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Challenges and Policy of Russia’s Spatial Development in the 21st Century. V.M. Kotlyakov, A.N. Shvetsov, O.B. Glezer, Eds. Moscow: KMK Scientific Press Ltd., 2020. 365 р.

ISBN 978-5-907213-39-5

The monograph is a collective work of leading academic scientists on the fundamental problems of spatial development of modern Russia. The presented results were obtained in the framework of three programs of basic research of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “The Role of Space in the Modernization of Russia: Natural and Socioeconomic Potential” (2012–2014); “Spatial Development of Russia in the 21st Century: Nature, Society, and Their Interaction” (2015–2017); “Spatial Restructuring of Russia Taking into Account Geopolitical, Socioeconomic, and Geoecological Challenges” (2018–2019). Analysis concerns: historical experience of the modernizations in Russia’s society and space; assessment of Russia’s place in the global natural and ecological space; research perspectives of Russian borderland and development of Russia’s transit potential; Russia’s natural and resource potential; spatial development of the economy; location of productive forces; transformation of Russia’s social-geographical space; regional features of human development; goals and instruments of state participation in the transformation of socioeconomic space; Spatial development strategy of Russia until 2025. The monograph is addressed to readers who are professionally interested in the issues of spatial development, i.e., scientists and managers in public authorities at the federal and regional levels.



Chapter 1. Historical Experience of Modernizations in Russia’s Society and Space (A.I. Treivish)

Chapter 2. Russia in the Global Natural and Ecological Space (V.I. Danilov-Danilyan, N.N. Klyuev, V.M. Kotlyakov)

Chapter 3. Russian Borderland Today: Research Perspectives and Some Conclusions (V.A. Kolosov)

Chapter 4. International Transport Corridors in the Context of Development of Russia’s Transit Potential (L.B. Vardomsky)

Chapter 5. Natural Resource Sphere of Russia: Development Tendencies and Desirable Strategies (V.I. Danilov-Danilyan, N.N. Klyuev)

Chapter 6. Spatial Structure and Directions of Economic Modernization (N.N. Mikheeva)

Chapter 7. Location of Productive Forces under the Condition of Knowledge Economy (A.N. Pilyasov, R.V. Goncharov, I.S. Maksimov)

Chapter 8. Transformation of Russia’s Social-Geographical Space (T.G. Nefedova, O.B. Glezer)

Chapter 9. Regional Differentiation of the Human Potential in Russia (L.A. Migranova, M.S. Toksanbaeva)

Chapter 10. Transformation of Socioeconomic Space: The Role of the State (A.N. Shvetsov)

Chapter 11. Spatial Development Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2025: Political Response to the Challenges of the 21st Century (P.A. Minakir)


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