2019 32020 #1 (52)

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Historical Regional Studies  
Podmaskin V. V.
Scientific contribution of military doctor M. M. Dobrotvorsky to the study of the history and culture of the Sakhalin Ainu (1867–1872)

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The article is devoted to the scientific activity of the military doctor, public figure, local historian, linguist, ethnographer, colleague F. M. Depreradovich Mikhail Mikhailovich Dobrotvorsky. During his medical practice in southern Sakhalin, he collected valuable material on the language and Ethnography of the Sakhalin Ainu, which is contained in a generalized form in a unique "Ainu-Russian dictionary" and a number of scientific works. This article gives an assessment of the researcher's works. Linguists, folklorists, ethnographers, anthropologists and doctors will find interesting and useful information reflecting the history and culture of the Ainu society of the second half of the XIX century, left to us by the medical scientist M. M. Dobrotvorsky.
Medvedeva L. M.
Opposition to falsification of the history of World War II in modern Russian historiography

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The revision of views on the course and results of World War II is a means of ideological struggle and manipulation of public consciousness, which is persistently used in imposing anti-Russian discourse on the international community. Russian scientists are directing efforts to ensure the objectivity of presenting the history of the Second World War. The article is devoted to solving the problem of confronting the falsification of the history of World War II in Russian historiography in recent years. The main directions and content of a critical analysis of falsification of events are revealed.
Round Table  
Blyakher L. E., Barbenko Ya. A., Demyanenko A. N., Zhuravskaia T. N., Minakir P. A., Ryzhova N. P.
Anthropology and economics: possible areas of cooperation

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Economy and Nature  
Ryzhova N. P., Zhuravskaya T. N.
The idea of private property and "real" captures of land

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The article is devoted to the discussion of the connection between land captures and the private property that is based on the conclusion that in comparison with the American or Australian model a culturally specific private property institute has been formed in the Far East. The authors do not consider the connection between real captures and established property relations, but the coexistence of the idea of it and the “real” captures in the performative tradition of M. Callon. The results of the study made it possible not only to assert that all property relations formed by land captures are not comparable with ideal models “written off” from Anglo-Saxon law, but also show the significance of the specific context for the relationship model being formed. Thus, it was shown that the liberal-economic idea could help transfer the previously captured lands to private ownership and brings these relations closer to the ideal economic model; could in general remain "unnoticed" in reality; real captures could adjust the ways in which the liberal economic idea of ownership in reality could be implemented; and a variety of other options. The study is based on empirical studies in the Far East in the case study format.
Naumov Yu. A.
On the features of air pollution in the Russian Far East

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The article is devoted to studying the features of air pollution in each subject of the Russian Far East. The author focuses on the ecological state of cities, increasing the degree of pollution in the region from increasing motorization, forest fires and transboundary impact from the booming China.  
Social and Demographic Structures  
Lipatova L. N.
The study of migration processes in modern Russia from a position of ensuring economic security

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On the basis of official statistics and expert estimates, an analysis of the situation in the field of population migration in Russia was carried out, the main directions of population redistribution were identified, the need for adjusting the socio-economic policy in regions experiencing significant migration was substantiated. Conclusions are drawn about the possible increase in the negative impact of migration processes on the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation as a whole and individual regions, in particular, which requires their detailed study in order to take measures to optimize migration flows and adjust social and economic policies.
Bakhlov I. V., Kildiyshkina I. G., Lipatova L. N.
Integration and Social Adaptation of Migrants: the Basics of Public Policy and the Experience of the Republic of Mordovia

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The article examines the aspects of the relationship of the spheres of state migration policy of Russia in the part of the promoting the socialization of migrants, the formation of constructive dialogue between them and the host, counteracting their social exclusion, spatial segregation and creating ethnic enclaves in the context of ensuring the economic security of The Republic of Mordovia. The need is justified creating an effective, universal model social adaptation and integration of migrants in Russian society. The guidelines and mechanisms of the federal, regional and local levels of government are determined, including the legal regulation of migration processes and practical measures to prepare modern state institutions of Russia for the socialization of foreign citizens and stateless persons.
Litvintseva A. I.
"Comfort women" as a part of the feminist movement of the Korean diaspora in Japan

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Since the 1970s women also began to create like-minded communities in which they discussed issues of inequality. One of the burning topics for discussion was the issue of "comfort women": Koreans demanded official apologies and compensation from Japan. This problem became one of the reasons for the more rapid development of the feminist movement of Koreans, and in this article we wanted to show how the feminist movement of Koreans developed in Japan in the framework of the "comfort women" problem. The situation of the Korean diaspora after the end of the World War II is briefly described, the main organizations for solving the problem of "women for comfort" are considered, and the current situation of this problem is characterized.
Political Relations and Management of the Region  
Kozlov L. E.
Regional policy of Russia in the Far East: an overview of current research

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Our review covers publications in Russian and English of the last decade, mainly in the field of political science, but also of economic geography and spatial economics, which contain observations and conclusions that are significant for political science. The fundamental eastward shift of Russia's foreign and regional policies is not questioned in the academic literature, and all authors evaluate the effectiveness of this policy more or less critically. There is a shortage of long-term political research that would aim to develop new laws based on Far Eastern empiricism, make cross-country comparisons, and build models that work under different conditions.
Bulakh E. V., Knyazeva А. R., Tsoj V. G.
Мutual influence of the culture and the social networks forming process at the local level: from the Amur Zemsky Assembly to the present

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The article presents an attempt to confirm the mutual influence of civic culture and the process of formation of the socio-political space at the municipal level. The authors highlighted the foundations of civic culture, identified the main characteristic features of a society with a developed civic culture. The paper proposes the main problem points of the development of direct forms of local self-government, the understanding of which is determined by the level of civic culture. Mutual obligations of the state and society are highlighted while ensuring social stability and harmony. Based on historical experience from the Amur Zemsky Assembly to the present, including an analysis of foreign experience, a rationale is given for the direct and inverse relationship of the level of culture and the quality of the management system. The work touched upon the practice of resolving issues of local significance on the example of Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin Oblast.
Tantsura M. S.
Regional parliamentarism in the context of decreasing efficiency of the representation system

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The article considers the features of the implementation of parliamentarism in the Primorsky territory. It is noted that in modern science the assumption concerning the reduced efficiency of the system of representation, identifies the factors influencing the region, such as limited influence on the executive power, low level of trust to the legislatures, the stereotype of the perception of citizens, etc. The opportunities are being considered to enhance the role of the representative bodies of state power and thereby increasing the efficiency of the system representation.
Iliyn V. E.
Drug prevention and control in Vietnam

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The article describes the problem of drug prevention and control in Vietnam. Vietnam borders the countries of the "Golden triangle" and is a transit point for the transport of narcotic and psychotropic substances from Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia to China and other countries of Northeast Asia. This problem poses a threat not only to Vietnam, but also to all countries of Southeast and Northeast Asia, that is associated, firstly, with the annual increase in the production and distribution of drugs in Asian markets, and secondly, with the high demand for hard drugs, for example heroin, in these countries.
World System and International Regions  
Vladimirova D. А., Zhurbey E. V., Karlovskaya А. А.
"Soft power" in foreign policies of Russia and China: features of national strategies
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The concept of "soft power" created by J. Nye, in the 21st century became widespread in China and Russia and nowadays is one of the key components of domestic and international politics. This article provides an overview of such spheres as education, mass-media, tourism and sports, which form the "soft power" of China and Russia. The analysis of cross years between countries is given. The specifics of achieving objectives and the main tools for the implementation of policies "soft power" both in the international arena and within countries are revealed. The article also provides a comparative analysis of the success of implementing "soft power" in China and Russia.
Gubin А. V.
Сontemporary DPRK's military capacity: conventional arms

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The article is mostly focused on research of the contemporary Korean People's Army capacity in terms of its capability to confront effectively emerged challenges an threats. Despite of the fact that Pyongyang outlined core accent on the obtained nuclear weapon and means of delivery in deterrence strategy applied to the USA and its allies, conventional arms are still extremely valuable in national defense planning. The DPRK's military power hasn't being diminished even under the UNSC and unilateral sanctions imposed. Moreover North Korean military industry is still able to develop, produce, test and deploy some arms and munitions. Korean People's Army was dramatically redesigned due to the new vision of the active defense with the stronger incline to the national territory's defense simultaneously hitting the adversary with all means including nuclear devices. Apparently, military and technological superiority the USA and its allies have over Pyongyang isn't a decisive argument for the forceful solution of the North Korean missile and nuclear problem both in high-precision strikes of mass intervention options. However Washington is seemed to utilize such a stalemate and turn it in the respective favor justifying military rebalancing and build-up as well as binding and keeping in check Japan and South Korea around the obsessed idea of DPRK's threat.
Аlekseev D. Yu.
The emergence and formation of the People's Labor Union of Russian solidarists

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Based on various data, the pre-war period of activity of the oldest political organization from the People’s Labor Union of Russian Solidarists (NTS) continuously existing in Russia is analyzed. The author examines the difficult path of solidarists from scattered circles of Russian youth to a wide confederation of youth associations representing different countries of the Russian foreign countries, and then transformation into a single political organization with a rigid centralized structure, as well as methods of their political struggle.
Scientific Life  
Shabelnikova N. А., Usov А. V.
A man with a burning heart: to the 80th anniversary of professor A. P. Derevyanko

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The article considers the creative path of A. P. Derevyanko doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Honored scientist of the Russian Federation-more than three decades devoted to the study of the history of the far East region. The article analyzes the contribution of Alexey Panteleevich-a scientist, teacher, skillful organizer in the development of science and education in the far East of Russia.