2013 №22013 #2 (25)


The theme:

«The border policy in the Asia-Pacific»

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Sevastianov S. V.
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Troyakova T. G. 
Russia and Northeast Asian countries cooperation in Arctic: current situation and future development
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The author analyzes Russia’s possibilities of cooperation with Northeast countries in the Arctic region. In a new geopolitical vision for XXI century Russia is ready to take a new role as a maritime state that will draw its strength from its Arctic coast and watershed.
Zolotukhin I. N. 
The Northern Sea Route as a Transocean Traffic Artery. The Issues of Development in the Aspect of the North Pacific Powers’ Interests: a View from Russia
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The article is devoted to the contemporary state of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) - the shortest passage from Europe to Asia and the sphere of vital strategic and economic interests of Russia. The prospects of development of the NSR as international transit, as well as the North Pacific Powers’ interests to exploration and exploitation of the Arctic route are examined.
Timofeev O. А., Gribova O. K. 
Some Problems of the History of Russian-Chinese Border Formation in Modern Times
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The article is devoted to the history of Russian-Chinese border formation from the middle of XIX-XXI and its legislative basis. The border formation in the modern period reflects core trends in relationship of the two parties. However there are the different attitudes on the existent agreements in both China and Russia. Nowadays all territorial disputes are resolved in toto.
Shlyapina А. O. 
China – ASEAN Nations: Territorial disputes in the South China Sea
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The article is devoted to the territorial disputes over Paracel and Spratly Islands in the South China Sea between China and several Southeast Asian countries. The author analyses the current status of conflict at the beginning of the 21st century, reveals the new aspects in the escalation of the conflict over disputed islands.
Border Studies: Asian vector 
(Interview with Paul Richardson)
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World system and inter-regional relations
Burlakov V. А. 
Prospects of development of Greater Tumen Initiative (geopolitical aspect)
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The author explores the problems of the development of international and regional relations within the framework of intergovernmental cooperation such as the Greater Tumen Initiative. He focuses on the geopolitical aspects of the problem.
Sukhovej D. А. 
Threat to global dominance: American political experts about China
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The article analyses American political expert’s estimation of China challenge to US national security. Basing on the recommendations of American political scientists which refer to political elite we concluded that American political scientists did not perceive China as real threat to US dominance in the world.
Kuz'mina O. V. 
United Nations reform and United States of America's policy of Barack Obama administration (2008 – 2012)
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The article is devoted to the problem of United Nations reform and the attitude of Barack Obama administration during 2008-2012 years to this reform. In the article the author analyzes the position of the US on UN reform, proposals and initiatives of Barack Obama administration as well as reform priorities in accordance with US national interests.
Reutov D. А. 
"Eastern gas program" and prospects of the Russian-Korean energy cooperation
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Russia aims to expand its presence at the growing Asia-Pacific gas market. Russia’s leading gas exporter "Gazprom" considers the Republic of Korea as one of the most prospective consumers. Two possible projects are taken under consideration: construction of LNG plant in Primorye and gas pipeline through the DPRK. Both projects are connected with political and economic challenges for the parties, but it may play a significant role in strengthening the Korea’s energy security. This article analyzes prospects of the projects’ implementation and evaluates role of the projects in the development of Russian-Korean energy cooperation.
Economy and nature
Kuprienko S. А., Rakuts N. V. 
The state system of accumulation and distribution of products in the Inka Empire
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In this article are investigated the origin, development and functioning of the system of inns, warehouses and storehouses, and also its close interrelation with a social and administrative policy of the Inka empire. Etnohistorical sources are analysed and linguistic methods are applied in relation to the languages of quechua and aymara. Questions which need subsequent researches are mentioned.
Stas’ I. N. 
Industrialization of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug as a major factor in the development of the oil workers’ towns in the second half of the XX century
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In this paper the process of industrialization of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug in the second half of the XX century is analyzed. The author pays attention to the fact that industrialization was a factor of formation and development of the Tyumen oil and gas producing civilization and of the oil workers’ towns. A direct correlation between the increase in the oil production and the population growth in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug is also revealed there.
Social and demographic structures
Vlasov S. A. 
The establishment and development of cities in the Far East of Russia in the second half of the XX century
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In the second half of the twentieth century in the development of cities in the Far East were the favorable 1950 – 1980 years. During this time, increased the number of cities and the number of local population. Due to housing activity, the socio-cultural sphere has increased the standard of living of citizens.
Andreeva O. N. 
Methods of assessment of living and life quality of population
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This article is devoted to studying the experience of evaluation of the quality and level of life. The article makes an attempt to develop methodological requirements to the content of methodologies for assessing the level and quality of life of the population.
Baryshnikova E. V. Legal culture in the system of managing the quality of life (on the example of the Vladivostok)  
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Today the process of citizen’ involvement in managing the Affairs of the state and the municipality in Russia is not only beneficial, but necessary for stability’s preservation, for the formation of a high quality of life for society’s welfare. At the municipality level the most important instrument in this direction could be the involvement of a large number of citizens to the participation in public hearings. However, this requires the municipal authorities’active work of the process participants’ legal literacy increase.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization
Jin Hua 
Russian national character through the eyes of the Chinese
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In the article author makes an attempt to summarize certain sociological facts and results of the personal and other Chinese's observations of Russian national character traits. The current Chinese's perception of these traits and Russians them self is shown as well.
Scientific messages
Stavrov I. V. 
The main results of social and economic development of North-East China in 2012
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This article is devoted to social and economic development of North-East China in 2012. The author analyzes the main indicators of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the economy, domestic and foreign trade, the standard of living of the population. The author is published the main indicators of development in 2013.
Аkhmadullina L. R. 
Role of a supply with information of cultural tourism in Republic Tatarstan
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The present article analyses the importance of full and all-round information support of such kind of popular activity as cultural tourism in the Republic of Tatarstan. The lack of adequate information impedes the region to realize its unlimited possibilities. It influences not only the number of the republic visitors but also works on degrade interest to the region’s abundant history and culture.
Scientific life
Latushko Yu. V., Ganzej K. S. 
Integration of historical and geographical researches in the Far East (a sight of young scientists)
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