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The Theme:
The socio-political processes in Baikal Asia region
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Аrgudyaeva Yu.V.
Vladimir Arseniev about Russian Peasants in the South of the Far East of Russia

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The article considers the investigations of the Russian people by V.K. Arseniev. There is a characteristic of a brief history of appearing the first Russian peasants, including Old-Believers, in the southern part of the Far Eastern region of Russia. There is shown a process of their resettlement, formation of the first villages, there are traced the peculiarities and complexities of the adaptation of the peasants of different religious orientations in Priamurye and Primorye. The author of the article gives notes from Arseniev’s diaries that characterize peculiarities of life activity of the first Russian peasants in the Far Eastern land and the help of Russian Old-Believers in investigations of a famous traveler.
Fadeeva E.V.
The position of women in indigenous peoples of Primorye and the Amur Region (based on V.K. Arsenyev)

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The article examines the factors that determine the role and status of women in traditional society and the family of the indigenous ethnic groups of Primorye and the Amur region; their transformation in the late XIX – the beginning of the XX century, caused by changes in the socio-economic situation in the region after the last entry into the Russian Empire. Analysis of the material leads to the conclusion that the factor of development of Primorye and the Amur region had local women's double meaning. On the one hand, the expansion of economic activity increased their authority in the family and society; on the other - the spread of dowry institute further hampered their personal freedom, and the distribution of alcoholic beverages, drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, as a result, caused the fall of moral character, not only men but also women.
Khisamutdinov А.А.
"First time studied the geography of many places": V.K. Arsenyev and his researches

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The article reviews contemporary nomadic situation in Mongolia. The author highlights two trends in the development of the Mongolian traditional economy: the changes of adaptive kind and those resulting in a breakthrough new state. The main contradictions in the development of nomadic cattle breding are related to its inclusion into the system of market relations. Based on statistics and field studies, we defined the main socio-economic factors influencing transformation of the traditional Mongolian economyThe article analyzes the research of the famous explorer and writer Vladimir Klavdievich Arsen’ev (1872–1932). Arriving to the Far East in 1900, he conducted quite a number of expeditions, which had multi-disciplinary character. Having begun studying the Far East with military purposes, later on he contributed in various research areas, e.g. ethnography, archaeology, ecology, economy. The article is based on data obtained from the traveler’s personal archive, which is kept in Vladivostok.
Golovnev I.А.
Vladimir Arseniev and cinema

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The article is dedicated to the scpecific page in the V. Arsenyev's creativity, connected with cinema. And particulary – the history and methodology of creation of the classical documentary film "Forest People" (director A. Litvinov, scriptwriter V. Arsenyev). In this article the comparative analysis of the ethnographic film "Forest People" («Sovkino», 1928) and the scientifc monograph of V. Arsenyev "Forest people – Ude" (1926) is carried out. The research based on the archival materials: expedition-diaries and photos, personal and business correspondence, documentation and manuscripts of unpublished articles of А. Litvinov and V. Arsenyev.

Yarotskaya Yu.А.
The motive of help and the images of assistants in the texts of V.K. Arsenev

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The paper discovers, describes and analyses the episodes of V.K. Arsenyev’s books "Along the Ussury Land" and "Dersu Uzala", which present the motif of help, to study the images of helpers and related imagery. The first chapters of "Along the Ussury Land" (I–XVIII) are discussed in detail, the episodes found in this fragment are compared with other parts of "Along the Ussury Land" and "Dersu Uzala". We are interested in the circumstances of help, types of help, types of gratitude, the images of helpers and the characters accepting help.
Theory and Methodology of Regional Studies  
Kireev А.А.
Model of border policy in the Russian Far East: factors and mechanisms

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The author of the article makes an attempt to construct a conceptual model of the Far Eastern border policy, which could be used for the purposes of forecasting and planning. The article considers various variants of specialization, operationalization and processing of the proposed model, including the possibility of applying the simulation methodology to it.
Historical Regional Studies  
Grigor'eva Yu.V.
Terms of Life and Labor of Teachers in the Far East of Russia at the End of the XIX – the Beginning of the XX centuries

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The article contains analysis of the terms of life and labor of teachers in the Far East of Russia at the end of XIX – the beginning of XX centuries. Most of the schools did not have their own apartments on account of the impossibility of the rural societies to provide funds for building initial schools. On this account, in the majority of remote villages lessons were conducted in the casual малоприспособленных apartments taken by rural and municipal societies in a lease. A difficult situation with the terms of labor of teachers was connected with financing of elementary education. Among numerous problems, the most urgent was lack of school buildings.
Maklyukov A.V.
Electrification of the coal industry of the Russian Far East (1904–1941)

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The history of electrification of the coal industry of the Far East in 1904 – 1941 is considered in the article. It is shown that electrification was an important technological basis for the modernization of coal production in the Far East. The technical reorganization of enterprises has led to an increase in the power-to-weight ratio of labor and an increase in its efficiency. The author comes to the conclusion that during the years of the first Soviet five­year plans, a solid technical basis for the preservation and enhancement of the accumulated growth rates of the coal industry of the Far East in subsequent periods was formed.
Zemdikhanov V.А.
Shortage of personnel of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army during the Battleof lake Khasan July-11 August 29, 1938

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In this article, based on a comparative analysis of the Law on Military Service in the USSR in 1930, the staffing table of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army of 1935 and the real states of the 32nd and 40th rifle divisions during the battle of Lake Khasan in July-August 1938 and non-combat losses, the author outlines the shortcomings in the configuration of divisions with the personnel from the private to senior commanders. The results of the conflict at Lake Khasan marked the beginning of modernization of the Red Army in the pre-war period, including the service of combat and material support, and the manning of the troops as a part of it.
Kishchik E.V.
The Red Banner Pacific Fleet Theater of the USSR in the 30–40s of XXth century

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The article is devoted to the formation of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet Theater in the 30–40s of the ХХth century. Questions ideological struggle with the enemy considered together with the problems of the whole complex activities of council of war and political authorities of the Red Army. On the basis of archival materials reviews the activities of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet Theater under constant military threat and during the Great Patriotic War. The management the Political Department, the central military and political authorities, included all educational and propaganda work in the Red Army and Fleet. In the 30s–40s the theater has become one of the most powerful instruments of political propaganda. The paper analyzes the impact of the Political Department, in the repertoire. In addition, attention is paid to the problem of organizing the creative work of the theater.

Economy and Nature

Naumov Yu.А.
Far Eastern ports in the Northern Sea Route system: history of development, current state and prospects for their development

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The purpose of the article is to give recommendations on the implementation of the strategy of the Russian leadership in the development of the Northern Sea Route. The following issues are considered in the article: the history of development of the Northern Sea Route; The current state of its port facilities in the Far East sector; Problems and prospects for the development of this path. In conclusion, it is proposed to implement the measures based on the principles of historical continuity, consistency and anticipation of possible risks based on a scientifically based forecast.

World System and International Regions

Liang Zhenpeng
Chinese foreign policy in Central Asia in the 1990s

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The author analyzed the main directions of China's Central Asian policy in the 1990s. A brief overview of China's foreign policy is given in this period. This article describes the state of Central Asia in the political, economic and energy spheres after the collapse of the USSR and the foreign policy of China in this region during the first decade of independence of the states in the region. The influence of presences of Russia and the United States on the China's foreign policy development in this region is covered.
Zolotukhin I.N.
The Philippines’ turn to "independent foreign policy" through the lenses of the relations with the Asia-Pacific great powers

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The article examines the peculiarities of the Philippines’ foreign policy, including the changes made by Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the state. The paper highlights the relations of the Philippines with the great powers of the Asia-Pacific. The article is based on the analysis of previous researches and findings of Russian and foreign authors as well as the data and documents.
Scientific Life  
D'yakova O.V., Karaman V.N.
XXI Scientific Conference of Korean and Russian Koreans "New challenges ahead of Korea"

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