2019 32019 #3 (50)
The Theme:
Educational Potential of the Russian Regions: Modern Condition, Problems and Development Prospects
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Simonenko O. А.
"Education Packaging" as Part of Youth Policy in Russia and China

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Modern states impose ambitious requests to the education system aimed at the formation of a comprehensively developed personality. Through official channels and the media, an individual receives several statements that "package education" like a social value or service. With this approach, almost anyone becomes the addressee of the educational policy. The practical characterization of the formulated theses demonstrates a number of real problems existing in the education system of Russia and China.
Obruchnikova S. R.
Socialization of students in the modern education system (on the example of students of higher educational institutions of Khabarovsk)

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Social transformations dictate the need to study the processes taking place in higher education. An important condition for higher education is the successful socialization of students. Socialization of students in educational institutions occurs in difficult conditions. Updating educational programs, changing the technology of vocational education are associated with changes in the needs of society in the successful integration of young professionals. The prospect of development of the education system, and in particular higher education, depends largely on this process. It is universities that, as socialization institutions, can provide training for competitive specialists in the labor market.
Goryachenko E. А.
Practice of individualization of education at the Far Eastern Federal University

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Individualization of education is one of the most relevant transformation areas of the Institute of Education in the 21st century. At the moment, there are several global practices in the implementation of the principle of education individualization, primarily in universities in Europe and America. Attempts by Russian universities to individualize education are fragmented referring, as a rule, not including to the activities of the entire university, and only its individual structural divisions. The uniqueness of the practice of the Far Eastern Federal University lies in its scale: it has covered all key divisions of this university.
Zubova O. G., Kostina E. Yu., Mashkina I. V.
Geography of Childhood – a New Research and Educational Direction in Russian Geographical Science

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The article presents the results of empirical research of the geography of childhood as a new research and educational direction in our country. The article is structured in accordance with the tasks of analyzing the continuity of geographical education in the system of "school-university" and identifying opportunities for the integration of geography of childhood in school geography lessons and university education.The methods of data collection were the method of analysis of curricula (school, university) on geography, school and university textbooks, a series of expert interviews, focus groups and group discussions. Studying the prospects of geographical education in our country from the point of view of development of a new research and educational direction - geography of childhood (geography of children and youth) allowed to identify resources and risks in this area.  
Аbrosimova E. E., Bukhtiyarova I. N., Filipova А. G.
Children's participation in the solution of the questions affecting their interests: analysis of regional educational actions and regional mass media
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The article is devoted of the analysis of the regional resources used for realization of participation of children in the solution of the questions infringing on their interests, with a focus on educational resources. The basis for the dissemination in our country of the concept of child participation was Section 6 "Children participating ..." of the National strategy for action for children. Its action ended in 2017. Regional materials on the implementation of the National Strategy and publications of regional media related to children's participation are considered as two groups of empirical sources.
Theory and Methodology of Regional Studies  
Kremnyov E. V., Lesnikovskaya E. V.
On the question of the goals and objectives of transdisciplinary regionology

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The authors of the article formulate the goals and objectives of a new research field – transdisciplinary regionology – by taking into account the experience gained in domestic and foreign scientific fields. The article discusses the process of formation of the specified scientific direction, combining the achievements of various scientific schools devoted to the study of the region and its regional processes. Transdisciplinarity is grounded as its basic characteristic, and the choice of the term "regionology" is explained.
Historical Regional Studies  
Pchela I. V.
The economic conditions of teachers of rural schools in the Primorsky region in 1900–1914

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Author studied economic conditions of teachers that worked in rural schools in 1900–1914 years. The article was written on materials of the Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East. The author studied the salary and the procedure for its receipt, compared the standard of living of school teachers of different types and came to the conclusion that the level and quality of life of rural teachers are gradually increasing.
Petrov А. S.
The reasons for the spread of prostitution in remote regions of the Russian Empire in the early ХХ century (on the example of the Transbaikal region)

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This scientific article attempts to investigate the exorbitant development of both legal and illegal prostitution in the Trans-Baikal region at the beginning of the twentieth century, identifies features of its formation and transformation. The article proves that the mass character of prostitution in the administrative center of Transbaikalia was a consequence of many factors. Among the main factors, the author highlights the specific settlement and development of Transbaikalia, which were carried out by the authorities without taking into account the historical past of the region, had a non-systemic and illconsidered nature.
Stas' I. N.
Urban history in Eastern Siberia and the Far East

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The article analyzes the current state of the new direction of historiography – urban history – in the scientific space of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The author identifies three research centers on social and humanitarian urban studies – Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and Vladivostok. The research field of regional urban history is characterized by interdisciplinary synthesis and various theoretical and methodological approaches, which are usually based on the tools of socio-cultural anthropology. The priority themes of the urban history of Eastern Siberia and the Far East is the study of cities of the late Empire.
Round Table  
Ardalyanova A. Yu., Vinokurova A. V., Vlasov S. A., Goncharova S. V., Ermolaeva Y. N., Kostina E. Yu., Kupryashkin I. V., Malkova N. Yu., Orlova N. A., Panfilova A. O., Parfenova O. A., Radchenko N. N., Yakovlev A. I., Yachin S. E.
The phenomenon of the city in the focus of humanities

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Social and Demographic Structures  
Zakharkin R. А.
The problem of correlating secondary socialization with such social processes as resocialization and alternation

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The article is devoted to the study of the problems of identifying secondary socialization with other social processes. The author, in the case of a comparison of secondary socialization, resocialization and alternation, proves that secondary socialization is an independent social process that it is not analogous to the mentioned above two other social processes. The article discusses the phenomena of secondary socialization, resocialization and alternation, gives a comparative description of these phenomena. The analysis is done on the study of the work of the sociological classics P. Berger and T. Luckmann "The Social Construction of Reality", and the studies of contemporary domestic and foreign researchers.
Political Relations and Management of the Region  
Bakhlov I. V., Bakhlova O. V.
Improving Federal relations in Russia in the context of national and regional policies
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The article examines the problem of the relationship of the spheres of state policy of Russia in the plane of the federal structure, regional and spatial development. The correlation of their landmarks and mechanisms in political discourse and regulatory documents is explained. It emphasizes the features of the internal and external environment, prompting one or another solution. It identifies trends characteristic of the current political cycle, as well as some possible directions for the evolution of the policy of the federal center. Its pragmatization and the priority of an integrated approach in various fields are revealed.
Аntyushin N. А.
The role of the "upper" chamber in the bicameral parliaments on strengthening parliamentarism in the conditions of updating their composition (on the example of Russia, Kazakhstan) and France

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The article touches upon the connection between the upper chambers of bicameral parliaments and the strengthening of the principles of parliamentary system. The author draw attention to the institutionalization of modern bicameral parliaments and their functional purpose, including through the implementation of parliamentary diplomacy. Examination of examples of the Russian, Kazakh and French parliaments is carried out to test the hypothesis that an open way of forming upper chambers contributes to the greater political weight of the bicameral parliament. At the same time, the active participation of the parliament or one of its chambers in the implementation of the foreign policy of the state contributes to the growth of the importance of the institution in the political system.
World System and International Regions  
Аlekseev D.Yu.
NTS and Western intelligence: cold war allies

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On the basis of various data, the relationship of the oldest political organization of the continuously existing in Russia people's Labor Union of Russian solidarists (NTS) with the us and UK intelligence services is analyzed. The author considers the topical issues of financing the irreconcilable opposition, attempts to unite Russian political organizations with separatist ones for the common struggle against Bolshevism, joint operations of the NTS, CIA and "intelligence service", as well as the moral side of this cooperation.


Sevast'yanov S. V., Lukin А. L.
Monograph review: Transformation of international relations in Northeast Asia and national interests of Russia (ed. by A. V. Torkunov, D. V. Streltsov)

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In the review of the monograph "Transformation of international relations in Northeast Asia and national interests of Russia" (ed. by A. V. Torkunov, D. V. Streltsov) the latter’s importance has got a high rating both for deep analysis of ongoing transformation of the international relations in NEA and for relevance of systemic assessment of the changing role and interests of Russia in the region. This assessment is also based on high depth and quality of materials on most acute regional problems (Korean peninsula nuclear problem, territorial disputes, etc.), as well as on another key feature of the work – three of its six chapters are devoted to study of the Russia’s national interests and positions in NEA (regional security approaches, bilateral relations with neighboring countries, and participation in regional integration projects).
Kuznetsov А. M.
Review of V. Ts. Golovachev’s book "Ethnopolitical History of Taiwan in the World Historiography of the ХVII–ХХI Centuries"

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In the review the monograph by V.Ts. Golovachev devoted to a historiography of ethnopolitical history of Taiwan (ethnic politics) is discussed. Relevance of this work is this subject is a little studied in the Russian science. Undoubted its advantage is using of publications not only of Russian, but also Western European, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwan authors. Therefore monograph of V.Ts. Golovachev can be recommended to a wide range of experts and students.