2013 №42013 #4 (27)


The theme:

«The automobile subculture of the region in focus of interdisciplinary researches»

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Letoshenko D. A.
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Litoshenko D. А. 
The feudal sources of modern ethics of road movement in a context of automobile subculture of Pacific Russia
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The article is devoted to research of feudal sources of modern ethics of road movement in a context of automobile subculture of Pacific Russia ascending to knightly culture of medieval Europe.
Prokopchuk А. V.
Cars companies and philanthropy: world experience
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Famous cars companies very often takes part in philanthropic programs. Many of them have foundations like General Motors Foundation, Ford Foundation, Volkswagen Foundation, ext.
Lavrent'ev А. V.
The development of Russian-Chinese automobile posts: historical experience and current trends
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The conditions of the organization and implementation issues of international road transport in the border areas of the Far East of the Russian Federation are analyzed.
Social and demographic structures
Kireev А. А.
Is there a Chinese diasporain the Russian Far East?
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Based on the author's definition of "diaspora", the article assesses the possibility of applying this concept to the Chinese migrants in the Russian Far East. The empirical base of the study includes the official statistics, the results of surveys and expert opinions.
Аndreeva O. N.
Level and quality of lifeof the population in Primorye Territory(in anticipation of carrying out the APEC summit)
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This article is devoted to the issues of quality and standard of life of the population. As the main object of research is the level and quality of life of the population of the Far Eastern Federal district and Primorsky Krai. The aim of this study is to assess the quality of life of the population of the Far Eastern Federal district and the Primorsky Krai in time for the APEC summit. The main findings of the study include: validation and the simplification of the methods to evaluate the level and quality of life; calculation of indicators of living standards and quality of life index in the Russian Federation and its separate regions by 01.01.2012.
World system and inter-regional relations
Reutov D. А.
Prospects and challengesof Russian-Japanese gas cooperation
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Russia aims to expand its presence at the growing Asia-Pacific gas market. Japan is the world's largest consumer of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Russia may organize gas supply to Japan via LNG terminals or by construction of a gas pipeline from Sakhalin Island to Japan. Potential benefits and losses of bilateral gas projects are evaluated. The future development of Russian-Japanese gas projects is analyzed. Recommendations for forging of mutually beneficial conditions for cooperation are given.
Stetsko N. I.
The «reset» as the principal paradigmof the U.S.-Russian relations duringthe first presidency of Barack Obama
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In the article the analysis of the U.S.-Russian bilateral relations during the first presidency of Barack Obama through the prism of the concept of the «reset» as the cornerstone of that period is given. Special attention is given to the process of becoming this policy as a base in relation to Russia in the American establishment. Describes the practical steps and the results of this form of bilateral relations.
Military and political geography of east asia
Gubin A. V., Sinenko I. Yu.
North East Asia on a threshold of new race of arms
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The following article analyzes recent trend among leading North-East Asian nations considering their military potential development and defense expenditures rocketing. Authors examine basic prepositions to the phenomenon, as well as general influence on the regional security. The ultimate attention is paid to potential threat of wide-scale regional arms race and rejuvenation of local coercions.
The analytical centres of APR
Zhurbey E. V.
«Think tanks» and foreign policy processof the Singapore: Background
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The article is devoted to the history of the institute of «think tanks» and their role in the foreign policy process in Singapore. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of «think tanks» centers of Singapore and their foreign counterparts. The article discussed the organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing Singapore's foreign policy leadership.
Scientific messages
Zhernovoy M. V.
Radiation safetyof the Primorye Territory in the light of auto import
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The paper presents an analysis of the current status of radiation safety in Primorsky Region in light of the supply of Japanese cars.
Zolotukhin I. N.
The knot of contradictions in the pivot region
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The review enlightens the maintenance of the Malay Archipelago’s key security aspects, considered in the work of Andrew Tan, the researcher on problems of the terrorism in Southeast Asia. The book allows deeper understanding and estimating of the political processes occurring in given subregion and their enhancing value for system of the international relations in the Asia-Pacific.
Scientific life
On the anniversary of Eleonora Vasil'evnа Ermakova  
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Stavrov I. V.
«Russia and China: dialogue of civilizations».International scientific conference (Harbin, September 21-22, 2013)
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Latushko Yu. V.
Round table of young scientistsof Russia and APR countries
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The index of the articles and the materials published in journal for 2012 – 2013  
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