2014 №12014 #1 (28)


The theme:

«Fighting for anthropology»

Latushko Yu. V.
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Аstashenkova E. V., Piskareva Ya. E.
Akita Castle – archaeological site of medieval Japan
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The article is devoted material culture of medieval walled site Akita jo: features of wall, administrative building and dwellings, the overview of ceramic, the results of paleoparasitology investigations.
Prokopets S. D.
Jurchen armature
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The article discusses the main results of the study on the protective arms of the Jurchen the archaeological research settlements Eastern Xia State, located in PrimorskyKrai. We present the reconstruction of the weapons, the classification is determined by its role in Jurchen society. Identifies local and alien elements in the tradition of armor. For this involved as archaeological material, as written sources.
Latushko Yu. V.
Minpaku – national museum of ethnology, Japan
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The article discusses the establishment of Japan's leading anthropological institute – National Museum of Ethnology (Osaka). Discusses the history of its creation, structure, exhibitions, foundations and major research areas of the museum. Also analyzes the characteristics of national anthropological schools and experience of cooperation between Russian and Japanese scientists in joint projects.
Liu Xianzhong
An analysis of the pros and cons of the localization policyof the Soviet Union in the 1920’s
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In the 1920’s, the Soviet regime implemented a localization policy in the ethnic regions in order to win support from them. The localization policy promoted the development of culture and education of the minorities, made the minorities feel that they were highly regarded by the Soviet regime, boosted their trust in the authorities and consolidated the position of the regime in the ethnic regions. But the localization policy also lead to a local nationalism and jeopardized or ignored the interests of the none-natives in the ethnic regions.
Veremejchik А. S.
Contemporary Chinese migration to Russia in PRC's researchers works
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The issues of modern Chinese migration to Russia are discussed by PRC researchers in current article. It shows that Chinese historians mainly pay attention to cross-border migration research, analysis of causes of rise and image expansion about "Chinese threat" as well as countermeasures to solve "Chinese migration problem".
The social and demographic structures
Lazareva S. I.
The activities of charitable organizations and societies to support educational institutions in the cities of the Far East in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries
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The article reveals the activities of charitable organizations and societies to support educational institutions in the cities of the Far East in the second half of XIX – early XX centuries: Collect funds for the construction of new school buildings, renovation of the old, the organization of free education for children from low-income families, increasing teachers' salaries and providing them with housing.
Badmaeva L. V., Bashkueva E. Yu.
Labor migrants in the Republic of Buryatia:outcome countries and zone-attractors
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In article migratory appeal of the Republic of Buryatia as territory of moving and accommodation of labor migrants from positions of competitiveness of this subject of Federation is considered. It is established that migratory appeal of Buryatia to external labor migrants define both economic factors, and sociocultural features of the region (an ethnic component, tolerance of society, etc.). Pushing-out factors of migration of foreign labor from the outcome countries are revealed. So-called "attractors", enclave zones of an attraction of foreign labor to the studied territorial subject of the Russian Federation are defined.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization
Sigidova E. F.
Computer games as an instrument of formation of intercultural competence
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The author analyzes various computer games and shows their communicative, didactic and educational value. Particular attention is on the using computer games as a tool for the formation of intercultural competence.
Philosophical meridian
Yachin S. E.
The Christian cultural paradigm
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The article considers the Christian cultural heritage in its paradigmatic dimension dealing with it as with a tradition of thinking, of asking questions crucial to humanity and giving answers to these questions. This approach has come to be relatively independent from the actual content of the Christian doctrine and faith. The author shows how Incarnation, the event central to Christian culture, generates this special paradigm of thinking, where phenomena are seen as revelations of the essence. This thinking paradigm makes possible the formation of European science as experimental theoretical science and other specific forms of social and cultural life.
The analytical centres of APR
Zhurbey E. V.
«Think tanks» and foreign policy process of the Singapore: Background
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The article is devoted to the history of the institute of "think tanks" and their role in the foreign policy process in Singapore. Increasing influence of research centers and institutes in foreign policy makes appeal to generality and specificity of "think tanks" centers of Singapore and their foreign counterparts. The article discussed the organization, specific activities and channels of influence on the ongoing Singapore's foreign policy leadership.
Study of science
Ruban D. А.
International scientific activity of high education institutions in Russian regions: some geographical regularities
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World university ranking can be employed for establishment of some geographical regularities in the organization of the Russian science. The majority of universities demonstrating scientific activity significant on the international level are located in the European part of the country, and only a little portion of them are situated in Siberia and the Urals. Some regions with these universities constitute three groups, and the others occur "individually". The above-mentioned groups can be seen as territories suitable for development of supraregional scientific clusters. A strategy of the development of the national university-based science should take into account the geographical peculiarities of the latter.
Scientific messages
Li Suian
Image of Russia in the eyes of the public of the People’s Republic of China
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In the message the author briefly presents the main results of his research on the evolution of Russia's image in the minds of Chinese society in the period since the founding of the PRC until the end of the first decade of the XXI century.
Kazhanov O. A.
Who benefits zemskaja power in Siberia: the political and sociological analysis of the balance of social forces in the region (on the example of the article of D. Ilimskij)
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Article is devoted to one of the little-known pages of the history of political sociology in pre-revolutionary Russia. Are forecasted publicist-sibirieveda D. Ilimskogo on the results of the municipal elections in the case of realization of the idea of the regional administration of local government. Undertaken by the author describes the political and sociological analysis of the balance of social forces in the region and his criticism of ideas Siberian regionalism.
Scientific life
Kireev А. А.
Methodological seminar "Is justice possible in international relations?"(Vladivostok, 22 November 2013)
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Latushko Yu. V. 
On the meeting with the leadership of FASO, Assistant to the President A. A. Fursenko and the head of RSF A. V. Khlunov
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