2014 №42015 #1 (32)


The theme:

«The problem of identity in regional studies»

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Latushko Yu. V.
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Popovkin A. V. 
The problem of cultural identity in the postmodern epoch: Issued "demonism" approval in random factionist
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The article raises the problem of the relevance of the concept of cultural identity in the postmodern era. Postmodernism is seen as a result of the development of the European spirit, departed from the Christian tradition in the Modern epoch. Shown the negative consequences of the postmodern assertion in random factionist, for example, in the form of supervalues own opinions.
Kulebyakin E. V.  The problem of mentality and personality formation  
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The article considers the problem of the essence of the concept of mentality and its genesis. The focus is on disclosure of ethnic mentality and its connection with the problem of personality, first of all, phylogeny, and therefore uses ethnographic material, particularly of indigenous peoples of the Far East.
Turaev V. A. 
Features of identification of Indigenous Peoples of Far East in the conditions of social transformation
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On the basis of ethno-sociological research discusses the features of identification processes in the indigenous peoples of Chukotka and Kamchatka in deep social transformation. Analyzes the impact of socio-economic and political factors on the changes in the ethnic, ideological, political and other forms of identity.
Rudnikova E. V. 
Russian-speaking immigrants in the ethnic structure of New Zealand (according to New Zealand census of the end of XX ­beginning of XXI century)
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The author deals with the immigration flow from Russian Federation and other states of the former USSR to New Zealand. The focus of the article is ethnic origin and quantity of the Russian-speaking immigrants. There is a general description of the migrant's basic identity in terms of ethnicity. The main sources are New Zealand Census of 1991-2013 and other years.
Yachin S. E. 
The theory of bureaucracy in the light of the realities of modern Russia
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A negative attitude toward bureaucracy formed in the public mind covers its essential need for a highly organized social systems. Bureaucracy, as was first shown by Max Weber, performs a rational function reproduction system order. Most strictly, this function can be defined as the legitimation of transactions carried out by an official. The more complex a system is the more important the specified function of its reproduction. However in modern society where the conditions of reproduction in a competitive environment is innovative development, there is a sharp conflict between the requirements of the order and development.
Granovskaya O. L. 
Modern bureaucracy: search for justification (reflections inspired by the article of S. E. Yachin)
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Kireev A. A. 
About legitimation of transactions, development and the role of bureaucracy in Russia
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Economy and nature
Maklyukov A. V.  The contribution of power engineering specialists of the Far East to the victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)  
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The article refers to the contribution of power engineering specialist of the Far East of the USSR to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. During the War the challenge for the power engineering specialists was to ensure electricity military enterprises producing defense products and ensure companies in other sectors of the economy. Thanks to the selfless labor of those specialists during the war excellent results were achieved in both providing consumers with electricity and in the high production figures.
Panikarskaja N. I., Statsenko A. A., Ruban D.A. 
Tourism image of region in the net space: a problem of information quality
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Tourism image of region is formed in the net space via distribution of information about particular sights and the entire territorial recreation-tourism potential by Internet resources. Content analysis of resources devoted to two natural objects of Mountainous Adygeja has revealed significant failures in their descriptions, which diminishes the quality of the tourism image of this important Russian destination. For instance, the Lago-Naki Highland is often treated mistakenly as plateau, and the size of the Maiden's Stone is indicated bigger than it is in fact. Such a problem can be resolved with the use of quality management instruments by administration bodies or professional organizations responsible for tourism development.
Sukharenko A. N. 
Investment attractiveness of the Far East through the prism of crime
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One of the major indicators characterizing the level of socio-economic development of the region, are an investment. In light of the upcoming large-scale reforms in the article analyzes the investment attractiveness of all regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, as well as their level of security for potential investors. In conclusion, we have proposed specific recommendations to improve the investment attractiveness of the Far East region as a whole.
Social and demographic structures
Bashkueva E. Yu. 
Regional problems of health system in the conditions of modernization (on materials of the Republic of Buryatia)
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The analysis of problems of health system of the Republic of Buryatia ­the border region of Eastern Siberia characterized by low population density, the economic depression caused by "the Baikal factor", a low standard of living of the population is presented in article. Organizational and administrative, material, medico-demographic, personnel problems of regional health system are considered, measures for their decision are offered.
Lutsenko E. A. 
BRICS: influence with delay
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BRICS initially was designed to reform financial and economic architecture in favor of developing countries. However, gradually BRICS agenda has expanded. Now these five countries are a contender for a participation in global governance. But before taking global leader's responsibilities, essential issues of inner organization and international recognition must be resolved. The aim of this paper is to analyze these problems.
Scientific life
Eleonora Vasil'evna Ermakova (1933-2014). In memory of the teacher  
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In memory of Andrei Valentinovitch Alexandrov  
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