2012 №42012 #4 (23)


The theme:

«Social transformations in the Russian Far East»

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Shestak O. I.
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Kovalenko S. G.
To an estimation of structural transformations in the Far East in the 1965 – 1980
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Positive changes in the life of countries have set in the late 1950's. coincided with the search for new. The article deals with the contradictions of the Soviet modernization in the Far East. Dana comprehensive assessment of modernization in the region. The result shows the management reforms in terms of economic efficiency. Revealed the position of regional and central elites.
Solovchenkov S. А.
The transformation of the employment system and social structurein the border region (on example of the Jewish Autonomous Region)
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In the article on the basis of these case studies provides an analysis of changes in employment preferences of rural inhabitants of the Jewish Autonomous Region and the transformation of social structure, as a consequence of self-determination in the labor market.
Shestak O. I.
Structure of requirement in a personnel and the staff problems of the Russian economy (on example of the analysis of the market of work in Primorye Territory)
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The article is devoted to the analysis of professional structure of the market of work of Primorye Territory. On example of one region is given the general characteristic of problems of understanding of real requirement in the staff in the Russian economy as a whole, place of the young personnels in structure of a supply and demand in the market of work, are opened the prospects of the further transformation of personnel structure of system of the labour relations in Russia.
The theory and methodology of regional researches
Kireev A. A.
On the typology of Asian boundaries of Russia (I part)
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The article is devoted to conceptual and methodological problems of historical typologization of the features of Asian boundaries of Russia and its sections. In the first part of the article the author critically analyzes the main directions of current domestic studies of the boundaries of Russia in Asia and offers own typological scheme for the description of the development of these boundaries.
Wildlife management and economy
Badmaeva L. V., Bashkueva E. Yu.
The relation of the accepting environment of the region-recipientto foreign labor migrants as an indicator of tolerance of society in the Republic of Buryatia
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We considered the relation of the accepting environment of the region – recipient to the foreign labor migrants. The nature of xenophobias in the Russian realities, in particular, in the conditions of the multi-ethnic region (Republic of Buryatia) is analyzed. The signs of a social and demographic profile of the respondents, defining tolerance or intolerance of the accepting environment are revealed. The relation of the respondent of the population to marriage with foreign citizens is revealed.
Breslavskiy A. S.
Rural Migrants in the Post-Soviet Ulan-Ude: expectations, strategies, practices of settling
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The article focuses on practices of settling of rural migrants (from rural settlements of Buryatia) in the post-soviet Ulan-Ude (capital of the republic). The research is based on academic and administrative materials, statistical data and field work. In the article the author identifies key strategies and areas of settling of rural migrants in the city, analyzes their migration expectations and barriers.
Badaraev D. D.
Internal migration processes in modern mongolian society
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Article is devoted to consideration of migratory processes in modern mongolian society. The reasons, factors and consequences of internal migration of the population of Mongolia from rural areas to the urbanized centers of the country are analysed on the basis of data of statistics and results of researches of the last years. Also the problem of nomadic animal husbandry, as bases of preservation of culture and traditions of the mongolian people is mentioned.
Аndreeva O. N.
Standard of living and quality of life: the content of concepts and their components
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This article is devoted to the content and structure of the socio-economic concept of «standard of living» and «quality of life». The article attempts to overcome the terminological confusion in determining the values of these concept.
The problems of internal and external policies of Anglo-Saxon powers in the first half of the XX century
Likharev D. V.
Anglo-French agreement on naval armaments in 1928: the last anti-American step of the UK
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1920-s became witnesses of sharp Anglo-American naval rivalry. President Coolidge believed that the United States had enough means for forcing Britain to concede her naval supremacy. This resulted only in British determination not to buckle under such diplomatic blackmail. The Anglo-French Naval Compromise of 1928 was the British answer to the American Pressure.
Tikhij K. T.
The Prologue of “Great Purges”. (Kirov’s Murder and the Opinion of American Diplomats)
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The submitted work is devoted to the analysis of the attitude of the American diplomats to the beginning of the mass political trials at the mid of the 1930’, and future anticommunist tensions in the transition in Soviet-American relationships. The author stresses the psychological effect of the purges on the US diplomats.
Simonenko E. S.
Frederick Borden and Canadian militia reform program (1896 – 1911)
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The article is devoted to the life and work of outstanding Canadian political and social personality Frederick Borden, who for fifteen years (1896 – 1911) was the permanent head of the armed forces of the greatest dominion of British Empire. During the years of his life in Canada was established Citizen Army, and was the beginning of cooperation in the field of imperial defense.
World system and inter-regional relations
Rodionov V. А.
Central Asia line of Mongolia’s foreign policy: the SCO factor
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The article considers the question about the perspectives of cooperation between Mongolia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The author analyzes the main factors that can influence the process of Mongolia’s integration into the SCO structure. The main conclusion contains a thesis about low interest of Ulan-Bator in closer integration with this organization. It is determined by Mongolia’s low involvement into the affairs of Central Asia: insignificant economic and trade ties, absence of common regional challenges and threats and factors, external to the regional.
Rodionov V. А., Badmatsyrenov T. B., Shurkhuu D.
Russia’s «comeback» to Mongolia: problem of strategy preference
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In the paper there are considered the problems connected with reasons and character of Russian and Mongolian foreign policy strategy. Authors research the role of external and internal factors in Russian-Mongolian relations, define Russian and Mongolian strategy’s strength and weaknesses towards each other.
Study of science
Ruban D. А.
Region as a research brand under conditions of scientific globalization
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An important challenge for regional scientific systems under conditions of globalization is their successful international positioning. In some fields, the attention of the scientific community is concentrated on selected regions, which become a kind of brands. This phenomenon can be employed by a given regional scientific system for the purposes of its own development and adequate reaction to the above-mentioned challenge.
Litoshenko D. А.
Status of regional researches in the south of the Far East Russia by the end of the first decade of XXI
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Scientific messages
Zhernovoy M. V.
Problems combat illegal timber trade in the Far Eastern Federal District
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This paper analyzes the existing problems, reducing the effectiveness of the fight against illegal timber trade in the Far East, and proposed a number of measures to address them.
Аktamov I. G.
Environmental security questions of modern Mongolia
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This article is devoted to the problem of environmental risks of Mongolia. The author views the ecological situation in modern Mongolian society and role of Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China in socio-ecological processes in the region.
Scientific life
Kononchuk D. V.
The visit to of FEFU SRP delegationHeilongjiang University Institute of Philosophy
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