2014 №42014 #4 (31)


The theme:

«Migration Policy in the Far East of Russia»

Kireev А. А.
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Kireev А. А.
Impact of Russian migration policy on the dynamics of transborder migration from China
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Based on comparative analysis of trends of a number of variables the study assesses the impact of the Russian migration policy on transborder migration from China in 1989 – 2012 years. The author highlights the shortcomings of state regulation of migration from China, and indicates possible ways of increasing its efficiency and prospects for further examination of the problem.
Zykov А. А.
The Far East Russia at the intersection of migratory streams of Eurasia
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In article processes of transformation of a migratory situation in the Far East Russia and formation of modern and state migration policy are considered.
Ivanov S. A.
Chinese Capital and Labor Migration in Primorsky Territory
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The article examines interrelation between migration of Chinese capital and labor in the Primorsky territory of Russia, its scale and causes. The author also analyses the strategies of firms with Chinese capital under diminishing of foreign worker quotas. The empirical basis of research is statistical data and semi-structured interviews.
Troyakova T. G., Kozinets А. I.
Several factors of Sakhalin Oblast’s identification
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This is a brief evaluation of Sakhalin Oblast identification as consequences of varied ethnicity, culture and economic development. There are interpretations of opinion poll on Sakhalin regional identity of small group of youth at that essay. The research results allow considering that Sakhalin identification is merging but has no contradictions to national identity.
Economy and nature
Beloglazov G. P.
Chinese Eastern Railway as an object of Russian (Soviet)-Chinese cooperation and Russian investment in 20th of the XX century
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The paper describes the basic principles of Soviet foreign policy with regard to China, CER and Far East region as a whole and their display at the conclusion of the agreements. Held that an analysis of the signed documents. Marked by the Russian (Soviet) investment experience major economic projects such as the CER and the heavy industry base in Northeast China in the 1950s. It is concluded that at the present time, the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the transboundary region is hardly possible without an objective assessment of the lessons of history.
Dolgaleva L. M., Gataullina S. Yu.
Potential of environmental resources of Transbaikalia reserves for the development of "green" tourism (on example of the national park "Alkhanay")
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Zabaykalsky Krai, having a wide spectrum of natural environment (climate, landscape, botanical and hydrological) resources, unspoiled nature, almost never used for the development of "green" tourism. Meanwhile, ethnic traditions and the need for the population to rest creates all the necessary conditions for the organization and development of extreme, educational, religious and other kinds of tourism. The authors considered the political, socio-cultural, economic, environmental and technological factors that affect the development of ecological tourism, has a decisive influence on the sustainable development of the territory.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization
Maslovskaya O. V.
Vladivostok central square as a spatial phenomenon and the place for the social communication
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Article describes Vladivostok central square as a spatial phenomenon and the place for the social communication. The historical transformation of the significant forms of place is outlined, the special features of urban planning, architectural and-artistic structure are analyzed, the meaningful and symbolic values of the socio-cultural space of square as a whole and its separate elements are revealed.
Political relations and management of region
Zhurbey E. V., Davyborets E. N., Eleneva E. V.
Redevelopment as advanced mechanism of municipal areas development: foreign and domestic experience
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The key aim of the given study is to update the best practices of municipal areas management and development, particularly through establishing the agencies engaged in territorial development, as well as through the framework of redevelopment. The subject of the research is the activity of the agencies engaged in territorial development aimed to increase the financial and economic self-sufficiency of the territories (areas), i.e. redevelopment.
Potashyov D. V.
Political extremism and terrorism in Japan in the second half of the 60s – 90s of ХХ century
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In the article the activity of the extremism and terrorism organizations in Japan in the second half of the 60s – 90s of ХХ century is classified. Its ideological principles and methods of actions are analysed. The author traces the connections between the «new lefts» and the «new religions» and the extremism and terrorism in Japan.
Scientific life
Sinenko I. Yu.
International Forum "The Future of the Northeast in the XXI Century: from conflict to cooperation" (Vladivostok, 20-22 August 2014)
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Kuznetsov А. M.
International workshop "Ethnical and political situation at the Far East: contemporary issues"
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