2014 №42015 #2 (33)


The theme:

«Problems of history of Russian Far East Cossacks»

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Sergeev O. I.
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Kireev А. А. 
Functions of the Cossacks in the social system of Russia (on the example of the Far East region)
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Problems of defining the social status and the main activities of the Cossacks have fundamental importance in terms of the ongoing process of their revival. In the present study these problems are analyzed using the principles and concepts of structural and functional approach. The author distinguishes the main periods in the evolution of the system status and functions of the Cossacks with respect to the social system of Russia. On this basis, the work reveals the peculiarities of functional history of the Far Eastern Cossacks and outlines some prospects of finding their place in the structure of modern Russian society.
Zakolodnaya А. S. 
The Cossacks or the peasantry: the issues of selection of resettlement element in the works of pre-revolutionary researchers
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The article considers the views of the pre-revolutionary researchers on questions of selection of resettlement element for the Far East of Russia. The authors focused on the Cossacks and peasants, their role in the development of the region, as well as the prospects for resettlement in the future.
Аvilov R. S. 
The Far Eastern Cossacks in the end of the XIX century in the memoirs of Baron A. P. Budberg
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This article examines Transbaikal and Amur Cossack Forces as Baron A.P. Budberg saw it in the end of the XIX century. When he was a young Genelalstaff’s officer, he had made a few excursions in Priamurskiy Military District and acquainted with the Cossack’s way of life and the level of the combat readiness of the Cossack’s Forces. He had described all this in his memoirs, which is the unique source for the Russian’s Far East history.
Beloglazova S. E. 
Cossack schools of Pacific Russia in the context of reforms of the XIX century
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This article examines a special group class educational institutions, designed for the education and upbringing of the younger generation of Russian Cossacks. In the context of reforms of Cossack units in the XIX century the quantitative dynamics of the Cossack schools in Pacific Russia, as well as system characteristics of educational potential: structure and social mobility Cossack education, government policy in relation to the Cossack schools; proposed periodization of the history of the Cossack schools in the region. The geographical scope of the study covers the territory of Transbaikalia, Yakutia and the Amur region.
Ustyugova O. А. 
The development of trade and the Cossacks of the Far-East of Russia at the end of the XIX – the early XX centuries
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The article deals with the main features of the evolution of Cossacks’ trade of the Far East of Russia at the end of the XIXth – the early XXth centuries. The dynamics of commodity turnovers, forms of commercial exchange, number of merchants and trading enterprises are revealed. The special attention is given to the sectoral structure of Cossacks’ trade.
Sergeev O. I. 
Russian Cossacks in the world wars of the first half of the ХХ century
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The article describes the evolution of the military history of the Cossacks of Russia in the first half twentieth century. Characterized by the place of the Cossacks in the armed forces of the Russian Empire during the First World War. The peculiarities of the participation of the Cossacks in the Second World War as part of the Army of the Soviet Union. In this period the Russian Cossack played an appreciable part in defending our Motherland. Cavalry divisions were being formed in the places of historical living of the Cossacks and strikingly showed their worth at the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. 262 Cossacks were awarded as Heroes of the Soviet Union.
Economy and nature
Oropaj I. P. 
The system of tourism management in the Sakhalin region (1989 – 2012)
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Presents an analysis of the main stages of development of administrative and managerial staff of the tourism industry in the Sakhalin region in 1989-2012, Considered an organizational component of the tourist enterprise «Sakhalintourist». The article highlights aspects of the work of the Bureau for tourist-excursion service residents of other cities of the Sakhalin region. It presents data on volumes of tourists acting on Sakhalin in 1989-1992, Lit the period of development of organs of Executive power in tourism.
World system and inter-regional relations
Zhurbey E. V. 
National Security Strategy of the United States in the 90s of XX century
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This article focuses on the national security strategy of the Democratic administration of Bill Clinton during the 1993 – 2000 period. The article deals with questions of conceptual and ideological content of the national security strategy of the American state the period under consideration and the practical implementation of its foreign policies.
Samojlenko P. Yu. 
Modern mass-media in Asia-pacific on the frontier of western and eastern civilizations and Russian strategis interests
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The article deals with the problems of russian developing in Asia-Pacific and modernization of russian mass-media and internet providing units. Both this factors will bring rise of the image of the Russian Federation in Asia-Pacific and strengthen its geopolitical position in the region.
Mishin V. Yu., Boldyrev V.E. 
Korean Peninsula: problems of nuclear safety and their impact on economic integration
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Interdependence between issues of nuclear nonproliferation, socio-economic and political stability, as economic integration basis, are analyzed in the article on U.S. politics towards Republic of Korea case. Russian possibilities to implement politics towards DPRK, which would contribute to greater regional safety and North Korean economy integration, are explored.