borders_and_transborder_processes Borders and Transborder Processes in Eurasia / edited by Sergei V. Sevastianov, Paul Richardson, and Anton A. Kireev. – Vladivostok: Dalnauka, 2013. – 250 p.

The collective work prepared by an international team of authors covers a wide range of problems of border studies within the space of the largest, culturally and politically diverse continent of the planet. Sections of the book are devoted to theoretical and comparative aspects of study of boundaries in Eurasia, the formation and historical development of the boundaries, as well as contemporary transborder processes and border policies. The publication is intended for specialists in the field of border studies, practitioners, teachers and students

Keywords: border, border studies, transborder processes, transborder region, border policy, Eurasia, Northeast Asia

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Contents Foreword
     A. Iwashita

     S. Sevastianov

Section I.
Theoretical and comparative aspects of border studies

International Borders and International Relations Theory: In Search of Optimal Balances between Security and Economic Interests
     Mikhail A. Alexseev 
Understanding Borders: Potentials and Challenges of Evolving Border Concepts
     Jussi P. Laine 
The Historical Typology of Boundaries and Some Peculiarities of Russian Limogenesis 
     Anton A. Kireev 
Theoretical Aspects of Transborder Territory Formation 
     Andrei B. Volynchuk and Semyon A. Korotich

Section II.
The Formation and Development of Boundaries in Eurasia

Novoileksk Line as the Boundary between Asia and Europe in a Historical Context 
     Gulmira S. Sultangalieva 
Northeastern Frontiers of Late Imperial China: Organization and Ideas 
     Alexander P. Golikov 
Formation of the Russian-Chinese Border in the Context of the Evolution of Foreign Affairs 
     Marina О. Dmitrieva 
Sakhalin / Karafuto: the Colony between Empires 
     Naoki Amano 
Ōhashi Kazuyoshi and the Transition of Karafuto into Sakhalin 
     Jonathan Bull

Section III.
Modern Transborder Processes and Border Policies in Eurasia

Vladivostok 2012: Borders, Borderlands, and Dual-dependency in the Russian Far East 
     Paul Richardson 
Vladivostok’s Perceived Role and Perspective as a “Global” City and Russian “Gateway” to Northeast Asia 
     Sergei V. Sevastianov 
Russia’s Integration into the Asia Pacific: A New Window of Opportunity for China 
     Liu Yanping 
Economic and Symbolic Capital at the Border of Globalizing China : the Case of Heilongjiang Province 
     Sergei A. Ivanov 
North Korea’s Special Economic Zones and East Asia (Focusing on SEZ Strategy and Location) 
     Jongseok Park 
The Mythology of East Asia’s Border Issues 
     Vasilii A. Allenov 
The Rise of Territorial Disputes in East Asia: the Case of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands
     Sergei Iu. Vradii

Contributors and Abstracts

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