2016 22016 #2 (37)
The Theme:
Communicative space of East Asia: Past and Present
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Burlakov V.A.
Strategic communication as a method of modern geopolitics

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Traditional geopolitics focused on the consideration of the power factor value. Non-power factors either considered as secondary or not considered at all. However, in the modern system of international political relations the value of ideas and methods of its translation increases. Formation at an object of impacts the desired information image becomes an important function of foreign policy. Strategic communication is an important method of an impact. This article reviews the problem of the possibility of using strategic communication in geopolitics. The features of the implementation of strategic communication in the United States and China are reviewed in the articleas examples.
Zadvornaya E.S.
China and Japan identity construction as intercultural communication method

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The State identity and its interests construction is an essential part of cross-cultural communication of China and Japan. In the second half of the twentieth century, both countries set up a system of state and public organizations responsible for the development of intercultural relations, government policy documents adopted in this area, run projects in the field of culture and language. The main dimensions of interaction become anime diplomacy, gastro-diplomacy, pop-diplomacy, cinema, theater and language popularization etc.
Lyu YAn'
Public sphere under control: regulation measures of Internet journalism in today’s China

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The article analyzes legal regulation of Internet journalism in China, and examines the impact of these regulation measures on media coverage and public discussion of “sensitive events” on the Internet. The article shows that the Internet space in China plays the role of controlled public sphere and assumes dual responsibility: on the one hand, protects the reputation and legitimacy of the one-party government in China; on the other hand, meets the demands of the masses for political expression as well as for participation in political life.
Social and demographic structures  
Butueva Z.A.
The older generation and social well-being: experience of sociological researchin the Republic of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory

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The article discusses the concept of "social wellbeing." In 2014–2015 a sociological study of older people in the Republic of Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory. The features of social well-being of older people and their impact on the functioning of society in the regional aspect. The conclusion about the features of social well-being of older people, which is observed in their assessments of life satisfaction, financial position and confidence in the future.
Kadnichanskaya M.I. Galkina E.P.
Labour as an element of the value system of youth

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The issues of youth's value preferences transformation are considered through labour value. The research of youth's value orientations is rather actual, as it gives an opportunity to find out the level of its adaptation to new social conditions. The modern youth is still far from the ideal of value labour complex, which lets consider the labour as a foundation of professional and personal self-improvement.

Kostina E.YU., Orlova N.А.
The social well-being of the population of the Russian Far East

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The article examines the main characteristics of the social welfare of the population in the Far Eastern Federal District (EFD). Social well-being is considered as a multifactorial construct, which is the result of synthesis of cause and effect, the unity of objective and subjective factors. An objective assessment of the quality of life can be seen as an integral indicator of the safety of human life. Attention is paid to the identification and analysis of social indicators of human well-being in the Far Eastern region of the Russian Federation. The authors examined the dynamics of the changes in the socio­economic system of the EFD.
Zhadan A.V.
Material conditions of life and service of staff of law-enforcement bodies of Primorsky region in 1941–1945.

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In this article, on the basis of not published earlier archival materials questions of providing staff of law-enforcement bodies of Primorsky region are considered by food, necessities, fuel; rendering medical services to them, and also conditions of accommodation and service in days of the Great Patriotic War. It is noted that the management of police authorities and the party organizations paid much attention to questions of material and household providing employees.
Cultural and ideological factors of regionalization  
Аnzhiganova L.V.
Valued orientations of ethnos in the conditions of globalization (sociological dimension)

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The article analyzes the impact of globalization on the increased assimilation processes of Khakass people. Case study (March 2014) fixed the reconfiguration of the value system of the people. In the first place came the values of "family", "health", which reflects the effect of the general historical pattern: ethnic group, which is in a state of crisis, returns the basic social institutions (family, genus).
Kireev А.А.
Transborder cultural and information relations of the Russian Far East (1990s – 2010s): structure and trends

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The article is devoted to the study of cultural and information exchange between the Russian Far East and its neighbors – China, USA, Japan, South Korea and North Korea – in the post-Soviet period. The author uses the quantitative data of public opinion polls and state statistics characterizing participants, channels and codes of transborder cultural communication, its geographical structure and dynamics. As a conclusion the author makes preliminary findings on trends and stages of development of transborder information relations of the region.
Skrylnikov P.A.
Neopaganism today: Merjamaa movement in the regional and Russian context
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This article highlights various aspects of ethnic and cultural activism aimed at the reconstruction of the ethnic identity of the people of Merya. The views of the representatives of the movement on the Merya and Russian cultural heritage are researched, as well as methods for reconstructing the identity and similarity of the Merya movement as a phenomenon of ethnic and religious life with the Russian form of neopaganism, Rodnoverie.
World system and international regions  
Kozinets А.I.
Confucian Order in East Asia: Implications for International Relations Theory

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The article describes major distinctive features of the Confucian (Sinocentric) East Asian traditional regional order. The first objective of this study is to assess specific features of the Confucian order and to describe it’s differences from the European one. The major distinctiveness lies in the following aspects: formal inequality and hierarchy amid the participants, the tributary system and relatively peaceful relations among the main actors. The second objective of this study is to consider how exactly the understanding of the specific features of the Confucian regional order in East Asia can enrich the science of international studies in general. The author comes to the conclusion that the knowledge of the Sinocentric regional order has a certain utility both for Chinese and Western schools in the International Relations Theory.
Sinenko I.Yu.
Prospects of «Eastern Pivot» in frames of current geopolitical positionof Russia in the Northeast Asia

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The deterioration of relations with Western countries has pushed Russia to sharp intensification of cooperation with the countries of the Northeast Asia. But the substantial form of the «Eastern Pivot» is still not fully determined. The author seeks to answer the question whether such a policy has long-term goals, or it is merely a response to the Ukrainian crisis? An attempt is made to identify the presence of natural «constraints» in the development of relations with these countries and to assess Moscow's ability to influence regional processes in the current environment. Therefore, it analyses current geopolitical position of Russia in the region through the prism of bilateral relations with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea.
Vlasov E.E.
The State of Vietnam in the renewal period(dedicated to the 30-th anniversary of the begginning of the policy «Doi Moi»)

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The article describes the main directions of state-building in the period of fundamental reforms (Doi Moi Policy ). It shows the contradictions in the formation of Vietnamese legal state. With the focus on building that kind of state power strictly according to the laws, the political leadership of Vietnam meanwhile firmly rejects such elements of Western democracy such as a multiparty system and pluralism, which according to vietnamese leadership contradict prevailing in the country the system of government, threaten to undermine political stability, weaken national culture and identity of the Vietnamese people.
Mishin V.Yu., Boldyrev V.E.
Military-strategic component of Russian Arctic Policy:present conditions, problems, prospects

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Вasic components of Russian military presence in the Arctic are analyzed in the paper. They are compared with regional military-politic architecture and some proposed prospects of international cooperation. Basic factors of regional military-politic situation development are and analyzed. Tendencies of NATO Arctic States and Russia forces presence improvement are compared with each other. Actuality of the article is stressed by emerging struggle in the region. Because of the security issues theoretical approaches are purely reviewed by Russian and foreign experts, authors set a goal to research the practical part of RF military-strategic presence in the region in context of circumpolar and non-arctic states interaction.
Scientific reports  
Khisamudinov А.А.
Russian periodical press in Harbin

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The author analyzes the foreign collections of the Russian periodicals in Harbin (the end of XIX century – the middle of XX century). Created by Russian emigres, it contributed greatly to the establishment of friendly and cultural relations between Russia and China.
Scientific life  
Vinokurova A.V.
International scientific conference  “Dialogue of cultures in the epoch of global risks” (Minsk, 17-18 May 2016)

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