2018 42018 #4 (47)
The Theme:
Social Policy in the Regions of Russia:
Processes and Development Trends
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Аdiev А.Z.
Ethnic power-sharing as a factor of socio-political stability in the North Caucasus

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The paper analyzes political practices of ethnic power-sharing in the multiethnic republics of the North Caucasus. The contradictory role of the system of political representation of ethnic groups in Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia has been revealed. On the one hand, the system of ethnic power-sharing is ensuring ethno-political stability in the region. On the other hand, it contributes to the politicization of ethnicity, which hinders the all-Russian integration processes, both in political and sociocultural meaning.
Rogovaya А.V.
Normative practice of municipalities: factor of professionalism of the subject

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The article deals with issues of current state of Municipal lawmaking in the Russian Federation. To base on sociological research assessed an expert evaluation of the municipal lawmaking effectiveness, exposed typical errors in the preparation and adoption of municipal normative legal acts, main problems in maintaining the register of municipal normative legal acts of the Russian Federation constituent units. In conclusion key of some directions for improving the municipal lawmaking process.
Breslavsky A.S.
Russian Suburbs and regional social policy

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The article focuses on social policy and territorial development of suburban settlements in four capitals of Southern Siberia: Abakan (the Republic of Khakassia), Gorno-Altaysk (the Altai Republic), Kyzyl (the Tyva Republic) and Ulan-Ude (the Republic of Buryatia). The rapid growth of suburban settlements in these four cities is caused by numerous of typical reasons. The main ones are disproportions in development of rural and urban areas in the regions. As a result of the mass rural-urban migrations from the late 1990s to 2010s, mostly poorly regulated settlement and development of suburban areas without adequate engineering and social services, these settlements faced many problems that local authorities will have to solve through balanced regional social policy.
Round Table  
Goncharova S.V., Kupryashkin I.V., Lebedeva E.V., Majorova-SHHeglova S.N., Mashkina I.V., Osmachko N.V., Panfilova А.O., Savinskaya O.B., Sud'in S.А., Sivak E.V., Tolvajshis L., Filipova А.G.
Children’s geographies in Russia: to be or not to be?

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Theory and methodology of regional studies  
Minakir P.А., Dem'yanenko А.N., Prokapalo O.M., Goryunov А.P.
Integration and disintegration in Russia’s economic space: methodological aspects
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The authors aim to draw attention to certain methodological problems concerning the study of the processes of integration and disintegration in the economic space (ES) of modern Russia. We propose to approach the spatial economic integration and disintegration as two connected and mutually reinforcing processes, as opposed to the traditional approach of viewing one as the "bad" alternative to another – "good" – one. We further suggest that the true goal of regional economic policy should be the search of institutions and mechanisms for the optimal balancing of integration and disintegration within the national ES. The proposed approach to this problem widens the array of analytical instruments of regional economic studies, as well as provides a more solid methodological grounding for solving the various problems of spatial development at both the national and regional levels.
Historical Regional Studies  
Barbenko Ya.А.
Explorations in the south of the Russian Far East in second half XIX – early XX centuries as agricultural colonization management background: 1860 to 1869 practice. Part 2

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Explorations in the south of the Russian Far East second half XIX early XX centuries as agrThe paper presents an analysis of research activities in the Russian Amur region from 1860 through 1869. Based on the system of criteria were evaluated organization and content of the studies, were assessed the agricolonial fieldworks component. Pointed period inherits many features of the previous decade: subordination to external tasks, openness of results, lack of specialists, enthusiasm and amateurism as a significant characteristic of the researchers’ motivation. Changes in the organization of researches are revealed: the stationary instrumental researches appear, the quantity of long-term works grows.
Knyaz'kina T.А.
The construction of health facilities in the Far East of the USSR in the 1920–1930s (on the example of Kamchatka region)

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The vast territory of the Far East, the north-eastern edge for a long time remained without academic medicine. The situation changed thanks to the construction of medical institutions. The article highlights the beginning of the formation of the health care system in the Kamchatka region. The author traces the purposes and directions of construction, problem solving, difficulties in organizing the construction of health facilities of the Kamchatka region, the implementation of construction programs in the national districts. By the end of 30s in the Kamchatka region, the coverage of medical care was increasing, but the growth of the network of medical institutions due to the construction have not yet become a priority.
Economy and nature  
Latkin А.P., Pyao Ikhua.
Peculiarities of riskmanagement of joint entrepreneurship in the development of land resources of the Russian Primorye

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The purpose of this article is to identify the specific features of managing the risks of developing land resources, taking into account the high dynamics of the development of Russian-Chinese agricultural entrepreneurship in the Russian Primorye. Having a positive influence on the increase in the production of soy, rice, corn, vegetable and meat and dairy products with the involvement of annually growing agricultural areas in this process, joint enterprise already brings its negative environmental consequences. Ultimately, there are risks of chemical pollution and degradation of land resources, a decline in the quality of agricultural products. In the final analysis, this creates a problem of successful implementation of the export-oriented strategy for the development of the Russian Primorye economy, with mutually beneficial cooperation with the APR countries.
Khaknazarov S.Kh.
The territory of traditional environmental management in a section of sociological researches

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Preservation of the surrounding environment and social and economic development of indigenous people of the North in modern conditions are an important problem for the state and society in general. Without her decision transition of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District to rails of sustainable economic development is impossible. In article results of the sociological researches conducted in 2016 in territories of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District are analyzed. Are analyzed the relation of respondents to creation and development of the territory of traditional environmental management, ethnonatural parks and reservations in places of compact accommodation of indigenous people of the North.
Political Relations and Management of the Region  
Kireev A.A.
Тhe system of development institutions in the FEFD: concepts, implementation, and prospects

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The article is focused on the system of development institutions (DI) created in the FEFD as a new form of state policy for the macroregion development. The issues of genesis of the conceptual foundations and practical implementation of the Far Eastern system of DI, its typological features and the prospects for evolution in specific conditions of the FEFD are considered. The analysis of the Far Eastern DI is conducted in a comparative context, based on the proposed periodizationof history of capitalist societies and the main models of DI identified by the author.
Sevastianov S.V., Reutov D.A., Nian Xuezhui.
First experience in implementing TAD and SPV regimes in Russia and experimental FTZs in China

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The main research task of this article is to study first experience in implementing regimes of Vladivostok free port and territories of advanced development in the Russian Far East (RFE) and Chinese experimental free trade zones that just recently became operational (from 2015 at the RFE and from 2013 in China). The key research methods are: comparative and institutional. The effectiveness and problems of the new development institutions in Russia and China are evaluated by analyzing five key factors of their investment attractiveness: tax breaks, administration, availability of financing, infrastructure, and human resources.
Аlekseenko А.P.
Regulation of the civil service in the PRC
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This article analyses a Civil Servant law of the PRC as well regulations connected with it, and documents of the Communist Party of China. The author pays attention to the specific features of the mentioned law related to admission to public service, training of civil servants and corruption. Basing on the study of Chinese experience the author gives recommendations which can be used to improve public administration in Russia.
Cultural and Ideological Factors of Regionalization  
Kazakova А.Yu.
Image of the House in a mass film production: estimates, classifiers and models

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The mass-film are analyzed as a source of simulation of the image of the home in contemporary society and culture, which can be described in terms of games, risk, consumption and survival. Based on content analysis of films, where a building as a dwelling is the part of images (n=572), we determined the frequency representations of the image of "bad" and "good" houses and their classification features. The main classifier is safety. The shares of "terrible" and "perfect" houses in the data array were almost equal and and this ratio is stable in time. Since there is a tendency to create films in a traditional "children's" genre, but in the style of horror, strengthening "antidomestic" values, increasing oikophobia state of consciousness, growth of anxiety in society should be expected in the nearest future.
Oreshkina T.А., Konyashkin V.А.
Ecological consciousness and ecological discourses of civilization

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The article discusses the term ‘discourse’ as a shared way of understanding the world. The aim of the research is to analyze the full range of environmental discourses theoretically possible for an intelligent civilization now and in the future. Basing their research on the analysis of fantastic literature and the matrix of ecological development, the authors propose to complement the existing classifications of environmental discourses. The article presents arguments proving the wrongness of consideration the principle of sustainable development as the concept of coevolution of society and nature. In the authors’ opinion, coevolution is the simultaneous progress of the environment and society, and the discourse of sustainable development does not imply simultaneous economic, social progress and harmony with nature.

World System and International Regions

Zolotukhin I.N., Tszya Su Yan
Nuclear energy development in Southeast Asia: history, trends, prospects

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The research explores the aspects and directions of nuclear energy development in Southeast Asia (SEA) including risks, challenges, and obstacles connected with implementation of civilian nuclear programs in the subregion. The mechanisms of international cooperation of the ASEAN members in the sphere of nuclear energy as well as Russia’s initiatives in appliance of nuclear technologies are clarified. The article is based on the analysis of the results of the researches, statistics, and the data of the expert reviews dealing with nuclear issues in Southeast Asia.
Tsin Dun, Lukin А.L.
The prospects for Russia-China collaboration in the Arctic and the Russian Far East

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The Northern Polar region has been rising in importance not only for the traditional Arctic nations but also for a number of non-Arctic states, including China. The existence of shared interests under the Russia-China strategic partnership opens up opportunities for their cooperation in the Arctic. Since China is geographically situated outside of the Arctic area, it is Russia that has the initiative in the two countries’ collaboration in this region. The pace and level of the Sino-Russian cooperation in the North will mostly depend on Russia’s choices. The effective Russian-Chinese cooperation in the Arctic, based on convergent interests, will not only contribute to further growth of the strategic partnership between the two great powers, but may also be beneficial to the long-term sustainable development of the Arctic.
Scientific Life  
50 years on the way of scientific research  
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