2019 32021 #2 (57)
The Theme:
Vladivostok Fortress in the context of military history of the Russian Far East
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Azarevich V. K.
V.A. Irman's project of renaming the facilities of Vladivostok fortress as an attempt of Russification of the Far East

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Based on memoirs and studies, as well as materials from the Russian State Military Historical Archive, the article focuses on the commandant V.A. Irman's project of renaming the facilities of the Vladivostok fortress within the context of the ideas of the Russian ruling elites about the future of the Far East and methods of symbolic consolidation of the region within Russia. It is shown how the views on the role of the Vladivostok fortress differed among the imperial elites and the local leadership. The conclusion establishes the intentions of V.A. Irman on the Russifcation of the region with the help of the Vladivostok Fortress. It is shown that the project ft into the general thrust of the sentiments of the imperial and regional elites.
Avilov R. S.
The War Minister Aleksey N. Kuropatkin in Vladivostok Fortress in 1903 (using a new sources)

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Using the unpublished documents of Russian State Military Historical Archive (RSMHA), the article investigates the history of visit to Vladivostok Fortress in 1903 by the War Minister of Russian Empire Aleksey N. Kuropatkin. He visited the Fortress during the voyage in a Far East. The article describes how he inspected the fortifcations, and analyzes his criticism and recommendations. It is noted the value of his recommendations to the further defensive construction progress in Vladivostok.
Rykunov D. Eh.
From the history of the Vladivostok fortress aeronautical company and the Siberian aeronautical battalion (1905–1914)

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The article is devoted to the emergence of aeronautical company and aeronautical battalion of the Vladivostok Fortress. The author introduces new documents to scientifc turnover and considers the previously important issue of the beginning of the aid at the Far East. The question of the airplane is closely linked to the construction of the Vladivostok Fortress as the largest fortifcation facility in the Far East.
Khisamutdinov А. А., Khisamutdinova N. V.
Geologist of the Vladivostok Fortress Pavel Wittenburg

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The article is devoted to the famous Russian geologist, geographer, honorary polar explorer and professor Pavel Vladimirovich Wittenburg, who conducted geological research on the Muravyov-Amursky peninsula (Sea of Japan) for the needs of the Vladivostok fortress. The fnds became the basis for a large-scale monograph "Scientifc Results of the Geological Expedition of the Society for the Study of the Amur Region in 1912 under the leadership of P.V. Wittenburg (Petrograd, 1916). Wittenburg was purged twice. Later, he conducted various studies in the Arctic and was engaged in teaching activities. The article based on the collection of E.P. Wittenburg.
Round Table  
Blyakher L. E., Dem'yanenko А. N., Kireev А. А., Klitsenko M. V., Lamasheva Yu. А., Lebedeva M. M., Leont'eva Eh. O., Malkova N. Yu., Ukrainskij V. N., Yarulin I. F., Yachin S. E.
"Spatial turn" and its interpretation in Russian science and institutional practice

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 Historical Regional Studies  
Illarionov A. A.
Roads in Primorye at the beginning of the XX century: legal aspects, resource provision and managerial decision-making mechanism

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The article is devoted to the most important aspects of road construction in Primorye at the beginning of the XX century. The author has paid attention to the causes of unsatisfactory condition of local unpaved roads, the analysis of legal and resource support, as well as the specifcs of administration in such socially important area as road construction.
Fartyshev А. N., Raeva D. D.
Childhood in Siberia: the perception of space by Estonians, survived the Soviet deportation
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The article provides a analysis of the content of the art program "Childhood in Siberia", held in Estonia in 2019, dedicated to the memory of the deportation of compatriots as a result of the Soviet operation "Surf" in 1949. The main subjects of this program were people who were born or spent their childhood in Siberia. It was revealed that, despite the general negative background in relation to the Soviet Union and Russia, Estonians perceive Siberia in a completely different way, which has become their second homeland. Thus, a dualistic emotional perception of Russia's geopolitical space arises. The picture of the world of Estonian deportants, formed in childhood, triggers the processes of peaceful detraumatization of the past, due to the tolerance of Siberians to exiled Estonians.
Economy and Nature  
Kop'yova А. V., Maslovskaya O. V., Petrova E. S., Ivanova O. G.
Formation of a Model of the Functional-Spatial Organization of the Ecological Route

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The authors considered a protected natural area (PAs) of Primorsky Krai: the national park "Call of the Tiger", united with the Lazovsky reserve. The object of research is ecological routes in the structure of PAs. The subject of research is the architectural and urban planning features of the compositional and functional structure of ecological routes. The need for this study is due to the lack of basic strategies for the development of PAs in Primorsky Krai, the lack of developed route programs for various categories of visitors, and the weak infrastructure of ecological routes. The result of the research is the development of a spatial concept of the reorganization of existing routes and the projected route of the Call of the Tiger National Park; functional-spatial models of a visitor center, camping, and ecological trail.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Vlasova T. A.
Urban environmental development programs: the problem of attracting resources to the objects of the symbolic infrastructure of Izhevsk

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The main topic of the article is the analysis of the contradictions in the city planning program realization in Izhevsk. The empirical basis for this research consists of the interviews with the expert of different professions that take part in desition making process behind the development of the city space. Two interconnected aspects of this problems are introduced: the cooperation between private businesses and local authorities, and the involvement of citizens in the projects. The results support the potential of using commercial solutions for increase in complexity of symbolic city scape and opportunities for the inclusiveness of urban citizens. 
Аntonova N. L., Аbramova S. B.
Urban Youth Activism: Practices and Barriers

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The article reveals the features of urban activism of the younger generation based on the materials of an empirical-sociological study conducted in the city of Yekaterinburg (n = 800). It is argued that young people, striving to realize their right to the city, are guided by the creative local practices aimed at transforming the space "around them". The activity of young townspeople has a non-political solidarized character, behavioral practices relate to the improvement and creation of a comfortable living environment. Diffculties in interacting with the administrative structures of territorial management, fears associated with possible sanctions for the manifestation of grassroots initiatives become barriers to the implementation of ideas and projects.
Rybachuk D. А., Zhurbey E. V.
Latin American immigrants in Canada: historical retrospective and problems of integration

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As a result of the liberalization of the Canadian immigration legislation, starting in the 60s of XX century, immigration in Canada has begun to have determinative character. Now the formation of the entire Canadian society and state largely depends on immigrants. One of the immigrant groups in Canada are Hispanics. Despite the fact that their active immigration to Canada has begun only in the 2000s, they have already managed to form an impressive diaspora with 800 thousand people. The Latin American diaspora in Canada is represented by many national groups: Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, Salvadorans, etc. Of course, the functioning of such a large group of Latin Americans in Canadian society, it is necessary to solve the problems of their adaptation and integration. Moreover, these questions are also important because the growth of Hispanic immigrants in Canada is increasing every year, even despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
World System and International Regions  
Toropchin G. V.
North Korean Missile and Nuclear Programme from the Securitisation Theory Standpoint

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The given article is dedicated to scrutinising North Korean missile and nuclear programmes from the standpoint of securitisation theory advocated by B. Buzan and O. Wæver. The author utilises various ideas within the securitisation theory to explain rea-sons which invoked the development of Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear programme in Northeast Asia as a subregional security complex. The paper marks out the "securitising actor", "referent object" and "audience" in accordance with the described methodology. The work features examples of how securitisation infuences countries’ offcial positions on the international arena and the perception of North Korean nuclear programme by the general public. Based on the conclusions drawn, the research provides a periodisation of North Ko-rean nuclear and missile programme evolvement, which unravels its "pulsing", pendulous nature; its multilateral gist, as well as mutual infuence of the acts which compose it.
Yachin S. E., Kononchuk D. V., Kireev А. А., Levshin S. V., Kotova D. D.
Are there universal human values? (Dialogue dedicated to the seventieth birthday of Doctor of Philosophy, Professor S.E. Yachin).

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Philosophical Meridian

From the editor of the heading
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Kotova D. D.
Category mei 美 in the text of "Book of Poetry"

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In the article, within the framework of the metacultural approach, an etymological analysis of the Chinese aesthetic category mei 美 "beauty" was carried out, as well as a contextual analysis of the use of the mei 美 character in the classical Confucian monument "Book of Poetry" ("Shi Jing"). The semantic connection of mei 美 with the ethical category of shan 善 "good" is noted. The interpretation of a number of "Shi Jing" verses containing the word mei 美 is given. There are two basic clusters of meanings of mei 美 - ethical and aesthetic, while it was found that the ethical connotations of mei 美 are found much more often in the "Book of Poetry". This allows us to outline the path along which further understanding of the beautiful in the Chinese aesthetic paradigm developed.

Gordienko A. V.
E. Bruce Brooks about Confucius students circle

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The article is devoted to a critical review of the ideas of one of the leading modern Western researchers-Confucianists E. Bruce Brooks, described in his work "The Life and Mentorship of Confucius". The article considers Brooks' views on the issues that are not often considered in Russian historiography: the problems of the character of Confucius school, the number of Confucius students, the authorship of the Analects, as well as the status of the students in relation to Confucius himself.
Zavertan D. A.
A hermeneutic explication of the ontological meaning of the Japanese philosophical concept "tama" (spirit) on the example of the "Kojiki"

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The paper attempts to explicate a synthetic understanding of the Japanese concept of tama through a hermeneutical analysis of the ancient text of the Kojiki to reconstruct its original meaning as something that ties and organizes the World. In the article, the concept of tama is considered not as a mythical concept associated with the religious complex of ancient Shinto, but as an ontological element associated with the idea of involvement and mutual openness of the World and human being. Analyzing the myths of "Kojiki", the author discovers that the concept of tama is expressed in four homonymous functional shades, indicated by different hieroglyphs, examples of usage and the meaning of which are also revealed in the work.

Scientific Life

Аlekseev D. Yu.
30th anniversary of the Department of Political Science of Far Eastern Federal University
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