2013 №12013 #1 (24)


The theme:

«Russia’s and the Russian Far East’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific: The outcomes of APEC 2012 and prospects for the future»

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Lukin A. L.
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Sevastianov S. V.
Russia’s Far East development problems and perspective after APEC Summit in Vladivostok
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In the article the author describes results of the APEC summit in Vladivostok, such as discussion of the priority economic cooperation spheres between Russia and Asia-Pacific countries, and attracting attention to the fact that the Russia’s Far East is critically lagging behind in social-development area. To overcome it the government should elaborate and implement new more effective complex development strategy. Besides, the author is evaluating perspective for Vladivostok to become one of the international cooperation centers in the Asia-Pacific.
Kozlov L. E., Nikulina А. K.
Implementation of Russian regional policy in the Far East
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The Far East is one of the most complicated territories for Russian government in terms of implementing regional policy. Small population, harsh climatic conditions and farthest distance from the center of state serve as objective limitations to region's development. Russian government has no clear vision of state goals for this region and, consequently, of management methods which should have a top priority. The paper gives forecast of Russian regional policy in the Far East based on previous practices of its realization, program guideline and conditions for implementation in the future.
Gubin А.V.
Chinese Challenge for Primorsky territory: The New Dimension
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In spite of mutually proclaimed strategic partnership regime Russian-Sino relations are shadowed with some actual difficulties. The roots are hidden in peculiarities of the ongoing trans-regional partnership. Primorsky territory is very informative example both of the basic mechanisms and ways of overcoming all the problems.
Kozinets А. I.
International Youth-led cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region
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It can be noticed, that during the last several years the role of Youth is considered as promoting factor of the integration and peaceful coexistence among states in the Asia Pacific. In frames of APEC there are two big Youth­related programs – “APEC Voices of the future” and APEC Youth Summit. The Youth agenda is also important within such organizations as UN ESCAP and APRU.
The general inner-political trends and outer-political challenges of the North Pacific Big Trio (Interview with Steven Fish)  
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The theory and methodology of regional researches
Kireev A. A.
On the typology of Asian boundaries of Russia (II part)
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The article is devoted to conceptual and methodological problems of historical typologization of the features of Asian boundaries of Russia and its sections. In the second part, based on the submitted scientific instruments, the author gives a brief historical and geographical overview of the processes of limogenesis in the northern and southern sectors of the Asian part of Russia in the II millennium BC.
Social and demographic structures
Andreeva O. N.
The system of indicators of the living and quality of life of the population
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his article is devoted to the history of the development of the system of indicators of the living and quality of life of the population. The main attention is paid to the forming of the various systems of indicators of the living and quality of life, as well as the problem of development of a combined (integrated) indicator of the level of life of the population.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization
Shepot'ko L. V.
The socio-cultural specifics of Russia and modernization
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The author analyzes the Russian experience in modernization and explains the reasons for cyclic failures of modernization processes in Russia by social and cultural restrictions, i.e. by presence of a powerful traditionalism layer.
Osipova Eh. V.
Far-Eastern Theater Audience: Social, Demographic, and Cultural Profile
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In 2001-2002 the author of the article polled 1696 spectators in 16 theatres of Far-Eastern Russia (mostly drama troupes2). The data obtained from the survey have substantiated the hypothesis that the demand for theatrical arts is very much proportional to the complexity of individual’s personality, one’s cultural and educational level.
Bekh L. V.
Porcelain art in the Far Eastern and European traditions: state policy and space of the sacred
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The article is devoted to features the functioning of porcelain in the Far East and European cultures. The object of attention is the connection between porcelain art with the ideas of statehood and the space of the sacred within the designated cultural traditions.
Norboeva T. B.
Buryat ethnic costume: tradition and modernity
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This article discusses the ethnic costume as one of the objects of the material culture of the Buryats. Analysis of clothing XIX and XX centuries. showed that in a suit made drastic transformations related to the change of ideology, philosophy, social conditions and other factors.
Political relations and management of region
Golikov A. P.
Chronology of the Eight Banners: towards constructing historical timeframe
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The article constructs complex chronology of the Eight Banners viewed through interplay of its various dimensions (administrative, political, spatial, ethnic, and economical). Being one of the cornerstones of the Qing Empire (between 1616 and 1912, dates variable) the Eight Banners were simultaneously administrative apparatus, instrument of the Manchu domination, colonial enterprise, social framework of Manchu identity formation, and specific economic mode.
Getman A. A.
Topical issues of electoral behavior studies in Western countries
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On the basis of works by western scholars, author considers problems, emerged or strengthened at early 21st century, actively influencing the electoral behavior studies in the western countries. The article introduces theoretical conclusions on every problem, and also a possibilities of expansions this conclusions onto other countries.
Dyga P. V.
Role of the official symbols of Primorsky Krai in shaping of the regional community identity
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The article highlighted a number of symbol characteristics that identifies opportunities to use it in the design of social systems and the political power legitimation. Based on the synthetic concept of symbolic, the flag and the coat of arms of Primorsky Krai are analyzed. Reveals the semantic content of this symbols, presents some data about its historical origins and modern evolution.
World system and inter-regional relations
Manyakin L. V.
Implication of two world systems in the Horn's conflict
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Two superpowers and their allies and satellites participated or were simply involved in different conflicts and clashes during the Cold War. One of them was the Ogaden War. This conflict has such peculiarity that it was unleashed in the time of detente. Also those events passed during the formation of the considerable priorities of the US, which were expressed in different doctrines and directives. The USSR stayed in the Stagnation Era. As the result two great systems, alliances of the 20th century were implicated in this conflict. These contradiction processes are shown and researched in this article.
Korotich S. A.
ARF and the dispute in the South China Sea: strength test
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The article analyzes the ASEAN Regional Forum’s role in Asia-Pacific security on the background of emerging tensions in the South China Sea and evaluates future prospects of the organization.
Study of science
Litoshenko D. А.
Status of regional researches in the south of the Far East Russia by the end of the first decade of XXI
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Lukin А. L.
The strategy of geoeconomic strangling of China
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This article reviews the book The rise of China vs. the logic of strategy by the American author Edward Luttwak. The book outlines the strategy of geoeconomic strangling of China in order to cope with the risks inherent in its further rise in international influence. The review analyzes Luttwak’s reasoning, including his arguments about Russia’s possible role. The review’s author expresses doubts that Luttwak’s proposed strategy to contain China could be truly effective.
Scientific life
Kononchuk D. V.
In memory of Alexander Leonidovich Sergeyev
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