The rules for review and publication of manuscripts

  1. All received manuscripts of articles are reviewed for compliance with subject of the journal and the established rules of formatting in the journal. In addition, all received manuscripts are censored for plagiarism and republication.
  2. The manuscripts corresponding subject of the journal and rules of formatting, by the decision of the managing editor are transferred for reviewing to two reviewers – the internal (one of the members of the Editorial Board) and the external.
  3. The reviewer, selected by the managing editor, must have a scientific degree, be a recognized expert in the relevant field, and have publications on the theme of the reviewed article for the past three years.
  4. Review is anonymous, for the author of the manuscript, and for the reviewer.
  5. In preparing the text of the review the reviewer shall be guided by the requirements for the content and formatting of reviews, approved by the Editorial Board.
  6. The reviewer must provide a signed and certified in the workplace review to the journal no later than two weeks of receipt of the manuscript.
  7. Reviews are stored in the publishing house and editorial of the journal for 5 years.
  8. The Editorial Board sends to authors of the submitted manuscripts the copies of reviews or a reasoned refusal, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews in the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation in the case of admission of corresponding request to the Editorial Board.
  9. In the case of a positive result of the review and the absence of comments, the manuscript passed to the technical editors for inclusion in the layout of next issue of the journal.
  10. In the presence of the reviewer's comments, the managing editor informs the author about their content with the proposal to amend to the text of the manuscript the necessary corrections and additions. After making the corrections and additions by the author, the text of the manuscript is submitted for publication.
  11. In the case of negative review, the managing editor send to the author a notice of the impossibility of publishing of the article and the copy of review, received on it.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to shorten and edit manuscripts of articles, as well as transfer them to the publication in the issue following the issue, to which this article has been submitted.

Manuscripts are published in the order of their submitting to the Editorial Board. In a matter of priority, the journal publishes the articles by members of the editorial board, then the articles by graduate and doctoral students.

One author (individually and as co-author) can publish in the journal during the calendar year no more than two articles. Volume of one issue of the journal is no more than 180 pages.

Fee for publishing articles will not be charged. Fees will not be paid.

The materials, published in the journal, do not necessarily reflect the views of the founders and editors.

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