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The Theme:

Ecology and sustainable development of the regions in the XXI century

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Brovko P.F., Malyugin А.V.
Technogenic transformation of the sea of Japan coasts
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Anthropogenic factor has a great influence on the dynamics of the Japansea. Given the description of the coast of Primorski Krai, Sakhalin Island,the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Islands. The marked difference in the structure of continental and island shores. Shows the different kinds of economic activities and forms of anthropogenic influence.

Petropavlovskij B.S.
Forest management in Primorye Territory – necessary condition of sustainable development of the territory
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For example, Primorye Territory, an attempt is made to summarize
scientific results for optimization problems, forest management and
conservation of biological diversity, as a prerequisite for maintaining optimal structure of vegetation-management fundamental for achieving sustainable development in the region. Provides specific suggestions for optimization of forest complex of Primorye Territory.
Itigilova M.Ts., Baldorzhiev B.Ts., Nimaev O.D.
Status and sustainable development of the national park "Alkhanay"
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Since the establishment of the national park "Alkhanay" has been
more than 15 years. Location of the National Park on the border belt of boreal forests of Eurasia and the great steppes of Dauria has great biospheric value. "Alkhanay" differs from other national parks in the world by the presence of natural and religious complex – Shrines of Northern Buddhism. Hiking in the national park ecological, pilgrimage and healing. Currently, the flow of visitorsin the recreational area of the national park is 21.5 – 40.0 thousand people a year (mostly for 3 summer months).
Gataullina S.Yu.
Tourism and sustainable environmental management in the region (on the example of Primorsky Krai)
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Tourism activity belongs to priority sectors of economy in Russian
Federation; its development promotes dynamic creation of workplaces, growth of enterprise and investment activity, development of infrastructure of service and hospitality, careful environmental management, increase of a level of quality of life of the population, expansion of the international cooperation.
Favorable geopolitical provision of Primorye, existence of various and unique natural and recreational, cultural and historical potentials, the most developed in the Far East Russia. infrastructure of service and hospitality create the possibility of formation world-class tourist and recreational complex in Primorsky Krai.
Dolgaleva L.M.
Assessment of the status of forest communities in the national park "Alkhanay" for sustainable development
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For the sustainable development of the territory national parks are thebest form of economic activity and isa place of concentrated biodiversity. Thepersistence of such territories needs a balanced scientific approach, monitoring of forests ecosystems. forests are the most valuable formations of Alhanay and they recent years, suffer not only recreational impact but also threatened by destruction and therefore required special protection status within protected areas.
Social and demographic structures
Fadeeva E.V.
Customs avunculate indigenous peoples of the Lower Amur
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The article examines the phenomena associated with the existence in the past, indigenous peoples of the Lower Amur maternal clan, and, in particular, phenomena such avunculate (special legal status, not only the mother's brother, a nephew of the mother, but also all the relatives of the family mother, including her mother and sisters, in relation to the succession of children of deceased parents, their role in marriage, etc.). All these remnants, at first glance absolutely astringent agnatnoy Organization sort indigenous Lower Amur, however, have been inextricably linked with their psychology. The
couple were cousins, children, brothers and sisters, and members of each clan chose to take the wives of the same kind as that of psychology and paterniteta materniteta crossed each other, and between male and female lines there was a big gap.
Political relations and management of region
Аvilov R.S.
Alexander Frantsevich Ragoza and the first Priamurskiy Military District’s History or the undying mistakes from the old book
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This article examines the influence of the first book about the
Priamurskiy Military District’s History to the following research of its history. The lieutenant colonel Alexander F. Ragoza, who was a talented General Staff officer and served in this Military District, had written a unique book, which had become a foundation of military studies of the Russian Far East. However a lot of inaccuracies and mistakes, which were in this book, still repeat in a modern studies of the region’s military history. This article investigates also a
few of such mistakes and its influence to the process of forming the following researches tradition.
Rossijskij M.А.
“What people, what morals are here!” Vladivostok in October 1905 in Vasily Kravkov's diaries
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The article deals with the forthcoming publication of a new historic source on Russo-Japanese war of 1904 – 1905 – the diaries of State Councilor Vasily P Kravkov (1859 – 1920), division doctor ofRussian 35thinfantry division. An important fragment ofhis diaries describing the author’s stay in Vladivostok in October 1905 is worth attention of the historians of Russian Far East because it kept a number of curious details of the urban life in the days of promulgation of the Imperial Manifesto of 17 October 1905.
World system and inter-regional relations
Zolotukhin I.N.
Football in ASEAN as a factor of regional development
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This article reviews the features of football as a tool of international
cooperation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In
particular, the tournaments held under the auspices of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) are examined as a form of enhancing the professional level of the Southeast Asia’s national teams as well as the development of international relations with nonregional actors. The article also considers the role of football as an element of regional consolidation and the establishment of ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.
Region in the documents and testimonies
Vol'f А.E.
Work of A.V. Sukhanov in the Resettlement Administration in the South-Ussuri region (October 1895 – June 1896) on materials of RGIА DV
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On the basis of archival materials, as well as articles published in the
newspaper "Vladivostok" in 1896, an analysis of the work of the Resettlement Department in the South Ussuri region in 1895 – 1896.


Kireev А.А.
Vladivostok fortress as an object of complex historical research

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The author of a review of the second part of the monograph on the
Vladivostok fortress suggests paying attention to technology of geohistorical information system that provides new opportunities of comprehensive study of this complex object.
Zolotukhin I.N.
Is China ready to challenge?
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This article reviews the book “China’s Incomplete Military
Transformation. Assessing the Weaknesses of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)”. The book outlines the shortcomings of the PLA and China’s military-industrial complex in the frame of China’s military modernization as well as their interdependence with the national security issues. The authors assess contemporary position of China’s military forces through the lenses of feasible military collision in the Asia-Pacific.