2019 32021 #1 (56)
The Theme:
"Invisible City": Russian Cities Beyond
Academic and Powerful Discourse
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Grigorichev K. V.
The invisible twin of the Russian city: the "private housing sector" between the sloboda and the inner suburb

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The article raises the problem of transformation of the "private housing sector", which occupies a signifcant part of the Russian provincial city and is a kind of invisible twin of the Soviet and modern Russian city. It is shown that this segment of Russian city remains almost completely out of the researchers’ focus. The evolution of the lifestyle in the "private housing sector" during the mid-1990s to the mid-2010s is considered. Based on a comparison of the identifed changes with the key characteristics of urbanism and suburbanism, a hypothesis on the transformation of the "private sector" towards the inner suburbs, as one of the forms of suburbanization in Russia is formulated.
Dyatlov V. I.
"Private sector" of the Soviet city: houses, yards and people in words and images

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The phenomenon of the city "private sector" was generated by the Soviet project, which out of conglomerate of one-story houses made the "sector" as something intact, united and allocated in this capacity. It is not only about the houses, but about relationships and a number of social and authority practices. It is stigmatized by the fact that it is private as a category of property and as individual. Being the object of transformation activity of the authorities, it does not disappear, which allows to assume that it was an integral part of the way of life of socialism. The tendency towards becoming a slum and low status of the "private sector" as a non-city could lead to stigmatization of its inhabitants. The collapse of the soviet project leads to "private sector" decay as a result of privatization and the real functioning of the private property institution.
Kovalevskij А. V., Ivanova А. P.
Landscapes of Destitution: Urban Farmers and Urban Gatherers

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Investigations of the "invisible side" of domestic cities often happen by chance, because such an object has not yet become evident in academic discourse. This work is no exception. In the course of their research projects, the authors touch upon a completely unexplored part of one of the largest settlements in the Russian Far East - Khabarovsk. In the space of the city (physical and social), completely non-obvious communities are found, functioning according to their own rules. The authors consider several of these communities of the "invisible city": they describe their composition, history of appearance and basic patterns of behavior. The surveyed communities "falling out" from the general "paper structure" of society, but remain part of the city's population. This paper is a way to legitimize the phenomenon of "invisible groups" in a domestic city and the beginning for further research in this area.
Bliakher L. E.
"Roadside Economy" as a Form of Survival of Small Towns in the South of the Russian Far East

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The article describes a special of "peripheral" economic practices that are developing in small towns of the Far East located on the Khabarovsk - Vladivostok highway, determined by the presence of a road ("roadside economy"). The empirical material for the description is two series of informal interviews collected by the author in 2016-2017 and 2019 in the city of Dalnerechensk, located on the highway. The choice of the city of Dalnerechensk as the main territorial object is connected not only with the fact that the city is located along the highway and the railway, but also with the fact that here the "roadside economy" is one of the few forms of survival. The article offers a description and analysis of the main economic practices associated with the road, the composition of the participants in these practices.
Timoshkin D. O., Pchelkina D. S.
Vulnerable archaism: the visual nature of "frontier" urban spaces in Krasnoyarsk

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The article analyzes the visual image of the "frontier" localities of Krasnoyarsk. "Urban frontier" here refers to territories that, for various reasons, fall out of the overall urban spatial and temporal structure. This is either due to the rapid changes in the appearance and social landscape taking place here, or, on the contrary, due to the preservation of practices and architectural solutions typical of the distant past. These are mainly places in the сentral districts of the city that are built up with low-rise, wooden residential buildings: the remains of" Soviet settlements", localities occupied by architectural monuments. The purpose of the article is to analyze the visual appearance of the "frontier" territories of Krasnoyarsk, identifying markers that distinguish them from the context of the city center. It was supposed to consider the architectural and environmental space of the "urban frontier", highlighting the key elements that form its image. The research is based on the method of semiotic analysis of architecture, visual observation and semi-formalized mini-interviews with residents of Krasnoyarsk. The conceptual framework was" image of the city "by K. Lynch and" places of memory" by P. Nora.
Round Table  
Bliakher L. E., Dem'yanenko А. N., Kireev А. А., Kuznetsov А. M., Yarulin I. F.
Region: problems of conceptualization, identification and construction

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 Historical Regional Studies  
Borovik E. V.
The life of the Far East in the memoirs of Varvara Dukhovskaya
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The article is devoted to the image of the Far Eastern region in the memoirs of Varvara Dukhovskaya, the wife of the Governor-General of the Amur territory. The purpose of the article is to describe the perception of the Far East: the daily life of the "outskirts", a description of the nature of these places, the impressions of the resident capitals about the far new lands and the combination of European and Asian cultures. The image of these places is contradictory. On the one hand, the Far East is uncomfortable and unsettled. On the other hand, the rapid development of settlements and a great potential for the realization of professional and personal qualities of a person.
Kondratenko B. B.
Main threats to security on the Far Eastern border of the USSR in 1939–1945

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The article on the basis of studies and materials of the border archive of the FSB of Russia refects the process of increasing external threat on the Far Eastern border of the USSR in 1939-1945. Data are given on the development of military-strategic economic potential in Manchuria. The process of construction and repair of military facilities near the Soviet border is shown. The planning of aggressive actions in the territory of the Far East and Siberia of the USSR is revealed. The preparatory measures that were carried out with the local border population of Manchuria are described. At the end of the article, a promising conclusion is presented on the security threat factors of the Far Eastern borders. It has been proved that aggressive plans changed in accordance with the geopolitical situation until the very end of World War II.
Veselov S. I.
On some areas of activity of the Union
republics of the USSR in the transport development of the West Siberian oil and gas complex: organizational and production mechanism and solution of social problems (1980s-early 1990s)

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The publication analyzes the participation of road construction organizations of the union republics in the transport development of the largest West Siberian oil and gas complex. Features of construction of social and household infrastructure of the union republics in the areas of oil and gas development and technological improvement of road construction in the northern conditions are revealed. It is concluded that the union republics have made a signifcant contribution to overcoming off-road conditions on the territory of the felds and including the cities of the North of the Tyumen region in the all-russian road network.
Economy and Nature  
Kireev A. A.
The Russian Far East in transborder interaction with China (late 1980s – late 2010s): results in a comparative perspective

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The article is devoted to analysis and assessment of the results of transborder trade, investment and migration relations between the Russian Far East and China from late 1980s to late 2010s. The results of transborder interaction of the macroregion with China are assessed in three comparative perspectives - from the point of view of its internal dynamics, external Russian and international background, as well as the goals and expectations of its Far Eastern participants.  
Mil'ko M. M.
Analytical review of approaches to estimating the success of infrastructure megaprojects in China

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The purpose of this study is an analytical review of the opinions existing in the academic literature and the media on the success of the implementation of infrastructure megaprojects in China. The study reveals that both Russian and Western specialists (in studies published in the late 2000s and early 2010s) tend to assess the success of Chinese megaprojects positively. In contrast, Western scientists (in studies published later 2015) give a mostly negative assessment to the success of megaprojects in China, and consider their implementation relatively poor. Some features of the arguments of both sides were also highlighted, such as the nature of the statistics applied, the features of the assessment methods, etc.
Social and Demographic Structures  
Lipatova L. N.
Statistical Assessment of Gender Equality in the Economy in the Russian Federation

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The legislative consolidation of the right is not always implemented in practice. This can be fully attributed to the situation in the sphere of equality of representatives of different sexes in the economy, including the sphere of public administration. The position of women in the Russian labor market and in government bodies at the federal, regional and municipal levels is characterized. Violation of the rights of women in terms of remuneration was established when flling the same positions with men and working out an equal amount of working time. It was revealed that the representation of women in the highest bodies of state power lags behind the benchmark level of 30 percent, proclaimed by the Beijing Conference on the Status of Women, held in 1995, to which the Russian Federation joined. The results of the research can be used in conducting research in the feld of gender equality, as well as in the development and implementation of measures aimed at improving the position of women in the country's economy and ensuring their right to participate in making decisions that are important for society.
Kalabina I. А., Stekol'shhikova А. А., Filipova А. G.
Practices of including children without parental care addressing issues affecting them

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The purpose of this article is to analyze the successful Russian practices of involving children of social exclusion in solving issues of their everyday life, as well as to identify resources and barriers in this way. The research methods were expert interviews and analysis of social projects implemented by Russian NGOs and institutions for orphans in the framework of a competition held in 2019 by the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation. The findings suggest the importance of including children in research, social design and evaluation. Difficulties in the participation of orphans are often caused by institutional regimes, as well as the stereotypical attitude of adults towards children.

Political Relations and Management of the Region

Britova V. R.
''Developed global state" of Republic of Korea President Lee Myung-bak (2008–2013)

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In this article we reviewing the essence of South Korean foreign policy during the time of ruling the President of the Republic of Korea - Lee Myung-bak (2008-2013), on the grounds of his vision ‘developed global state’ sonsukhan segegukka This concept can be distinguished on four main areas: inter-Korean relations, expansion of the diplomatic network, practical complex diplomacy and security system. Accordingly to these spheres the analysis of the work of the Lee Myung-bak government is carried out. We conclude that the results of government work weren’t heterogeneous according to the framework of President Lee Myung-bak's vision.
Study of Science  

Litoshenko D.A.
Academic capitalism and university bureaucracy (world experience, domestic realities, regional specifics). Part I

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The article focuses on the relationship between academic capitalism as a conceptual model and the university bureaucracy, which actively engages this conceptual model as a source of justifcation and justifcation of its set of intrasystemic functional practices. The university bureaucracy acts as a carrier and user of academic capitalism as an ideology. The frst part of the article explores the infuence of historical factors on the current state of higher education, with a special focus on the genesis of university bureaucracy as a carrier of the ideology of academic capitalism, as well as specifying the semantic content of the basic concepts that form the context of the ideological conceptual model of academic capitalism.
Tushkov A. A.
To the question of the explication of the concept of the "community of the common destiny of mankind"

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The review analyzes the explication of Xi Jinping's concept of a "community of the common destiny of mankind" in the monograph of Vladimir Fedorovich Pecheritsa and Anna Vladimirovna Boyarkina "Xi Jinping's concept of a community of common destiny of mankind": from idea to practical implementation", published by the publishing house of the Far Eastern Federal University in 2020. The reviewer emphasizes that the authors in their research focused on the key aspects of the concept. Not without reason, they argue that, having learned the lessons of ancient history and deeply respecting national traditions, the leaders of the PRC have put forward a foreign policy strategy designed for the rapprochement and common prosperity of the peoples of the world.

Scientific Life

Barbenko Ya. А.
Round table "Is it possible "to colonize" a space?"
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