2019 32022 #2 (61)
The Theme:
The religious life of the Russian Far East at the present stage

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Smirnov M. Yu.
Formats of the religious factor in the modern world

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The article examines the ways of existence of religions in the modern world, outlines the author's classification of the formats of the religious factor, and characterizes the most obvious preferences in relation to religion on the part of various social actors. The author highlights problematic situations in state policy and mass consciousness in relation to freedom of conscience, religion and beliefs.
Dudarenok S. M.
Religious situation in the Far Eastern Federal District at the present stage: general characteristics

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The article deals with the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the current religious situation in the Far Eastern Federal District; the characteristics of the process of revival of various religious confessions in the Far Eastern Federal District in the post-Soviet period of history and their current state are given; the appearance in the Far Eastern Muslim Ummah of a significant Muslim population with a different, non-Russian identity, which can lead to an increase in interfaith and interethnic conflicts. The author the main features of the modern religious situation in the Far Eastern Federal District, which distinguish it from the religious situation in other regions of the Russian Federation.

Fedirko O. P.
Religious preferences of residents of the modern Amur Region, the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): based on the materialsof a sociological survey

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The article, on the basis of sociological research and publications, traces the specific features of the formation of the confessional space of the western and north-western regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, formed depending on the geographical location, type of subject (region, territory, national republic). The data of the sociological survey "Religious and ethnic self-identification of the population of the Far East at the beginning of the XXI century", conducted from April 2020 to September 2021 in the territory of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic (Sakha) and the Amur Region among different age groups, are being introduced into scientific circulation. The respondents' answers to four groups of questions are considered: the number of believers, confessional affiliation, participation in religious life and the place of religion in the lives of the respondents. The author comes to the conclusion about the vagueness of the concept of "believer" among the respondents, about the extremely low level of confessional literacy and the desire to take part in the life of a religious organization. It is concluded that there is little influence of religion on the life of the majority of self-identifying themselves with a particular religion.
Vasilyeva S. V., Akhmadulina S. Z., Budaeva D. Ts.
Republic of Buryatia: relationship between religious organizations and civil institutions

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The article highlights the current religious situation in the Republic of Buryatia through the description of change in the relationship between religious organizations and civil institutions. Particular attention is paid to the legal regulation of the activities of religious organizations in a multi-confessional region.
Potapova N. V.
The Religious Situation in the Sakhalin Region: the Current Stage

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The article examines the current state of the religious situation in the Sakhalin region, the process of its formation, the role and place of various religious organizations in it, and identifies the main trends in their development. The data of sociological studies of the religious life of the region are presented and compared in the context of monitoring the state of interethnic and interfaith relations in the Sakhalin Region (2018) and studying the religious and ethnic self-identification of the population of the Far East at the beginning of the 21st century (2020).  
Pospelova A. I., Pospelova S. V.
The religious map of Magadan Oblast: locality, specificity, variation

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The dynamics of religious transformations in the Far East can be defined as a path: from religious renaissance of diverse religious communities, flourishing (within the separative type of state-church relations), to stagnation and tendencies of seeking "new religiosity" in "other" religions and spiritual practices that go beyond the cultural tradition of historically "orthodox" ethnic groups in Muslim, or neoshamanism or Allatra MOD (religious diffusion). The relevance of the research topic is determined by the need for scientific analysis of the current state of the religious picture of the region, as well as the analysis of cross-border interactions of the Russian Far East in the sphere of influence of new inhabitants of the region in the new socio-economic conditions on the religious map.
Loginova T. V.
Orthodoxy and the secular school in Primorsky Region in 1990–2012
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The article presents an essay on the development of forms of cooperation on issues of spiritual and moral education in Primorye, infrastructure for teaching Orthodox culture (institutions, divisions, events, documents) in 1991-2012. In Primorsky Region this school declared devotion for Orthodox culture, collaborated with Russian Orthodox Church, but it remained to be secular. Attempts to extract effective tools of education from Orthodoxy did not lead to the formation of a system of Orthodox pedagogics in the region.
Historical Regional Studies  
Barbenko Ya. A.
Resettlement Legislation as a Factor in the Development of the Peasant Economy of the Maritime Province during the Latter Half of the XIXth Century

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The life in Maritime Province were regulated by the system of resettlement laws, which took shape throughout the whole pre-revolutionary period. Author considered the norms of resettlement in the light of the economic practice of immigrant settlers and practice of initial household management. It was found that many of the features of the resettlement legislation, focused on filling the territory, conflicted with the interests of the economic development of the resettlement economy and had a negative impact on the development of the back settlers household economy and the regional development. An important condition for the peculiarities of the economic development of the region were numerous deviations from the norms of resettlement legislation.
Lyan In.
Sergei Polevoy and book business in Beijing (first half of the XXth century)

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The article is dedicated to the Sinologist Sergei Alexandrovich Polevoy (1886, Ukraine - 1971, USA), who became famous for his scientific, pedagogical and social activities in China. Living in China since 1917, Polevoy added rare Mongolian and Manchu editions and manuscripts to it. A professor at Nankai (from 1918, Tianjin) and then Peking (from 1921) universities, Polevoy not only taught students the Russian language. The first scientific work of Polevoy, prepared as a graduation paper at the Oriental Institute (Vladivostok), was devoted to periodicals in China, which allowed the future Sinologist to get acquainted with progressive Chinese figures. The article is based on materials from the archive of the Polevoy family and other private foreign collections.
Zhurbey E. V.
The history of the formation of the Vietnamese diaspora in the United States in the 60- 80s XX century: problems of adaptation and integration of Vietnamese refugees

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This article provides an analysis of the problems of adaptation and integration of Hispanic immigrants in American society. Migration processes always have been one of the most meaningful factors of formation the American nation, that is why the problems of integration of foreign immigrants in American society has been playing one of the most important roles in country public affairs for many years. The Vietnamese immigration in the USA strengthens the expat community lifestyle and United States of America still continues to remain the only highly-developed country in the world where the rate of population keeps on to grow fast. The influx of new immigrants is one of the main reasons of such growth. The research shows that Vietnamese expat communities had to go through the difficult way from the discriminated ethnic group of the migrant workers to the fully legitimate and successful American citizens.
Economy and Nature  
Van Bin, Latkin А. P.
Prerequisites and trends in the development of educational services export of universities in Primorsky Krai

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The modern process of globalization of the world economy stimulates the development of international educational services market. Within the framework of this strategic direction, the activities of Russian universities are significantly changing, including by increasing the export of educational services to other countries. The steady dynamics of the development of international education has been formed in the last 20 years in the Far Eastern regions of Russia, especially those bordering with the PRC, which is mainly provided by the Primorsky Territory. This article presents the key theoretical provisions and conclusions of long-term research of this process using the generalization results of foreign and domestic authors’ approaches, and also national and regional statistics analysis results, data from sociological surveys. The main emphasis is placed on the systematization of the existing prerequisites and factors for the formation and use of the export potential of educational services by universities of the Far Eastern regions for citizens of the People's Republic of China. The object of the issue is Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service.  
Social and Demographic Structures  
Аbrosimova E. E., Filipova А. G.
Rating of popular video bloggers: the view of modern teenagers

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The popularity of vlogging by both teenagers and adults has grown significantly over the past few years. This was facilitated by the development of video-hosting platforms and the professionalization of content. However, the children's and youth segment remains the main consumer of this media product for a long period of time.
The article contains information about the results of a sociological study aimed at understanding what exactly attracts modern teenagers in the video blogosphere. The results of the study made it possible to formulate the most significant components of video content for modern children and adolescents. Also, as a result of the study, a rating of popular video blogs (video channels) among the youth audience was compiled. The official rating and data from a survey of children and adolescents were used as the basis for the formation of the rating.
Cultural and Ideological Factors of Regionalization  
Timoshkin D. O., Grigorichev K. V.
Areas of single-family houses in the semiotic system of the "post-Soviet" city
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The object of the research is the representation practices of urban socio-spatial structures in various types of mass communication. On the example of Irkutsk, we define what the meaning of the term "private sector"(Areas built up with single-family houses) gains in the media, selected using the National corpus of the Russian language, departmental press releases and texts presented in the first pages of search results of Google and Yandex on request "private sector Irkutsk". By treating the private sector as an "empty sign", we learn which toponyms and social practices it associates with in the texts that different social actors produce. The aim of the study is to establish the similarities and differences between the images of the "private sector" in the semiotic systems created by different social actors: professional journalists, urban bureaucracy and search algorithms.  
Pugacheva E. N.
Linguistic means of representing space in the urban text

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The article is devoted to the disclosure of the textual category of space in the urban text based on the material of the works of Mikhail V. Shcherbakov. In this article, the text is presented as a complete product of speech activity, text fragments are analyzed from the point of view of their semantics and the use of grammatical means and speech registers, the classification of language means forming the communicative space of the Vladivostok text is presented.
Khisamutdinova N. V., Yang Yue.
Confucius Institute in Blagoveshchensk as a Center of Russian-Chinese Cooperation

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Some issues of cooperation between the Russian Far East and China in the educational and cultural sphere are discussed on the example of the Confucius Institute in the Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University. It was opened in 2007 as a result of active bilateral relations with Heihe University (Heilongjiang Province). Since that time the BSPU Confucius Institute has become both the regional center for studying the Chinese language and national culture and an important link in Russian-Chinese cooperation. Considering the high concentration of Confucius Institutes in the Far Eastern Federal District, four out of 19 in Russia, the conclusion is made about the great China’ interest in this region and the important role Far Eastern universities may play in relations with the neighbouring country.  
Scientific Life  
Kanevskaya G. I.
International Scientific Forum "Nansen Readings". 2007–2022

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