2014 №32014 #3 (30)


The theme:

«Educational space of south of the Russian Far East»

Litoshenko D. А.
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Litoshenko D. А.
Regional educational space: construction of the pragmatical theory
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The article investigates the variety of theoretical understanding of the concept of "educational space" with pragmatic position which is predetermined, in turn, the need to develop adequate theoretical tools for a full interpretation of the processes and phenomena occurring in the present time in the framework of a regional cluster of the national system of higher professional education.
Makarenko V. G.
Scientific and educational complex south of the Far East: current state, problems and development prospects
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Investigated the current state and prospects of development of scientific and educational complex of the Far East of Russia, identified a number of its problems and contradictions, the ways to resolve them.
Niyazova M. V., Vasyuk А. V.
Institutional variety of regional higher educational institutions and efficiency of their scientific activity
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The article is devoted to the research of efficiency of scientific activity in higher education on the example of universities of the Rostov Region and Primorsky Krai. The author gives the results of the comparative analysis of variety of higher educational institutions of these regions on specific accessory, the directions of specific activity, departmental jurisdiction and the type of the institution. The study focuses on institutional restrictions of efficiency increase of the scientific activity, caused by type of educational institution.
Khisamutdinova N. V.
The role of practical training in the engineering education in the Far East
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The article considers some issues of the historical experience in organization and holding of students’ practical training which was an important part for all technical higher schools in the Far East. The author describes the examples of connections between educational institutions and the industry, and analyzes the main trends of future engineers’ practical training in different periods. The paper is based on the unpublished archival documents on the Far Eastern higher schools activity in 1920-1980's.
Chernjavskij А. А.
Professional education of the regional studies specialist: resource of formation of enterprise competence
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Features of professional education of the regional studies specialist are presented in article. The analysis of pedagogical researches in this direction and the Federal educational standard which is a basis of professional education is given. On the basis of the analysis of researches and polls of regional studies specialists the problem of pedagogical resources of formation of enterprise competence of future regional studies specialists is put. Basic provisions for its decision within pedagogical science are presented.
The global prospects of border studies 
(interview with Jussi Laine)
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Economy and nature
Golobokov А. S., Sabanina E. Yu.
Will the Kamchatka’s tourist brand become global?
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In recent years there were attempts to make Kamchatka’s tourism international, however, without significant success. Problems of regional tourist business development and factors of Kamchatka’s attractiveness for Russian and foreign tourists are explored.
Social and demographic srtuctures
Fyodorov R. Yu., Bogordaeva А. А.
Peasant resettlements of Belorussians in the Asian Russia: geography and myths of identity
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The article is devoted to the study of the principles of settling of descendants of the Belorussian peasants-migrants living on the territory of Siberia and the Far East. The myths of identity of the Belorussian peasants are considered as factors which affected to the nature of the interactions of the migrants and old-settlers as well as to the features of cultural landscapes of its settlements.
Eleneva E. V., Podkopaeva O. V., Selnitskaya G. D.
The problems and mechanisms of labor migrants’ integration into the educational space of the region
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The given article deals with the problem of social and economic adaptation of labor migrants. Furthermore the author tries to outline the ways of their integration into the host society. Primorsky Kray is considered to be a labor lacking territory in all areas of economic activity, but the vast majority of engaged migrant workers, particularly in Nakhodka urban district, are people with low educational level. Thus, the analysis of migratory situation in Nakhodka urban district brings us to the conclusion about the necessity of improving the mechanisms of labor migrants’ adaptation into the social and economic environment of the region.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization
Harzmann E. I.
On the question of the origin of photography in the south of the Far East
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Currently, photography as an art form is very popular throughout the world. It has become an integral part of our lives, ranging from news papers to simple family snapshots. In this connection it is interesting to look back and trace the period of origin of photography. On the pages of this article, the author's attention will focus on the south of the Russian Far East.
Scientific messages
Embulaev V. N.
Modern information technologies in teaching and educational problems
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The theory of learning for high school aims to study the laws , principles and means of formation of highly qualified specialists . And to understand, and which in this case must be the theory , and what should be the content and practice of teaching in higher education , it is necessary to consider the state and some of the initial problems of the theory of learning for high school.
Poznyak T. Z.
The image of Vladivostok in the view of contemporaries in second half of XIX – beginning XX
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The article is devoted to the image of Vladivostok in the second half of XIX – early XX century. Based on a wide range of sources – the official records, travel writing, essays – the author examines how changing perceptions about the city, reveals aspects of the image of the city that are most often attracted attention of his contemporaries and broadcast in a variety of texts.
Scientific life
Zolotukhin I. N.
Forming global network of research contacts. IV Global International Studies Conference 2014 (6–9 August 2014, Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
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Kireev А. А.
Interdisciplinary seminar "Theory of bureaucracy in the light of the experience of modern Russian and international policy"
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