, analyzes them using historical and anthropological approaches, and summarizes them in a documentary flm. The prospects of using the visual archives of researchers and the efectiveness of using the proposed methodology for application in a wide range of humanitarian disciplines are demonstrated.
Vorob'ev N. S.
The fate of the report of the Kamchatka expedition of V. K. Arseniev

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Kamchatka expedition of V.K. Arseniev (1918) is among the understudied. Its results were not published during the life of the Arseniev, and the manuscript of the fnal work being prepared has now been lost. The article discusses some of the circumstances of the work of this remarkable colonization expedition and the preparation for publication of the fnal work "Expedition to Kamchatka in 1918 and 1922". An attempt is made to historically reconstruct the circumstances of the preparation for the publication of this work. The connection between the colonization expeditions of V.K. Arseniev and V.I. Rubinsky (1908-1909) was also studied.
Historical Regional Studies  
Tkachev S. V., Tkacheva N. N.
Rural population of the Primorsky Resettlement District according to the censuses of 1913–1915

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In this paper the situation of rural population in the region is analyzed on the basis of statistical data, prepared by the Resettlement Department of the Primorsky region in 1913-1915. In particular, the choice of statistical sources, the method of their processing and a number of conclusions are substantiated. The peculiarity of the article is that the conclusions are drawn on the basis of the prepared database of statistical data, as well as combining it with the historical maps of the region, which greatly enhances the methodological capacity through the full use of GIS analysis. As a result, a general calculation of the rural population of the region, its ethnic composition, the level of gender imbalance in diferent population groups, etc. has been carried out. In addition, it was possible to identify specifc geographical criteria defning the most successful locations for farming in the region.  
Economy and Nature  
Cai Ying
Conditions for the development of river tourist traffic on the Amur River between the Russian Far East and Heilongjiang Province

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In the article the conditions of development of river tourist communication on the Amur River between the Russian Far East and Heilongjiang Province in the late XX - early XXI centuries are examined. The author considers socio-economic conditions of formation and development of cross-border tourism between Russia's and China's adjacent territories, highlights the dynamics of river transport of Russian tourists between the Far Eastern territories and Heilongjiang Province, analyzes the peculiarities of river communication in the tourism sphere on the Amur River.
Naumov Yu. A.
Recreational resources of the Russian Far East and the problems of their rational use
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The article is devoted to the study of recreational resources in each subject of the Russian Far East. The results show that with a large variety of these resources, each region has its own specifcs and concentrations: in the Primorsky Territory, most of the sea recreation areas, in the Sakhalin Region - mountain ski bases, in the Kamchatka Territory - mineral springs. At the same time, only a small part of the richest potential is used, which is seen as problems and not the rationality of their development.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Rybachuk D. A.
Immigration law of the USA and Canada towards Latin American immigration in the XXI century – COVID-19 factor

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Immigration processes in such countries of North America as the USA and Canada have always been one of the key moments in the formation of their societies. In the last few decades, Hispanics have become one of the largest immigration groups. The question of regulating their immigration to US and Canadian territory has attracted the attention of US and Canadian authorities. Only the correct actions taken in the immigration legislation of North American countries in relation to Hispanics can lead to a positive result in the development of society. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this problem has become even more urgent, as a crisis situation can show which steps are right in immigration regulation, and which can lead to negative consequences.
Klitsenko M.V., Tceluiko D.S.
Khabarovsk abandoned buildings in urban space structure

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Urban space is constantly changing and evolving. Society, architectural traditions, principles of building and are changing in this space too. The appearance of abandoned buildings becomes an integral part of city development. In fact, these buildings are not suitable for use in their original design, but this does not mean it cannot be used in the present at all. Buildings do not become obsolete, they retain their historical, cultural, aesthetic, architectural value, which explains their new role. Khabarovsk is not an exception as a city, there are a number of abandoned buildings in city territory, and a small part of them are considered in this article: the Infdel tower, N.I. Tifontai mill, distillery of merchant Bogdanov, estate of merchant Bogdanov. Possible options of these buildings usage are proposed, taking into account modern trends in the development of urban space.
Cultural and Ideological Factors of Regionalization  
Podmaskin V. V.
Folk knowledge about sedge plants among the indigenous peoples of the North: an axiological aspect

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The article analyzes the value attitudes recorded in the folk knowledge about sedge among the indigenous peoples of the North (Indigenous Peoples of the North). Value life orientations about plants, refecting regional economic and spiritual features in language, history and culture, became the basis of the mentality of the ethnic group.
Filipova A. G., Kalinin A. L., Kalinina I. V., Solovchenkov S. A.
Ecological habits of young people in an average city (on the example of the city of Birobidzhan)

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Environmental problems are an integral part of the development of society. Changing ecological habits allows you to minimize the damage done to the ecology of the planet and prevent the situation from worsening. The article is aimed at studying the environmental habits of young people. The authors conducted ten interviews. During the interview, three major topics were raised: attitudes towards environmental problems, understanding of eco-habits, and, in fact, the formation of eco-habits. It was found that adolescents consider environmental problems to a greater extent as some event removed from them in time. At the same time, they understand the importance and responsibility for the current ecological situation of the currently living population, including their own. Despite the fact that not many of the respondents can clearly articulate the concept of "environmental habit", however, among adolescents there is an awareness of the importance and signifcance of this phenomenon for the outside world and society in particular. Among the factors infuencing the formation of eco-habits, many indicate not only parental authority and family values, but also their own environment (schools and various public organizations, friends, classmates), and even trends.  
World System and International Regions  
Zolotukhin I. N., Zaytcev V. O.
On the issue of confrontation between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea: past and present

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For decades the situation over the disputed territories in the South China Sea has remained tense. Despite various options for solving the problem, the development of a common platform for the subsequent transfer of the confict into the mainstream of a constructive solution did not happen so far. The remaining contradictions around the ownership of the Paracel Archipelago and the Spratly Islands between the direct participants in the protracted confict are dangerous because they bring dissonance into regional processes, and, taking into account the economic and strategic importance of the South China Sea, make it highly probable that it will become an object of an acute geopolitical confrontation. The article examines the history of the territorial dispute in the South China Sea through the prism of the China’s and Vietnam’s interests. It contains the positions of the parties concerning the confict as well as the bilateral confrontation and refects the current state of the problem. The article is based on the analysis of previous researches and fndings of Russian and foreign authors.
Zolotukhin I. N.
The Ethiopia’s regional agenda in the contemporary Africa’s geopolitical realities
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The article examines the process of emerging Ethiopia’s active role in regional processes. The Ethiopian government pays attention on the solution of domestic political and international issues. The current state and prospects for resolving of the interethnic confict in the region of Tigray, as well as the situation around the development of confrontation between Ethiopia and Egypt over the launch of the Hidase (Renaissance) dam, and attempts by external players to increase their infuence in Ethiopia are researched. Russia's actions to build up its position in Ethiopia were also outlined. Based on the analysis of events and facts, the results of the activities of the Ethiopian government to strengthen the country’s international position and avoid converting into an object of external geopolitical interests are indicated.  
Yachin S. E., Demenchuk P. Yu., Chernyavina Yu. A., Dzhenzhera D. V., Gurshalov N. A., Nadelyaev A. O., Chosov D. V., Svidin R. D., Man'kovskij K. L., Ivanchenko M. A.
Mikhail Bakhtin and the formation of a modern paradigm of humanitarian knowledge in the countries of East and Southeast Asia. Analytical review of publications

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The report provides an overview of the publications of scientists from East and Southeast Asia, the content of which is conditioned by the ideas of M.M. Bakhtin, reveals the heuristic potential of Bakhtin's concepts. It is established that M.M. Bakhtin is the most sought-after Russian thinker for the world and, in particular, Asian humanities. The report provides a thematic analysis of 67 articles published from 2005 to 2021 in the SCOPUS abstract database. A generalized analysis of the authors' responses regarding the reasons for their interest in Bakhtin is given. It is shown how the main concepts of Bakhtin: dialogism, heteroglossia, carnivalization, chronotope, allow researchers to interpret complex phenomena of social life, going beyond the sociolinguistic or literary discourse.
Sevastyanov S. V.
Monograph review: "Asian turn" in Russian foreign policy: Achievements, problems and prospects" (ed. by A.V. Torkunov, D.V. Streltsov, E.V. Koldunova)

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The review of the monograph, edited by A.V. Torkunov, D.V. Streltsov, E.V. Koldunova, gives a high assessment of its signifcance. It is due to the fact that in this monograph the authors for the frst time presented critical evaluation results of the achievements and problems of the Russian "Asian turn" strategy that is implemented in the conditions of a sharp increase in regional and global role of the largest Asian states. In this regard, the main focus in the chapters of the work was made on the analysis of bilateral relations’ development of Russia with China, other leading East Asian countries, India and Turkey.  
Scientific Life  
Vinokurova A. V.
"The World of Central Asia – V": the notes of the conference participant

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The report provides an overview of the main events of the scientifc conference "The World of Central Asia - V", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Institute for Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The main goal of the conference was a broad scientifc discussion of issues related to the history and modernity of the states and societies of Central Asia. The main attention is paid to the work of the section "The Social Changes and Stratifcation Processes in the Central Asia".