2019 32020 #4 (55)
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Life on the Frontier: Migration and Mobility in the Borderland
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Vinokurova А. V., Аrdal'yanova А. YU., SHarivkhan ZH.
Leaving "where" or "from where": living conditions and migration strategies of residents of the Far Eastern Russian-Chinese borderland

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For the Far Eastern regions of the Russian-Chinese border to date, some important, not very favorable social trends associated with the deterioration of various aspects of the daily lives of people, including the poor state of social infrastructure, presence of major difficulties in the field of labor and employment, reduced real incomes, etc. In our research, we relied on secondary sociological analysis (including statistical data) and quantitative methods (questionnaire survey). In general, the identified problems and trends significantly affect the physical and spiritual reproduction of the population. They should be taken into account as factors that affect the social well-being and migration strategies of residents of the Far East, which is fundamentally important for planning regional social policy.
Kostina E. Yu., Orlova N. А.
Social mobility in the borderlands: the view of young people

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The article looks at the readiness of modern borderline students for various forms of mobility, including changing their current place of residence in search of opportunities for self-realisation and satisfaction of their needs at a higher level. A sociological study conducted by the authors in 2020 shows that four out of five young people are considering migration from the Primorsky Region. This trend is impoverishing human capital in Russia’s Far East, depriving the area of the opportunity to develop an innovative economy and ensure a high quality of life for the local population.
Rogovaya А. V., Levchenko N. V.
Education, employment and leisure as factors of youth migration from small towns

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An urgent problem in small towns of Russian is the outflow of youth to regional centers and large cities. The article uses the results of an expert survey and focus groups in 21 Russian small towns. A comparative analysis of the migration processes situation related to in small agglomeration towns and in localized towns located at a great distance from regional centers is carried out. The study examined the main types of youth migration from small towns: educational, labor and related to lack of leisure. The main reasons and directions of the outflow of youth are considered. The article analyzes the possibilities and obstacles of return migrationand minimize ways the outflow of youth.
Round Table  
Burlakov V. А., Vladimirova D. А., Glazkova E. А., ZHurbej E. V., Zadvornaya E. S., Malakhov А. А., Malyavin V. V., Samojlenko А. YU., Si TSzyun'fehj, Fedorenko D. V., KHoang Min' Fuk.
The current state of traditional cultures of the Asia-Pacific countries: problems of their development and preservation in the context of globalization

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 Historical Regional Studies  
Fadeeva E. V.
Avoidance customs in the traditional family of the indigenous peoples of the Lower Amur and Sakhalin: mid-XIX – early XX centuries
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The article, using the comparative historical method, analyzes the customs of avoidance between different categories of relatives and relatives in the traditional family of indigenous peoples of Lower Amur and Sakhalin. The materials presented allow us to draw the following conclusions: firstly, restrictions were set mainly for a woman in her relations with her husband’s relatives, and to a lesser extent for a man in relations with her wife’s relatives, which is quite understandable with the role that men and women played in the family. Secondly, restrictions, first of all, were applied to the elder relatives of the husband or wife, of whom men were. Thirdly, prohibitions on communication extended mainly to relations between older relatives and younger ones (for example, older brother and younger sister, father and daughter, father-in-law and daughter-in-law).
Ispovednikov D. Yu.
Review of archaeographic coverage of the Civil War in the East of Russia

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The article analyzes the results of the coverage of the Civil War in the East of Russia in domestic and foreign archaeographic practice during the 1920s – 2000s. There are presented the results of a comprehensive study of more than 100 documentary publications, as well as of identification of unpublished materials in the funds of the Russian State Military Archive. Conclusions about the features of the source base and the process of its development at each historical stage are drawn. The plots, incompletely reflected in the collections, and varieties of documents rarely used by compilers are highlighted. There are identified priority areas for further coverage of the topic, taking into account the general perspective of practical archeography.
Petrova V. D.
Yakut radio during the great Patriotic war: political broadcasting

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The article examines the activities of the editorial office of political broadcasting of the Yakut regional radio Committee during the great Patriotic war on the basis of new documentary materials introduced into scientific circulation, which have not yet become the subject of research in Russian historiography. With the beginning of the war, the main place on the radio was occupied by political broadcasting, which directed the main load of radio broadcasts to mobilize people's power in helping the front and stimulating labor feats in the rear. The article describes the thematic content of political broadcasting, including a summary of the Sovinformburo, TASS materials, issues of "Latest news" and broadcasts of the main news from Moscow. Analyzes the organization of awareness-raising broadcasts, the mood of the people and participation of the creative asset of public organizations in the preparation of radio materials on the basis of which sums up the ideological-political, mass-stimulating the role of the radio in 1941–1945.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Bashkueva E. YU., Guntypova EH. S.
Foreign migration in the Republic of Buryatia: state and problems ( on the example of labor migrants from neighboring countries )

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The article presents an analysis of modern foreign migration to the Republic of Buryatia. Based on the analysis of official statistics ( Buryatstat ) and operational departmental data of the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Buryatia for 2013–2018. the features of migration flows to the Republic of Buryatia are revealed. On the basis of a qualitative sociological study ( an expert interview with a specialist of the consulting firm "Mayak", in-depth interviews with labor migrants from the near abroad ), the advantages and difficulties in the adaptation of foreign migrants in the Republic of Buryatia were established.  
Starshinova A. V., Platonova L. A.
Development of NPOs as providers of social services in the regions of the Far Eastern District

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On the basis of statistical and sociological information, the analysis of the main conditions for the development of non-profit organizations in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia ), which belong to the group of regions leading in Russia in terms of the formation of the non-profit sector in the field of social services to the population, is carried out. The study showed that along with the legal, organizational, managerial, and other factors that determine the development of socially oriented NGOs, SONGO’s own initiatives, the ability to innovate, cooperation with the main actors of the emerging market of social services, flexible response to population requests are of decisive importance.
Аbrosimova E. E., Filipova А. G.
Reflections on Volunteering in the Video Blogosphere: Opportunities for Participation in Social Decision Making

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The article presents an analysis of two modern phenomena – volunteering and video blogging, the connecting point of which was the participation of young people in making socially significant decisions. The empirical material for the analysis was videos of two groups – individual videos and videos of organizations, as well as transcripts of two youth focus groups and individual tasks performed by students to compare the two videos. The obtained data are considered from the point of view of video blogging resources for engaging a young audience in socially significant activities, as well as reflecting in videos the ability of volunteers to participate in making socially significant decisions. The analysis highlighted and compared individual and organizational, professional and amateur videos about volunteering.
Cultural and Ideological Factors of Regionalization  
Boyarkina A. V., Pecheritsa V. F.
Xi Jinping’s concept of a community with a shared future for mankind – contribution in creative development of Marxism in the 21st century

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Xi Jinping’s concept a community with a shared future for mankind is one of the significant Chinese philosophical and diplomatic strategies in the new era. The purpose of the article is to show how a community with a shared future for mankind is bound with the ancient Chinese concepts of political culture and Marxist philosophy. The authors use the historical and structural methods of political science. The novelty of the study is that the concept creatively develops Marxism, which reflects a view of the world and humanity from the point of view of countries and peoples, their culture and religion. There has been  analyzed the relationship of Marxist theory with the political culture of China, based on Chinese traditions, historical and cultural values. The Chinese concept of a community with a shared future for mankind, enriched by Marxist principles, shows the interconnectedness and interdependence in the effective development of large and small countries, opens up the ways of resolving conflicts peacefully for the peoples and governments of various states, leads humanity to a universal prosperity. Chinese historical and cultural heritage enriches the modern Chinese political culture and makes it similar to Marxism.

World System and International Regions

Lei Shuang'.
Partnership concept in modern Chinese diplomacy

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The article examines the origin of the Chinese "partnership diplomacy", analyzes the differences between the Chinese and foreign concepts of the essence of "partnership" and the division of levels of relations in China’s foreign policy. Partnership in Chinese diplomacy is a strategic agreement within the framework of "non-alignment", and a new type of bilateral cooperation, which is more flexible. This political strategy is a new type of interstate relations in which the parties compete and cooperate with each other, limit and borrow from each other, do not exclude friction, but appreciate coordination and cooperation. Partnership diplomacy is China’s national strategy, and in the foreseeable future it will remain the main strategic choicey.

Sevastyanov S. V.
Prospects for the development of transborder relations of the Russian Far East in the context of the strategies of international cooperation put forward by the leading NEA countries

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The article examines the possibilities and limitations that arise when trying to match the strategies of international cooperation put forward in recent years by the leading countries of Northeast Asia ( China, Japan and the Republic of Korea ) with the strategic initiatives and plans of the Russian leadership for the accelerated development of the Russian Far East ( RFE ). To this end, the participation of foreign partners in business projects on the Russian Far East was analyzed, including with reliance on the created complex of preferential regimes for investors, first of all, such as priority development territories ( PDT ) and the Free Port of Vladivostok ( FPV ). Special attention is paid to the analysis of the influence of the geopolitical situation in the world and the region on the adoption by the NEA countries of decisions on participation or non-participation in the projects of international cooperation proposed by Russia on the RFE. The methodological basis of the work was the study of the speeches of the leaders of the NEA countries, including at the Eastern Economic Forum, statistical materials and scientific research on this topic, and their analysis based on the theories of international relations that are relevant for the NEA region.
Zolotukhin I. N., Bobylo A. M.
Nuclear Security in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Areas of Cooperation

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The article highlights the issues of nuclear security in Southeast Asia focusing on the regional aspects of the prospect for peaceful nuclearization. The paper analyzes the main challenges to nuclear safety and security in Southeast Asia which create the obstacles of the implementation of national nuclear energy programs as well as the problems of ensuring physical nuclear security. Particular attention is paid to the formation of a nuclear-free zone in Southeast Asia ( NWFZ ), formalized in the framework of the Bangkok Treaty of 1995. The reasons preventing NWFZ in Southeast Asia from finally becoming a stable regional mechanism for resolving nuclear safety issues are clarified in the work. The article is based on the analysis of the results of the Russian and foreign researchers as well as the data and documents on focused problem.
Study of Science  
Latkin A. P., Trotsenko A. N.
The expected effects of reforming Russian postgraduate education in the context of national science development
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The task of qualitative improving of training programs for highly qualified personnel has always maintained its high relevance. The study shows the priorities and main stages of solving this problem over a historically longer period of time. Authors submitted theoretical generalizations and empirical data on the dynamics of the number of organizations training graduate students, dissertation councils, and the main indicators of postgraduate studies in Russia as a whole, and in the Far East Federal District, in the last 18 years. On this basis, the article identifies the main problems associated with postgraduate studies and defending a dissertation, and also the reasons for reducing the number of graduate students and defenses of dissertations in recent years. The authors put special emphasis on assessing the possible consequences of implementing reforms of the program in the field of training highly qualified personnel. The considered problem affects interests of the scientific community, the top management of the country, as well as directly for the graduate students.
Bogomolov I. K.
Review on Sablin I. The Rise and Fall of Russia’s Far Eastern Republic, 1905–1922. Nationalisms, Imperialisms, and Regionalisms in and after the Russian

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The review considers the monograph by Ivan Sablin on the emergence and fall of the Far Eastern Republic ( FER ). The author notes that the very idea of creating a "buffer state" was unique for revolutionary Russia, unique for the Bolsheviks, unique for the region. Based on a wide range of sources Ivan Sablin shows how the ideologies with which the Bolsheviks initially fought – "left liberalism", nationalism and imperialism – allowed them to ultimately gain the upper hand in the Far East and finally win the Civil War.

Scientific Life

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Moskvitin A. Yu.
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