2014 №22014 #2 (29)


The theme:

«Maritime dimension of Asia Pacific region»

Gubin А. V.
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Gubin А. V.
Maritime dimension of security in the North-East Asia: drawing analogiesto the World War I eve
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The article describes policies of the driving actors within the Asia Pacific toward naval armament in the contemporary security context. There are focused some analogies with the eve of World War I when German-British rivalry in High Seas lead to a large-scale conflict.
Medvedeva L. M., Lavrentev А. V.
The Northern sea route: experience of developmentand prospects of development
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The article deals the experience of mastering the Northern sea route, strategy and problems of modern development. Noted the importance of the transport development of the Arctic.
Lavrentev А. V., Medvedeva L. M.
The experience of reforming maritime transportin the Far East of Russia: some aspects of socio-economic security
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The article presents the main results of the state policy in the sphere of sea transport in the far East in the 1990s – early 2000s.
Karpov E. V.
The Japan-American factor of formationof security system in the Asia-Pacific region sincethe end of World War II
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The article is a historical essay on creation a new security system of Japan in the Post-World War II Period and role of the United State in this process.
Economy and nature
Illarionov А. А.
The historical experienceof public-private partnerships in the transport development of Primorye (on the example of the constructionof the Ussuri railway)
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The article is devoted to realization of one of the first infrastructure projects in the Far East – the construction of the Ussuri railway. Public-private partnership is the key to successful implementation of this important project in the history of the region.
Naumov Yu. А.
Historical aspects of becomingof city Nakhodka as a transport mega complex
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In the article considered historical and geographical aspects of becoming the ports of Nakhodka (with giving out the stages) and forming on its basic of the highest transport mega complex in Far East Region, problems and prospects of social and economic development of this mega complex, ecological situation of port aquatoriums and problems of sea using and also backgrounds of steady development.
Social and demographic structures
Pakhomov O. S.
Moralization ethnicity: ethnic riskmanagement discrimination Korean Diaspora in Japan
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The paper presents an attempt to describe the process of forming ethnicity as a constant search for ways to reduce the risk discrimination and obtain the confidence of the host society. Korean diaspora in Japan provides an example of moralizing ethnicity when ethnic boundaries exist in the form constant conflict over the norms and values, producing as positive moral reaction (respect) and negative (condemnation). An important role is played by the protest movements Japanese Koreans.
World system and inter-regional relations
Likhareva O. А.
Public opinion of the United States anddiplomatic recognition of the Republic of China in 1913
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The article contains an analysis of reasons which influenced the decision of official Washington to recognize the Republic of China in 1913. The author insists that there were two tendencies in the American attitude toward the revolutionary changes in China. Professional diplomats from the State Department and the Presidential Administration were not inclined to hasten diplomatic recognition of the republican government in Peking. But the American public opinion, which idealized Chinese revolutionaries, made President Wilson to recognize the regime of Yuan Shih-kai.
Namakonov N. M., Zhurbey E. V.
Problems, challengesand threats to Arctic Canada's Foreign Policy
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The article is devoted to the problems in Canada’s foreign policy concerning the research of Arctic. The article considers different approaches and goals of the Canadian government on the way to Arctic zone minerals.
Samojlenko P. Yu.
Russian strategic interestsin Asia-Pacific: sinergetic and image factorsin navy and economic integration
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The article deals with the problems of russian ecinimic cooperation in Asia-Pacific and developing and modernization of russian pacific navy. Both this factors will bring rise of the image of the Russian Federation in Asia-Pacific and strengthen its geopolitical position in the region.
Lutsenko E. А.
The posture of the Russian Federationtowards Spratly Archipelago: interests, risks, opportunities
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The article defines the official vision of the Russian Federation towards Spratly islands’ territorial dispute. Special attention is given to Russian ways of cooperation with regional states in the context of the conflict. Key notions, that Russia should follow in its attitude to the islands, are considered.
Region in the documents and testimonies
Karaman V. N., Rykunov D. Eh.
Letters of the First World War in the newspaper "Far East"
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This publication presents a selection of letters of the Far Eastern veterans of the First World War. Letters published in the newspaper "Far East" in 1914-15.
Scientific messages
Osichanskij P. I.
Educating "the human factor"
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This article examines the work of the Center for Investigation of accidents and incidents at sea as an educational unit and expert institution that not only introduces students with major marine accidents and disasters, but also contributes to the development of research skills in the investigation of accidents and incidents at sea.
Zolotukhin I. N.
American vision of the territorial dispute around the Spratly Islands
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Kireev А. А.
Vladivostok fortress: from "history of concrete" to "total history"
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