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The Theme:
The socio-political processes in Baikal Asia region
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Badaraev D.D., Vinokurova A.V., Litvinova T.N.
The сreation of eсonomiс сorridors «Сhina – Mongolia – Russia»as an alternative to the «Silk Road»

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The construction of the economic corridor connection means, the Chinese idea of building economic belt Silk Road «One belt – one road», the Mongol idea of «Steppe road» and promoted by Russia the idea of creating a «Trans-Eurasian corridor». The cumulative effect from the creation of the trilateral economic corridor is expected under condition of observance of balance of interests of all parties. Minimization and overcoming of the existing problems and barriers are the most important step, which will depend on the further development of trilateral cooperation between our countries.
Badmatsyrenov T.B.
Social structure of Buddhist Community: The Components and Their Interrrelations

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This paper is devoted to the analysis of the social structure of Buddhist communities of contemporary Buryatia. They are characterized with dynamic processes of stucturization and new groups development. The interaction of individuals with Buddhist identity, oriented toward Buddhist norms and values, occurs primarily in the system of roles and statuses of Buddhist communities and the study of their structure will reveal the main patterns of their development.
Gombozhapov A.D.
Enclave of nomadism: Mongolian nomads in changing modernity

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The article reviews contemporary nomadic situation in Mongolia. The author highlights two trends in the development of the Mongolian traditional economy: the changes of adaptive kind and those resulting in a breakthrough new state. The main contradictions in the development of nomadic cattle breding are related to its inclusion into the system of market relations. Based on statistics and field studies, we defined the main socio-economic factors influencing transformation of the traditional Mongolian economy.
Batunaev E.V
Mongolia in the struggle for independence:from Khalkhin-Gol to Yalta (1939–1945)

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The article is devoted to the struggle for independence and the formation of Mongolian statehood in the period of aggravation of the international situation in Asia and the beginning of the Second World War. In connection with Japan's aggressive policy and militaristic plans in the Far East and Asia, the only guarantor of Mongolia's security was the USSR, which, according to the mutual assistance agreement of 1936, provided military, economic and diplomatic assistance. The Battle of Khalkhin-Gol in 1939 was the culmination of a confrontation in the East Asian space, during which the Soviet-Mongolian forces managed to repel the attack of Japan. At the Yalta Conference of 1945, thanks to the resolute and consistent position of the USSR, the question of the sovereignty of Mongolia was finally resolved.

Rodionov V.A.
Party system of contemporary Mongolia

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The paper concerns the main features of political party system of contemporary Mongolia. Nominally, Mongolia is a nation with a multiparty system operating within the framework of free competitive elections. However due to the majoritarian electoral system in the political sphere of the country two political parties are dominated exclusively – Mongolian people’s revolutionary (people’s) and Democratic. This circumstance leads to a significant reduction of inter-party competition, cartelization of the main parties and the low level of trust for the parliamentary elections.
Dagbaev E.D., Аktamov I.G.
Mongolian student youth: what and how to learn?

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Results of the conducted sociological survey of modern Mongolian student's youth are given in article. Public consciousness is understood as system of social knowledge, values, installations and beliefs on the basis of which the steady relation of people to questions of public activity and certain models of social behavior are created. In a case with students it is about reflection in consciousness of the basic vital questions finally creating so-called vital strategy are plans of activity, methods of their achievement, general vital values.
Russia and North Korea: features of cooperation  
Kukla M.P.
Realities and prospects of the Russia-North Korea economic relations

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The paper evaluates the current state of Russian-North Korean cooperation, taking into account internal and international processes that determine the state of the North Korean economy. The dynamics of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries in the period 2012–2016 is analyzed with emphasis on its regional and commodity structure. The changes in the economic policy of the DPRK, facing the need to adapt to increasing international sanctions, are shown. An attempt to assess the prospects of Russian-North Korean cooperation in the context of the internal situation in the DPRK, as well as the processes taking place in the Republic of Korea on the eve of the presidential election, is presented.
Barannikova A.O.
Foreign policy of the DPRK and nuclear and missile factor

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Though foreign policy of DPRK intensified noticeably since Kim Jong Un assumed power, it can hardly be characterized as consistent and stable. Acceleration of missile and nuclear activities at the beginning of last year not only nullified the results achieved in the sphere of foreign policy and diplomacy, but also affected DPRK relations with Russia and China. Tightening position on nuclear and missile program shows that currently creation of nuclear potential is more important for North Korean leadership than foreign policy. One can suggest that the DPRK will begin to pursue a consistent foreign policy and establish economic ties with the outside world after achieving final goals of its nuclear missile program and a nuclear power status. In this regard, international community now faces the choice between recognizing and cooperating with emerging nuclear state and continuing pressure on the DPRK and ignoring its interests, which will inevitably lead to a conflict in the region.
Troyakova T.G.
Workers from DPRK in the Russian Far East: history and current situation

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The article is providing an accessible history of North Koreans workers in Russian Far Eastern territory from DPRK’s declaration through the present time. The North Korean workers were recruited by the Soviet government to work in fishery, agriculture and logging. During the last two decades they are working mainly as construction workers. The continuance of North Korean work force in Soviet Union/Russia constitutes a significant component of bilateral relationship. Supplying labor overseas is one of the few sources of income for the isolated North Korean economy. There are many questions why workers’ salaries to contribute to government endeavors.

Social and demographic structures

Ornatskaya T.А.
The reform of higher legal education in Russia in 1917-early 1920s.(on the example of the Far East)

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Based on a study of Soviet law in the period 1917 – 1920 studied the reform of higher legal education system in Russia. The analyses of the transformation of the classical jurisprudence Marxist Leninst understanding of the law. The author draws attention to the peculiarities of legal high schools on Far East of the Russia, he reveals the reasons for the closure of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Vladivostok.

Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization

Yachin S.E.
The paradigmatic logic of generic cultures
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The concept of cultural paradigm expresses the principle of semantic unity of experience of various cultural community, unity, which provides a living historical link between generations. In order to ensure that this relationship paradigm must at the source point to a culture living specimen, that will allow a person to solve their life problems. The vitality of culture is directly dependent on the viability of such a sample. The degradation of culture, understood as the destruction of experience – means the loss or weakening of this connection. Paradigm performs its tasks, if the sample permeates the entire fabric of the culture in the form of reflective schemes of thought and action.
Popovkin A.V.
Logos of Russian culture on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

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In the modern cultural anthropology established: the landscape and culture of living there ethnic group have a close relation. To understand the nature of this relation, we propose a method of transcendental analytics: all the phenomena studied culture is seen as the realization of universal transcendental cultural forms in a manner characteristic of the culture. This method explores the question of dissonance cultural code of the eastern Slavs, formed in the landscape of the European part of Russia, and the Far Eastern landscape.  
Аksenova O.V.
The ideology of industrialism in Russia: the value basis

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The paper considers the value basis of industrialization ideology shaped in the Russian Empire and USSR during the modernization processes. The actuality of the issue is related to the necessity of the ideology development of re-industrialization. The case of self-taught inventors is used to show the specific features of Russian traditionalism that contains the values of progress and development. The paper analyses transformation of the technocratic ideas of the second half of XIX century under Russian conditions and the formation of the progress values in the scientific and professional communities. The specificity of the Soviet managerial ideology is shown.

Political relations and management of region

Davyborets E.N.
Donald Trump’s image in his run for the presidency

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The article examines the image of trump as a major factor of electoral support and win the election. A big role in the process of imageconscious played himself Donald trump, due to the personal and leadership qualities, as well as its financial independence. We study the core characteristics of the image, formation of which was subordinated to the election campaign of the candidate. Special attention is paid to the election program, which successfully resonated with the public mood, affecting the interests of society by offering original solutions to internal and external problems of Americans.
Novikov D.P.
Domestic Debates in the United States over the initiative of Trans-Pacific Partnership (2015-2016)

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The article analyses the role of Trans-Pacific partnership in the US domestic debates. Since the first declaration on the new initiative in 2008 till nowadays the project made a way from the institutional basis for the all­regional to a de-facto closed trade bloc; from an instrument of engagement to a tool of containment of China, other rising powers. The article analyses evolution of domestic perception of TPP, which was one of the key factors, influencing the US decision to leave the project.  
The analytical centres of APR  
Zhurbey E.V.
"The Brookings Institution": the success story of the oldest "think tank"

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The research subject is an activity of Brookings Institution and its influence on the policy of the American state and mechanisms of penetration of the "expert product" into US government institutions. The goal of the study is to analyze the evolution of Brookings Institution and to show the example of the activities of this "think tank" factors contribute their transformation of the "think tanks" of the United States into active actors in the political process. Brookings Institution analyzed from the neoinstitutional, structural-functional and system approach. The article reviewed in detail the organization, the specificity of activities and the channels of influence on the policy ongoing the American leadership's.
Аrtem'eva N.G.
David Lazarevich Brodyanskij

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