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Shadow side of APR

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Litoshenko D. A. 
From the editor of a heading
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Kononchuk D. V. 
Civilization and its Shadow
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In the article the conceptual analysis of the term «Civilization» in a context of its mutual relations with its peripheral concepts – primitive cultureand shadow subculture is made, and also structural parallels between the last are drawn.
Kumanev D. S. 
The problem of piracy as a form of terrorism and its impact on regional security in Asia-Pacific region
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In connection with the problem of regional security in the proposed article the historical evolution and current state of piracy in the Asia-Pacific region are discussed.
Dudar L. A. 
The wastes and plunders in Far East trade (30s – beginning 40s of XX century)
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In clause the reasons of growth of property crimes in state and cooperative trade of the Far East per one decade before war, methods used by imperous structures of a various level, directed on liquidation of practice of wastes and plunders, and as a degree of their efficiency are characterized. The conclusions of the author are based on the analysis of a plenty of the archival documents, majority from which for the first time to be entered into a scientific revolution.
Kulajnikova S. S. 
Role of media of Primorsky Region in employment of Russian citizens abroad
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The article deals with the monitoring and analyzes of job placement ads publishing by mass media in Primorsky Region. Orientation of labour streams, new forms of recruiting, exploitation and illegal control over workers and their mechanism are examined.
Nature and economy  
Poznjak T. Z. 
The trade infrastructure of the cities of the Russian Far East in the second half of XIX century
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The article is devoted to the trade infrastructure of the cities of the Russian Far East in the second half of XIX centurie. The author recounts the problems of the numerical strenght and structure trade, finance circulating in the city, social characteristic of the entrepreneurs and trade office workers.
The social and demographic structures  
Lazareva S. I. 
Charity in the cities of the Far East as a form of self-government (end of XIX – beginning of XX century)
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The article deals with the development charity as the direction of activity of the municipal government of the Far East in pre-revolutionary period. The author reveals the social conditions of the formation of philanthropy in the region, gives a description of its legal framework and organizational forms.
Koshevaja O. N., Romanova O. B. 
Problems of general cultural competency in teaching in high school (on materials of Primorsky Krai)
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This article is devoted to the analysis of the problems related to realization of the method of competence during the studying of the basic part of cycle “Humanities, social and economic cycle” main educational attainment. In the article you can find results of the sociological research making it possible to detect cardinal problems of forming of general cultural competence, which are formed during studying sociology as standard subject of humanities, social and economic cycle.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Sapalova D. Y. 
Traditional giving birth ritualism of the yakuts and the kirghiz
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Correct summary needed
Musatkina V. A. 
The image of father as it completed in the mind of Russian and Chinese girls (based on example of VSUES)
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In the article the problem of the image of father as it completed in the mind of Russian and Chinese girls is examined. The father`s role in the daughter`s education and her own life are examined too. The author analyzes 2009 year research results. The target of this investigation is to present the dynamics of Russian and Chinese daughters mind from ancient days to contemporary.
Political relations and management of region  
Torshilova O. A. 
Police in the fight against gang in the Great Patriotic war
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The article deals with some of the manifestations and basic aspects of fighting against gang in the Great Patriotic War. In emergencies, Ministry of Internal Affairs were forced to row with everyday tasks oppose desertion, hostile intelligence activities of the terrorist underground. According to available data, a particularly dangerous kind of criminal activity – robbery, had an unprecedented scale during the war. Analysis of factors contributing to aggravate the crime situation and methods to combat gang violence are subjects of this article.
Kalugina M. A. 
Political consciousness of students of small and medium-sized cities in the Far East of Russia
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In this publication informative characteristics of political consciousness of students of small and medium-sized cities in the Far East of Russia. Identify the causes of patchiness, the permanency of political orientations and values. We give an analysis of the results of the study of motivational and cognitive components of political consciousness, perception of students the values of democracy. Proposed idea of a target program of value-political education of students of small and medium-sized cities through sociocultural activities universities.
World system and inter-regional relations  
Sevastjanova N. V. 
Role of the international epistemic community in forming regional identity of the Northeast Asia
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In this article the author is exploring positive role that epistemic and university communities play in forming Northeast Asia’s regional identity. For this purpose the former are creating research institutions’ international consortiums to work out joint programs for regional development, while the latter are forming universities’ international partnerships to realize research and educational programs.
Burlakov V. A. 
Integration continues ... (The review of A.L. Lukin`s book «Integration processes and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region: policy, economy, security.» Vladivostok, 2009.)
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In this review examined Lukin`s monography «Integrations processes and institutes in Asia-Pacific region: politics, economy, security». The basic attention is given to theoretical aspects of process of integration in Asia-Pacific region and problems of Russian policy in the region.
Scientific life  
Lukin A. L. 
Scientists from Vladivostok took part in the Convention of the International Studies Association in New Orleans
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Barbenko J. A. 
XII-th allrussian conference of young scientists «History and Culture of Far Eastern Russia and the Pacific Rim Countries»
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